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  1. A tiny tiny person or silhouette count as PEOPLE as far as Alamy are concerned. A judge in a compensation suit would probably take a different view, but I would prefer to avoid the hassle and so would Alamy it seems. It would be the publisher who would be in the front line but the ball would keep bouncing.
  2. I would guess that at least two thirds of my sales have not been zoomed. It's perhaps encouraging to see some clients have had a closer look at our snaps but it doesn't mean they are going to turn into sales, nor that lack of zooms means your prospects of sales are doomed.
  3. I've only indirect experience when a Danish mate gave it a try. We had some very amusing correspondence using it! I think it got better as it learned his delivery but he dropped it in the end.
  4. cheap or knock-down-price is one (bad) thing but free-good-for-your-portfolio is something else. This can't just be a Welsh thing, getting clients out here in East Anglia to part with a descent fee isn't easy. But I don't think I can recall anyone seriously or even unseriously asking me to work for free. Or even donate an archive shot. I'm not suggesting some photographers might have a big "sucker" sign hanging around their neck, but they must to some extent be giving off a signal to clients that it could be worth a try. No, I tell a lie! There was a New York publisher tied up to the Cousteau foundation who wanted an environmental snap of mine. Lots of big name photographers were going along with the gag or so they said. I declined and they were not happy. be firm and just about polite
  5. As the description field is no longer searchable, if you are simply trying to motor through your submission. you can leave it alone. If, on the other hand, you think there might be a benefit in demonstrating that you know what you are on about and that your photograph has some thought behind it or authority through research then it can do no harm and may well do some good. Not a bad way to spend a rainy afternoon perhaps? My experience over the years has been that publishers prefer to leave the cerebral side to writers and the quick jab of the shutter to photographers, but scoring a few credibility points in our patch is worth the effort
  6. as English is not your first language, I'll assume you don't really mean to exactly COPY Wikipedia information. First of all, take note that Wikipedia should not be taken as 100% reliable, but is certainly worth a look. By all means use it, but engage the brain as well, buyers will recognise if they are just seeing lifted information. What is definitely against the rules is simply copying captions from fellow Alamy contributors
  7. The phrase "piece of string" comes to mind, but if you can can come up with both three ISBN Book numbers and three ISSN Magazine numbers and have been at this for a good few years, the remuneration can get up there around the £1000 level. There are six bands of usage for each category raging from just a few to lots & lots. Definitely worth getting started. For too many years, I didn't bother wih DACS, thinking it would be peanuts like the Public Lending scheme. Sadly, a whole bunch of magazines are trying to escape the scheme due to concerted rights-grabbing terms in their contracts and purchase orders. One of the many ways publishers are using to shaft photographers.
  8. I think RF has largely had its day unless you photograph yet more oranges and bananas. The Alamy IQ model seems a little in the RF direction while remaining RM
  9. John, we have similar sized portfolios on Alamy. If you find the time to trawl though mine pointing out the duff info, there's a beer in it for you. No make that a case of 24! Robert
  10. my thoughts too! but then, there are quite a few forum nom-de-plumes look dodgy where they seem to turn out OK. It's not a game I play or even begin to understand. Robert
  11. upwards and onwards, and YES, please do think about ditching microstock accounts. They must be the root cause of so much pricing misery.
  12. When this restyled forum was introduced, my link showed the wrong portfolio. I was advised to log out and back in again. Problem fixed, Why? Worth a try. Rather like occasional odd behaviour on my Mac may be sorted by shutting down, REMOVING THE MAINS PLUG FOR 30 SECONDS, and firing up again. Aside from probably clearing the cache and cooling the hard drive, I'm not sure what I'm really doing to the system.
  13. depends quite a bit on your broadband connection. Speed and consistency are both issues. If you are out in a rural area like my Suffolk village I get a speed test count of about 375 upload direction (as opposed to 6500 download) and the ride is a little bumpy sometimes, so I opt for batches of 15 to 20. If you had fibre optic I guess batches of 50 would be OK. I've heard some doing 100 at a time. Try it & see how it pans out. Dealing with a corrupted upload file is easier to deal with on a modest batch. reported experiences vary
  14. The open aspect must act as a bit of a brake on some topics which is probably a good thing. I wonder if a contributors only forum might descend into a great fee and rights moan. We already have enough of that surely?
  15. Assuming the Oxford Mail has got its facts right, this Manything starts to make a little more sense. So, it's a way to put last years so-sad smartphone to work rather than in-the-bin? Ah well, I would definitely be in favour of that and it fits nicely with James West's green direction. Dont look to me though James. My next smartphone will be my first smartphone! But my son and his girlfriends ( the latter much more so) just can't not have the latest smartest model. A lesser model is so very uncool. When I pluck my three-year-old flip phone out of my pocket they shy away as if I were some kind of pervert. It's a phone....that's all I ever do with it, and hey, it usually is the one grasps a little reception in our so poorly served East Anglia. how sad is that?
  16. I'm an ex=pat Canadian living in England and have a collection of somewhat off-beat Canadian pix in my portfolio from a good few years ago. Huff Post seems to pick them up from time to time which brings an odd nostalgic glow. But doesn't do a whole lot for the bank balance
  17. Sadly. the big ticket sales are few and far between these days. I had a look at the last year's list and it topped out at $634 for a German book cover. That was an archival shot of George Adamson. Three years back there was that whopper for an exclusive in the banking sector which would be welcome to come 'round again but I'm not holding my breath. There are a few drop my way in the $200 area, but getting getting more rare.
  18. Hey, I don't like to diss anyones's work, but are you by any chance having a laugh? 5 grand? sorry........
  19. When I was first discovering the tricks of Photoshop. I confess I changed a few number plates. an E to an F for instance but I still didn't claim to have any releases, but gave it up pretty quickly. Life's too short!
  20. why not pop down to the local stationary or probably big drug store in US and get the cheap & cheerful do-it-yourself will kit? Lawyers/solicitors hate them and they don't cover complex situations, but they are a hell of a lot better than nothing. DO NOT PEG OUT INTESTATE! Your assets would dwell in limbo and things like rights, moral & income might perhaps not go where you might have wished. If you have no heirs, then name a charity or two and make life a whole lot easier for those who will inevitably have to sort out the mess.
  21. is this some kind of wind-up? You say you are a new contributor but you have zero images. quick of the mark or something else? Do I need to know what ProPhoto RGB is? have you any special interest? Why would I move away from the industry standard: Adobe RGB 1998 Do what it says on the tin!
  22. ah, the shameful memory of shooting without any film in the camera. Not lots, but a few occasions. I always swore: NEVER AGAIN! But I think I always spotted it in time and once with a client by my elbow got away with it with "just one more roll to be entirely safe" The thing which really forced me to commit to digital was getting film processed in a timely & handy way. And then Nikon turned their back on keeping my LS 9000 working physically and with software support. Disgraceful! What I do miss is the speed and convenience of sorting a batch of transparencies on a light box with a decent loupe.
  23. You will not get a "black and white" clear answer to this. There are lots of these created by volunteer groups who are very unlikely to give you grief, but there are bound to be some artists who will defend their moral rights. Hey, we photographers might be among those who defend their copyrights! The best practical approach would be to be sure to include a substantial amount of context. A garden foreground, a slightly oblique angle to show some of the rest of the building, a street with a few pedestrians. Don't claim to have a property release of course. There was a high profile case in the states a few years ago where an artist had created a work of art in a public space involving footprints in cement. A lot of money was involved and the artist won. My wife used to do picture research for RD in UK. They published in a book an interesting trompe l'oeil on the side of a house in a Suffolk village which included a bit more than just the artwork. The artist spotted the use and went for them. They paid up but it wasn't huge. Northern Ireland has a lot of "conflict" art on walls and if I were in that part of the world, I would gather up a clutch of those images and be pretty confident that nobody would object. As ever, as photographers, we should be bringing something to the party other than a straight copy
  24. There a few Alamy shooters consider the Lake District their patch, mind your step! Seriously though, its is really well covered and demand isn't overwhelming as far as I can see. Lovely any time of year though. I've got two shots which sell now and again, the rest just pad out the portfolio. Robert
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