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  1. David, I thought your figures might be even better than that. I seem to have slightly edged past at 1066 (where have I seen that number before?) Joined in June 2005 and had a really good three or four years, but things have slowed of late. This year's running total is 74 so 100 may be hard to make for the year. To-day's modest upload should take my portfolio to precisely 5,000. But I had better get a wriggle on if I want to keep up with Alamy's total offering. This isn't a race, but I will gladly stand you a pint or ten; say, first to 1500? watch this space regards Robert
  2. this seems to cause so much misunderstanding. You are slightly misreading the specifications. The compressed jpeg file must be under 25 Mg. So your uncompressed file size (or OPEN) of 125 mg is OK, in fact it is much bigger than really needed For full frame sensors, anything over 70 mg is overkill. Perhaps joined up panoramas might best be bigger The uncompressed or OPEN file must not be less than 24mg. Make it 25 to be safe
  3. many fungus are visually spectacular but present so differently as they mature very quickly that they can be difficult to identify. I once took some slides of mushrooms which I was pleased with to my neighbour who was a botanist. He wouldn't stick his neck out which rather put me off for life. Regardless, I do have quite a few and can't recall ever selling any. They make good photographs but sales might be slow.
  4. as Edo says, cross breeds will present variably. We have a lovely black Labradoodle bitch who is curly haired and sheds like mad. We have met others who are quite different. She is so smart she makes the older Dalmatian look like a complete dolt. Even with a breed like a Dalmatian there are variations. This male is very short on spots and has a deep chest and trim abdomen. Stands taller than most. Is he really a Dalmatian? He is from Norfolk and we have encountered similar Dalmatians up on the beach walks. Both Dogs are rescue so pedigree is unknown. I'm surprised the long hairs on the pup
  5. iCloud and anything else so-called cloud based is terribly misleading. These are not fluffy clouds, these are grubby (well maybe clean physically) warehouses full of servers and whopping big banks of hard drives. Are they as secure as my spare hard drives out in the barn and in my pal's bookshelf. I doubt it. And if or more probably when they go under or fail for some reason what are my chances of recovery? zerooooooo
  6. I became a small specialised agency more by accident than by design. It's a long story and I certainly would not do it to-day. But it did very well for maybe 20 years. Did you/do you tidy up/clean up your son's room? If Yes, all is lost and you might as well do his keywording and PP work as well! Otherwise he needs to get real and do his own keywording and learn to go through the Alamy hoops if he hopes to make it as a photographer even if it is only part of the plan. On no account take on a few snaps from friends; no matter how they protest, they will forever have this nagging hop
  7. Picture needs is a really delicate matter for all agencies, big or small. When you're as big as Alamy, you already have some examples of pretty well everything, and need updated examples of pretty well everything. And inevitably, there will be contributors who take a needs list as a suggestion to go out and shoot specific subjects who will then get their noses out of joint when they don't produce sales. If you are thinking about things to shoot, it's perhaps a good idea to do a few searches on Alamy to see what's out there, but that may just put you off too many ideas.
  8. but did you enjoy your lunch Ed? Jane and I had Oysters bread and cold beer on the beach in Norfolk earlier to-day. No plates glasses nor DoF involved
  9. if you check "no MR" and "no PR" the system should force you to choose RM and refuse to let you select RF. The system will also allow you to choose RM as a default setting so that you don't accidentally select RF when you meant to select RM. You can not go back and change from RF to RM, but Alamy member services can change the rights for you. Of course, if a client has already bought an image as RF, it can not be changed to RM.
  10. Your shots stand a reasonable chance but very unlikely as a set. The basic concept of stock sales is that they sell individual shots. On Alamy the search engine will deliberately spread your shots out among results. For a subject like brides or weddings the search result will find so many images, that a set would be very hard to spot.
  11. Probably just about enough has been said about the NT and their attitude to photographers over the years, but what I scratch my shiny dome about is how The NTPL representation on Alamy works: They have a whole lot of excellent shots in the collection but the rights restrictions list seems to include (or rather EXCLUDE) just about anything imaginable. Can anyone suggest what rights Alamy can actually sell? And where? A jigsaw puzzle in Uzbekistan? No I don't think so. A loo roll holder in Barbados? probably not........... A primary school teacher's notes in Swaziland? maybe that's the one!
  12. even before engaging the brain, the phrase Royalty Free sticks in my craw. Although terms & conditions spell out otherwise, you know the buyer doesn't read or pay attention. They will just snatch at the notion that they have bought the photo and can do anything they like and for ever. Usually they don't get that much mileage but they just might. Having uttered the words Royalty Free I must now go and wash out my mouth!
  13. With-in Alamy you have no problem tidying up spelling and other details. But you point to the case for storing the finished file as a LZW TIFF. This "lossless" compression will take your file size down to about half and no matter how you care to view quite how lossless LZW may be, it is a whole lot better than any level of jpeg. So I hear the argument about saving RAW as keeping the original but realistically, how many of us are really going to go back to a RAW and re-work it? Having honed one's skills in Photoshop or found tempting tools in a later version, perhaps one might re-visit th
  14. I'll buy it if you can fly it. Nearest airstrip is Nayland. Steep downhill runway south across the Stour Valley. It's a bit of a white knuckle ride first couple of times. But no incidents as far as I know.
  15. Don t get me wrong, I'ld love to have a go but for 15K + (£) I could log up a lot of hours in a Cessna and walk away if not getting the rewards. You would take a long time to make that back from stock so you would need to be pretty confident you could drum up commissions and charge good money to claw back the investment.
  16. The idea of a well trained operator with quality kit operating in rural or remote locations sounds interesting, but how do you quantify well trained? Officialdom is already lining up to put a stop to this. A very long pole with light camera would offer a lot for relatively little. Would you go for a ride in a home built helicopter with a self-taught pilot? Will we really be getting our pizzas delivered by drone? It's a lovely story, but I doubt it But good aerial photos do sell, so I can see the temptation.
  17. you keep one of your back-ups at a different location. A mate (do the same for him/her) parents/children depending on which end of the spectrum you are; anywhere but home. Cloud storage? If you are part of the cloud generation OK, but it just can't be 100% reliable or secure.
  18. this is just a heads up for Alamy: in the little box at the bottom left of the blue graph it says I have 8 sales this month but if I click the grey button to the right titled "View your sales History" it takes me to the older page which shows 9 little thumbnails of sales this month. One of the images is listed as selling twice; same German client, two different amounts. not losing any sleep over it
  19. to the right of the blue line on the graph we might have a box titled "open vein now" or "goodbye cruel world" The forum access door is a little obscured, is somebody saying something like "Get a Life"?
  20. My Pentax K-5 usually shoots at 300 dpi (set to RAW only) but loses the plot once in awhile and slips to 240. Of course I can switch to 300 without resampling but it's a pain to add "check size" to my workflow. The handbook says nothing on the subject.
  21. all photographers want to be noticed whether that is looking for sales or some ego stroking (we all need a little of that one way or another) Showcase examples are an attempt by Alamy and all other agencies to get clients to look at what is on offer. I'm not at all sure they are the images which actually sell. The surest way to get clients to look at your images is to have them answer frequently and accurately to key word searches. I'm afraid you have a problem there. It is a grim reality that English is far and away the predominant language of the internet photo market and you have a re
  22. My guess is that member services will agree to change as a high proportion of your images should not be Royalty Free anyway. For instance, those motorbike racers would certainly fail the requirements. I don't really understand why photographers opt for RF. Moving from an earlier life in micro perhaps?
  23. for extreme wide-angle the Sigma 8-16mm is outstanding but that's NOT a fisheye. A church interior is going to be absolutely full of pillars and windows which are going to be curved all over the place. Not likely to look nice! Might be amusing to take a few shots, but very unlikely to be chosen for reproduction.
  24. that's a good example of a full frame fish-eye working. You can be sure that curved white retaining wall in the foreground was, in fact, straight. If there were any upright flag poles on the sides they would be very curved which is usually less comfortable. Ed's shot would have been with the camera held dead horizontal, move it just a little up or down and you will start to see lots of things taking on a curve including the horizon. Can work. Yes I have sold some. but unless you really work at it, it is going to be a fairly rarely used lens. But good fun if you like that kind of thing
  25. Long ago I shot on Minolta, first an SR2 then a ST101. The lens line-up included an ever-so-neat little 250mm f5.6 mirror. I'm surprised Sony don't dig out that design for the NEX
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