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  1. I have a fair number of shots in the Archive system. There is a warning to searchers about possible lower technical quality but it doesn't seem to be putting them off much, if at all. Mostly they were those pesky Kodachromes which can be devilishly hard to scan. My 9000 ED is supposed to cope better than most, but you still have to look out for those little edge repeats You have to be invited into the Creative stream, but Alamy can select a few from your portfolio as and when they see fit. I think I have about a dozen deemed to be "creative". Sadly, they have not caused a rush of sales.
  2. Getting zoomed is mostly a feel-good thing. With a portfolio of roughly 5000 my usual tally used to stand at 40 to 50 most current months. It seems to be down to about 15 lately which perhaps should worry me, but I'm not breaking into a sweat. When I look at what has sold over the past few months I see that no more than one in ten have been zoomed. When the mouse-over feature was introduced, it made the zooms far less relevant. But it may well effect your CRT a bit As David suggests, on a quiet/rainy day we ponder these things. Time out there with the camera is likely to be more productive
  3. at that price, suck it & see. Consistent illumination would be a starting point. Scanning software would also be an issue. If you only want to want to rescue a few old favourites perhaps worth a try, but don't expect the same results as from a dedicated film scanner. Might be a whole lot of post processing.
  4. For some time now, Alamy has been happy with 24mg file size so why not use this as a crop capability which gives you all of the benefit of a 1.4 extender (and more), no loss of a stop, loses the edges of the frame which is often where softness occurs, and does not introduce an extra optical element? In other words, try using digital zoom before adding extra optics. A whole lot simpler solution! Back in days of film I tried out a few extenders; never found one I was at all happy with. A cheap 400 mm lens was always superior to a quality 200 mm with a 2x extender. Robert
  5. please don't even mention giving them a copy; we should be in the business of selling images, not giving them away. I very much doubt they will want to see the photo as long as you say it is positive in outlook. If by any chance they ask to see it, make sure it is VERY SMALL and low res. watermarked, even better! If they show interest, SELL them some limited rights, but try to stay away from Publicity (they'll be virtually public domain in no time). Licences should be for as short a period as possible. say a year at a time. But before you get too excited, note that there are 2,283 imag
  6. After years of using a campervan for location work, YES, condensation is always a problem. As much as temperature differential, it is your propensity to breath which is the problem. Your breath builds up the humidity while sleeping and the van gets cold resulting in a great morning dew situation. Boiling a small kettle for a hot drink is ill-advised! Life gets pretty basic in the Estallmobile in cooler months. If you can keep the camera gear in a closed bag and wrap it up in a blanket to keep it as dry and cool as possible, that will help a lot. You might try one of those supermarket coole
  7. from previous correspondence, you are clearly getting on famously with this smartphone. Sounds like you can start thinking about ditching the D800. Acceptable? gotta be just a matter of time!
  8. our home post includes a lot of small catalogues of women's fashion which are almost invariably shot against grey skies with somewhat muted colours for the jumpers,skirts etc. Seems to work for that subject. I also wonder about monitor calibration which can exaggerate punchy colourful pix. I can think back to the days when we all submitted transparencies which were going to be viewed on a light box. When I visited design departments it used to astound me how often the light box would be under a fairly bright window. Hopeless! Then there were some editors who would join the fray waiving a lupe
  9. Yes! stop buying, if they are not paying, why should you? goes for just about anything really.
  10. My wife is a pretty accomplished artist doing mostly large abstract oil on canvas. Photographed with very good diffuse lighting on a little decent point & shoot, just a little post production with iWork on a big iMac. She buys a few calendars every year from apple. She is hard to please, but she is VERY PLEASED. They come quickly and very nicely presented & packaged. Not the cheapest of course, but nothing Apple ever is
  11. Surely by coincidence, I received an email from member services this morning asking me to check my restricted images suggesting that clients are rather frightened by restrictions and keep away from them. They offered to do it for me. But it's not difficult, just go to Manage Images, set the filter to "restricted images" and up they should pop ready for you to change of remove restrictions. If you have a lot, this may take some time, but I only had a couple.
  12. Paul, there are any number of options and many of them cheap enough to have a crack at B&W photography (or colour for that matter), but there will be some darkroom learning to do for sure. But messing about with paper and developing trays and seeing it all happen is more than satisfying. If you do think more about the Canon AE-1 Program, check the mount, I'm pretty sure they take Canon FD mount lenses. If so, there is no way of getting a lens built for an EOS onto it. But people like Ffords have a few old FD mount lenses cheap enough. AND EVEN BETTER: I have a drawer full of wonderful
  13. I take my hat off to you David, too many of us assume the profile of a doormat too often. I don't want to open the whole restricted "commercial photography" tin of worms, but year by year, it gets a little worse. I always remember a particularly loathsome politician who floated the idea of copyrighting the skyline of London a good few years ago.Thankfully that one didn't float.
  14. are you seriously asking for the return of Screwgle? I'm not sure that's how he/she spelled it and they seemed to take differing forms.
  15. What really matters in a simple practical test is whether or not the particular zoo puts pressure on Alamy to enforce the zoo's policy. London Zoo and Whipsnade are under the control of the Zoological Society of London and they most certainly do make strong efforts to keep photos taken on their property off stock sites. Toronto and many other zoos may have a restrictive policy but do they enforce it? Hauling a heavy tripod around and setting it up causing inconvenience to other visitors is asking for trouble. I have a rather nice shot of an elephant stretching it's trunk across the moat t
  16. Dec 6 cheque arrived in the post this morning (usually I do BACs which might have been a little quicker). A tidy sum which I fear will be diminished next year as many magazines are attempting to move out of the grasp of DACs. SHAME ON THEM!
  17. srb-griturn in Tring Hertfordshire have been making adaptors and mounts and all manner of gee-gaws for cameras for years. Their latest thing is a slide copier for APS-C cameras at £95 They list fittings for quite a few makes including Pentax and Sony. Worth asking if they can find a way of attaching it to your RX100. Everybody should have their details in their address book. In many cases, if they don't have a thing, they'll make it for you, and usually at a pretty reasonable price, For bigger stuff, there are lots of flat bed scanners will do the job and you might find other uses for one
  18. My present iMac was a refurb not just to save a few £££s but because some of my legacy software would not run reliably (or in one case, at all) on whatever version of the operating system was on offer on the latest model. My wife upgraded to whatever the latest cat was a year ago and behold: NO MORE WORD. just how clever is that?! So she is forced to buy and use PAGES, which she hates. It was cheap, but a poor compromise. a little nod to PC users (who I think are not immune to this kind of thing) Robert
  19. Well there was a time when I used to advise new stock shooters to go directly to "Niagara Falls, Stonehenge, Eiffel Tower, Neuschwanstein Castle, whichever was handiest" and get stuck in. Because there was a market! So they all did exactly that (even without my sage advice) so now that most of the stock sources are piled high in a few conglomerates, things have changed. I reckon now, the better advice is, don't ignore the landmark sites, but don't even get the camera out of the bag unless you have cracking light, perfect conditions like timely foliage or attractive people drifting by. Just wal
  20. No argument with contributors who want to use a fun title or a professional handle, but refusing to identify yourself in any way looks rude and devious. The sort of person you are inclined to help? Alan, I forget exactly but you used to use a title indicating a ringing bell but you did sign off as Alan. No problem! Same for Paulette. Robert the grumpy-old-man
  21. What kind of a name is YYCTRVLGRL? I'm with Ed Rooney on this issue. Real names please!
  22. a lifetime ago tobacco and pink grad filters were all the rage to try and rescue some real stinkers. Fad gone. Then there was cross-processing. Gawd! By comparison, HDR is tasteful. long as it isn't overdone.....
  23. If I were taking a crack at this, I'ld leave the long zoom in the bag mostly and concentrate on shooting the girls/ladies on the bench cheering on their team mates. Maybe with a bit of hockey action in the background. You know the girls, so they'll probably let you get close. I've sold kids playing hockey on ponds and local rinks as images of Canada. Hockey action? leave that to seasoned pros shooting NHL players. My guess is that on the ice, they'll be wearing helmets so it may not be obvious that you are showing girl's hockey. You should work on that aspect
  24. the 21.5 is sealed, the 27 has a hatch for user installation. A couple of crucial 8 gb RAM modules will take you up to 24 for something like £75. Personally, I would go for the fusion drive with as much solid state as you care to splash out on, and why not have an old fashioned HD inside? Unless it saves a LOT! surely one can never have too many drives, you'll find a way to use them! I have the i7 processor on a 3.4, my wife has an i5 on a slightly less fast processor. I've worked on both and dont see a lot between them. Of course, I have to have the faster machine. if only it could b
  25. Bank charges has long been an on-going hassle but some of the permutations described by Alamy contributors left me a bit baffled. But moving money internationally is a constant headache. And changing all the time. Quite aside from all the individual details, I am impressed and encouraged that Alamy have been able to afford to do this. These payments have got to eat into their reserves and that alone helps with confidence in their balance sheet.
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