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  1. when I operated as an agency in a very small way, pretty well the only reason for issuing a refund was a way of claiming back the VAT on a sale which had turned into a bad debt. Tony Stone's accounts used to show refunds from time to time and I came to reckon that was salesmen perhaps making some sales to meet targets and showing them sliding away later. I had an Italian agency certainly operated that way occasionally. In an earlier life I worked in sales for a specialist oil company and would have to admit to similar practices once in a while. I'm not suggesting any of that at Alamy, there would be no point in doing it on lower value sales and there is no indication of any trend in that direction. Refunds always leave a bad taste somewhere
  2. Yup, Cecile's link worked, but I can't for the life of me see what the difference might be. Under different circumstances you might have settled into Liverpool a little more quickly, but my experience is, it usually takes about a year before you meet a few solemates and start to settle in. You need better social skills than I possess to be quicker unless you just get lucky. When I decided to settle in UK, it took all of that plus some. When we moved to this Suffolk village we hit the ground almost running, but Jane has better social skills and the neighbours appreciated that we were not commuters . After 33 years, we are almost the old guard
  3. tried both Chrome and Safari and both took me to a page thinking I wanted to create a blog
  4. When I still lived in Canada amongst the dinosaurs, July 1st was called Dominion Day and I have no recollection of a Quebec Day. But, then, I lived in Ontario.Things have changed! Mostly for the better I think
  5. This virus theme may have quite a lot of run-time left. So many people running out of patience, I hope they don't find grief after their partying. I'd love a long hot summer but not if it means trouble in the cities and gridlock trying to get to our beaches. Just think, there would have been no mud at Glastonbury this year!
  6. I'm partial to gulls. We do have herring gulls at our Suffolk beaches but the smaller terns are more acrobatic and dive & wheel eagerly for crusts from sandwiches tossed in the air and soon spot anyone getting towards the end of their picnic. Aldeburgh and Dunwich shift a lot of fish & chip suppers so are popular with Herring gulls. Also both land quite a lot of cod and flatfish which they fillet on tables near the beach. The gulls gather and are eating something closer to their more natural diet. I remember Cornish gulls being beyond eager. We used to often visit North Norfolk where the gulls were almost mute and not very pesky when it came to tidbits.
  7. Liverpool is not alone, all over the country the first queues forming were for McDonalds. I despair!
  8. Pity to say farewell to such a positive ikon. She seemed set on going on forever and almost did.
  9. That's the one! They had pastel pink ones, pastel green ones and another; I forget exactly but I think it was pastel yellow. BAE 111s. The stewardesses had similar coloured uniforms which often were not matched to the aircraft colour. I even liked the mixed colours. They copied the idea from a Texan airline.Court Line were the first cheap flight operators to order new aircraft. I quite liked the colour schemes but clearly we differ on that one. At least it was a departure from corporate logos. The trimmed sandwiches packed into little trays in the seatback were not such a good idea but enabled them to do without a galley so they could fit an extra row of seats. Just before they went broke. they took delivery of two or three big wide bodied jets but I don't think they ever went into service. I must have made about 50 flights on those lollipop planes but fortunately had made a shift to another operator just before they went down. Just got lucky!
  10. when I was doing brochure work for Holiday companies I usually used Luton airport along with hordes of fairly inexperienced travelers. Remember Court Line? As we all approached passport control on the way back, all too many put down their hand baggage consisting of clanking bottles of duty-free as they fished for their passports. The area had unforgiving hard floors. On most flights there was at least one arrival put their bag of duty free down a bit "clumsily" with ensuing disaster. Your mishap with the bottle of Rioja brings back that awful sinking feeling. We've all done it at least once and once is quite enough!
  11. The best thing about the old rotary phones was that they had a bit of heft and were really solidly made so that they made a very satisfactory sound when you hung up anglilly with a good emphatic slam. I have known people attempt the same fit of pique by throwing their cell phone across the room, but that usually doesn't end well. For a few short years they made the same basic phone with a push button dial which pretty well combined the best of both worlds
  12. The tourist industry relies on idealised images, not realism. Trust me, I did a whole lot of photgraphy for travel agencies. But, of course we are where we are for now and masks and distancing are highly relevant for some time to come. I have always worked towards long lasting images which is directly opposed to the Live News way of doing things. At Alamy, you can do both.
  13. Tony Stone's mantra was "maximum fee for shortest duration and most limited rights" Most of use tried to emulate. Sadly we have moved on such a long way
  14. Andy you're selling it well, where do I book? I have met -35 with a stiff breeze out in the Canadian Prairies. That was quite far enough! Flin Flon used to hold the record. I remember taking our son to Ottawa en route to my Dad in Kingston. I guess he was about 5 and it was pretty cold. He joined up with the neighbours kids and played in the snowbanks. I was really impressed with the kit these kids had: snowsuits with space age technology. None of this wooly mittens and rubber boots with an extra pair of socks we relied on when I was a youngster
  15. Edo, I spent 20 winters in Canada; that's enough for anyone! But short spells of it are OK, I used to go back for about a week in February to break up the winter just a bit for my Dad. He enjoyed my cooking and I went for bracing walks on the frozen lake and shoreline of Lake Ontario for old times sake. Happy to get back on that plane though. Brilliant afternoon here in Suffolk, I think we'll do our Sunday roast chicken out in the garden. The dog finds it hard to bear!
  16. Interesting read as ever. Kind words about the Canadian health system, I lived there the first 20 years of my life but didn't encounter it much and believe it has developed a lot. My sister in Ottawa has had both knees done and I don't think it has cost her anything. Given the number of peoples from all over the world Canada has taken in, I'm surprised they wouldn't accomodate you. Age likely the problem? In any case, there is that issue of winter. My early years were in Kingston which has a completely different climate just 170 miles upriver from Montreal. I spent most of a winter in Winnipeg and that tore it for me! Too severe, not man enough I guess! On similar grounds to yours, I got my UK passport easily, so here I am. Glad to hear some things are opening up in Liverpool, but take care, we're not really through this just yet.We had a very very small drinks party on the patio the other evening well spaced out. One of the gals brought her own glass and bottle and didn't touch any of the nibbles, but enjoyed herself
  17. I take your word for lack of trains from Louth, I wasn't thinking of a train service from there specifically. I just like the town. I'm happy to share Suffolk though Southwold (no trains!) is somewhat over-run with second-homers. Ipswich (lots of trains!) now has some pretty rough bits and county lines problems, but the docklands have come up in the scheme of things. Bouncers on most of the central pubs which tells you something.
  18. Yes, Lincolnshire has a lot to offer; Louth is a charming town, even a little hilly around there, terrific beaches, a fast train service to London if you want, and it's relatively inexpensive! The city of Lincoln is impressive if cities are your thing. The fens are a little bleak in winter perhaps.
  19. If Gen's in Darwin she's a long way from the storm about to hit Perth. The closest I got to Darwin was The Isa which was only close in the Australian sense. I must have knocked around Aus for most of a year in the 60s. As for Harry's Bar, I never developed a taste for either Bourbon or cocktails (with the possible exception of a Daiqueri) I think I was reading Hemingway, Fitzgerald and Steinbeck about then (Oh, and Henry Miller) but it never occurred to me to seek out their watering holes. More likely a jug of cheap red in a simple cafe. At the moment the cafes and pubs are closed so we rely on a delivery from Majestic. In fairness, we get better wine that way.
  20. No guns or Gods here please! This is supposed to be a supportive forum; photography and stock photography order of the day. Plates of food a permitted diversion?
  21. sure, be discreet don't ask and RM no release. as far as empty shelves & all that, we already have a lot. I suppose the empty shelves/virus hoarding is a story, but not one I want to pursue
  22. Speaking of lobster, as the restaurants are closed for the moment, our fish seller has a box or two of them at good prices. The last couple of years we could hardly get any as the Chinese had discovered that UK Lobsters were just fine and they drove the prices up dramatically. For now it's almost a weekly treat. Should have samphire any day now. If the weekly fish van doesn't get any in, I know a few places over near Felixstowe where I can pick it wild. The mobile fish shop is doing a terrific trade! Our village butcher shop is doing really well and the other mixed shop is expanding his range. There is a third shop, one of those little general stores but he doesn't even stock his shelves properly.
  23. The real curse of Agfa happened if you tried to copy it. basically, all neutral shadows went green. Ok if you don't mind populating your dupes with little green men. It was OK when we came to the era of scanning. A little grainy perhaps, but a whole lot better than that horrid green cast
  24. looks like I couldn't send anything in just now as my internet connection is reporting 65 Mbps down load but zero upload. Curious to see if this comment goes anywhere edit: seems to have worked
  25. There seem to be an endless supply of people who think kids should experience horse riding. Why, we don't all have a crack at lion taming?. Our neighbour put a carthorse in his back garden and we all were sat on his very broad back for a few minutes. He was from Alberta and just felt the need for a horse. He only had 1/2 an acre although there was a little bit of field behind where he could tether it. I can't remember anyone taking it for a ride and there was no shelter for the winter so that venture didn't last long. At least he didn't roll on anyone. Any pony rides in Liverpool?
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