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  1. Long ago I shot on Minolta, first an SR2 then a ST101. The lens line-up included an ever-so-neat little 250mm f5.6 mirror. I'm surprised Sony don't dig out that design for the NEX
  2. Brian; of course, on the 50mm prime, being a full frame lens, you are nowhere near the edge whereas with the zoom you are getting near that area which is so often dodgy. I guess most of us have a spare 50mm of one brand or another hanging around from the old days. I don't actually have a Nex at the moment, but if someone could convince me I could get life out of old Canon FD lenses, I might well get in the game. Sitting in the bottom drawer is a cracking f 1.8 85mm which is very compact and a f2-8 135mm which isn't huge. There is also an f 2.8 200mm but it definitely doesn't fit in a pock
  3. those 4000 and 8000 scanners are a good few years old by now. Even the 5000 and 9000 models have been with us a while. They have a mirror and a lens in the light path and they get dusty. Cleaning and re-allignment is very tricky. But a dusty mirror is very likely to degrade the scan. Fixation had a crack at my 9000 and then sent it off to Nikon who weren't very interested in getting it really right. "within accptable tolerances" is the kind of phrase makes my blood run cold. I am not the only one thinks Nikon customer service sucks. But I got about 6000 good scans out of it so I guess it
  4. if a nice slice of my collection sold four times each, I would be more than happy! But in reality, it's a pretty limited number with half a dozen or so repeat sales. I suspect it's often a case of a client getting in the habit of using a particular image. My other half used to work for a big publisher who would send her off on the hunt for a new photograph of a familiar subject only to be told after a considerable effort, "get that one we used for project X in again" If it worked once, it'll work again. Did the buying public notice? You would have thought so, but who knows?
  5. recent couple of sales took one of my rather ageing pix to a total of 12. It seems to work for some people but it's nothing jaw-dropping. But 55 for one image is pretty spectacular! Must have really nailed the subject.
  6. The Ritz would undoubtedly say NO if asked and policy statements on a web site could be argued to be "Contract after the fact". On the other hand, Carlton Ritz have deep pockets and might rattle your cage pretty hard if they took offence at something you published. I expect Alamy might back off pretty quickly if asked by The Ritz. Not worth the hassle! There are a few shots on Alamy showing the Palm Court and just a few posed shots of single nicely dressed women. Wouldn't really satisfy a request for taking tea at The Ritz. There is a decent shot by Adam Wolfitt via Robt Harding which capt
  7. Big trucks, big fingers? Sorry, not wanting to take a cheap shot, but there's got to be a trade-off with making cameras smaller and smaller. I haven't handled an RX10 but there have been times when I have resorted to adapting ridged rubber rings to enable me to operate in the cold wearing thin riding gloves with tiny rubber dimples. My son kept pulling the tracks off his Dinky or Corgi toys for some reason but they could be dead handy. I remember those long cold Canadian roads with crap visibility. These days it's quiet bendy roads of East Anglia for me. And if it snows, I mostly stay in,
  8. well, that is impressive: a lot of time on each image and no repeats or similars, so 8000+ is a really big body of work. A bit slick here and there perhaps, but we don't all do the same thing. I need a little lie down just thinking about how much work has gone into that collection. And he does loads of video as well!
  9. Yes and No. I have quite a few filing cabinets full of carefully captioned and tiny printed labeled trannies which also exist as a database which took so many years to complete, I'm not sure I can bear to chuck them. Later, It took about two years to select and scan what seemed the best. But there might be a case for a review one day to select some more. But new digital stuff? No hoarding there! I reckon to edit the contents of an SD Card and bin 50% immediately. After opening & saving as TIFFs and a little basic work, I'll wait till the next day and chuck out at least another 50%.
  10. well, I don't ever do the down-and -outs. Partly because I think it's an intrusion, and partly because I nearly hit that level myself years ago. Some of them might have an interesting tale to tell, many might be just a story of misery. Some sympathy , Yes, but let's leave them alone. I was asked to shoot some of London's Bagmen and Bagladies once and it turned a bit ugly; can't say I blamed them. Time for a walk in the park or a stroll by the river. Sunny day tomorrow!
  11. I frequently get the "Safari can't find the server" www.alamy.com message. I'll get it several times and give up. A few minutes later we seem back to normal function. This is Sunday early afternoon, not a busy time I would have thought. My router is a fairly ancient NETGEAR but I'm not sure that is the likely culprit.
  12. I suppose it's a grim fact that all those shots which featured The Twin Towers need to be replaced. That could keep you busy for a few mornings. Just like all shots of London City skyline lacking The Cheese grater and the Walkie-talkie need updating. Only problem there seems to be the moire interference thrown up by the arrangement of windows on The Walkie-Talkie. I thought it was just my no-filter-Pentax K-5 at fault but yesterday I saw a Getty image and a non credited shot published with similar problems. A pretty good little set, I'm not going to even try to scrape through QC Its a
  13. Alamy QC would likely know the difference, but would the end client pass on such images and go for something where the photographer had taken a little more trouble? We have the tools, why not use them? If you don't think it's worth the time, you might ask yourself if it's worth submitting. Of course we should't over-scrub things
  14. I checked a few of mine and keywords are all there. Looked at a couple of other images and they look ok, so it's not a universal problem. or maybe Alamy just fixed it
  15. I recall a chat with Sal Shuel some years ago when she was administrator of BALPA. Photographers would regularly ask her advice about placing their lovingly crafted photos with agencies, at which point she groaned "NEPAL, if I get one more call from a photographer just back from Nepal I'm going to scream!" or something along those lines. Alamy has lots of images from most places, but it has 73,420 for Nepal and charming as it may well be, there is only so much demand for your chosen area. I'm afraid Alaska might be a similar tale. 152,804 images. Scans from Slides isn't your problem, I
  16. With only 205 images uploaded to date, why do it the hard/sophisticated way? Surely it would not take too long to just work your way through them, you can keep improving your keywords as many times as you like. Best to do it now, rather than wait until you have a really big task. If you do not feel your command of English is quite good enough (although it looks pretty good to me, just guessing), why not try and find a student who might find it an interesting challenge? They work cheaply and are usually glad to make a little extra money. In Canada, many of my Dad's associated professors us
  17. Not planning to visit Hungary any time soon anyway, but this story pushes the idea further away. Aside from a few mooning Frenchmen, the only time I came across this attitude was when I was taking shots around Eros in London some years ago. I had a visiting German approach me and say he didn't want to be in my photos. I politely told him he was in England where different rules apply. He didn't kick off. Jeff's Brisbane tale reminds me of the time "Mandy" thought copyrighting the skyline of London might be a good wheeze. Now how was that going to work? Jeff, I thought you were going to
  18. voted with my feet years ago. On so many levels, why would you deal with these people in any way? Wouldn't cross the road...you know the rest of the fine graphic expression.
  19. Perhaps a bit of a (welcome) surge; 9 out of 18 sales over the past two months were descent sums like yours and labeled as textbooks. One over 200, a few a little under 150, but $180 is the usual text book fee. By their nature there should be peaks and troughs fitting with academic term requirements. Setting the search to a full year, there seem to be a good number of textbook sales scattered through the calendar year. Bill Brooks is your man, he used to be in educational publishing. My agent in Japan once told me the Japanese educational publishers take a complete year off and don't do a
  20. ugh, my 27 in iMac could do with a good clean. I'll try to remember in the morning. Dust free: do you have some clever dust-drop device working?
  21. Hi Gary we did manage to make it exclusive for a limited sector for three years which is now up. And there I was hoping for an extension, but not to be! I did see the whole campaign once at an airport in N.America. There were about a dozen very reportage style shots of which two were from Alamy. So some other agencies got a nice bite of the cookie as well.
  22. 180$ is usually a US college text book sale and there is a very big-un in the states currently in administration. The administrators keep sending me communications, but in fact they don't owe me anything, so it all goes straight in the bin oh, and don't pay any attention to the 2 page sizing, it'll be a flat rate for any size
  23. it happens for real ! Three years ago Alamy sold one of ours for 30K. Eventually I spotted the client; a big bank. It was a good shot, but not a GREAT shot. A remote location in Africa, but there are a lot of those pretty well covered. Another would be really nice, but it may be a while. Tony Stone sold one of my stone circles for 15K in the states about 25 years ago. But don't everybody head out for megalithic circles, they don't really sell all that often. The big sales do not fit any trends. Nothing to learn there, but the remote possibility is always encouraging Hey, I had a Niagar
  24. you can't take the page size stated as what was really printed. Most sales at many agencies are sold on an "any size" basis these days doesn't make the rate for the image much easier to swallow though
  25. of course Alamy shouldn't ignore this area. Maybe this will finally push me into buying an iPad Mini. It will never fit a shirt pocket but at least I could get a decent view of the photo and perhaps tweak it a bit before uploading. The really interesting aspect is that this collection is going to be edited for content, even to the extent of ousting offerings of subjects already well covered. I checked over the contract; wow, it goes on and on and on!
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