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  1. I guess setting up what would amount to a portal for buying and selling camera gear (or anything else) would create potential problems for the host. It would be only a matter of time before some deal went pear-shaped and then someone would be looking for redress. Buyer beware sure, but someone would have to moderate. A nice idea though; I've got a whole shedload of gear in excellent shape. Some one out there is longing for lovingly preserved old Canon F1s and FD lenses and Pentax 67 clobber. Or maybe not? I never use my Nikon Supercool Scan 9000 either; it did a fine job on my archive, but
  2. Back in film days, having knackered my back & shoulder through hauling both Pentax 67 & Canon F1s in huge bags I realised I could do at least 90% of the shooting with just one body and two lenses: the 24mm f1.4 and the 85mm f1.8. I had lots of other stuff and might add just one extra lens. Could be in the middle, but more likely wider or longer. Joints soon felt much better and probably the shots improved through using what I had to hand rather than faffing about swapping lenses. I had five bodies but they almost always stayed at home except on a long trip when one or two might go alon
  3. back in the days of film my Canon version of a 24mm f1.4 was a godsend and balanced beautifully on an F1 body with power winder. But 200 ASA was pretty well as high as you dared go and for stock, 100 was tops. We are not constrained to anything like that level now. Why empty your pockets for glass you don't need? or do you regularly shoot in coal cellars? F1.4 to f1.8 is barely half a stop! and f2 sounds absolutely fine. Most of time you'll be stopping down to f5.6 or f8 to find the lens's sweat spot anyway. save the bank and the back! but then, I'm getting old and feeble....and maybe
  4. Sure, of course I wouldn't suggest that a new accounting stream should be considered, but as you say, we ought to be able to see that it is a DACs payment. We can only guess what the take up rate might have been.
  5. Got my cheque and report in the post to-day. It used to be nicely into the four figures but has been steadily declining over the past three years in spite of the fact that DACs is charging 1% less every year. Can only be down to far more copyright holders making their own claims which is only fair. This is the first year Alamy has decided to make claims on contributors behalf so they will be making up their minds as they go along. I certainly don't think they should bury the claim results in normal revenue or disguised as come other kind of general sales. I was asked directly if Alamy could cl
  6. Yes, that zoom graph can make alarming shapes, especially towards the first of the month. I mostly regard it as a bit of fun, but get slightly alarmed if my CTR doesn't rally to something above the Alamy Average after a few days.
  7. Wim I never see blue borders on sales pages, but if I'm looking at zooms, rather than looking at the thumbnails, if I select the search term presented it will show me a big blue border on the image actually zoomed. For instance I have ten pix of Mounties and one of them was zoomed recently so the zoomed image shows first with a big blue border followed by the other nine without borders which the searcher wasn't interested in I guess. (there are a LOT of pictures of Mounties!) Robert
  8. Wim When I set Jan 1st 2014 to Dec I see 284 reported Zooms Jan 12th to Dec I see 278 reported zooms Jan 15th to Dec I see 275 reported zooms nothing strange there as far as I can see but I'm not used to asking to check that long a period. Set normally to the last 30 days it shows 27 zooms which is a bit low. Robert
  9. Checking over the zoomed images is a daily habit, but when I see a presentable image which I know has little competition, I'm still not overconfident it is going to turn up as a sale. I've not taken the trouble to really do the stats, but I would take a guess that over 75% of my sales have never been zoomed. Robert
  10. In my rush to scan a significant portion of my archive accumulated over 30 years I'm sure there would be room for improvement on some of those early uploads, but they don't look that bad. And they are selling. Just a few I have revisited and reworked, but for the most part, think it best to get on with new work. There are always rainy afternoons where perhaps you might do some useful work but I've looked at quite a few of your Alamy pages and I don't think you have a huge problem there. Robert
  11. If you don't know for sure, keyword as vaguely as possible. Goes for any ethnicity . Or leave it alone! You just about never know when you are going to offend someones sensitivities, and the consequences of getting it wrong can be serious. You might get your face rearranged or your financial situation altered. It's just not worth it for a few extra views. Oriental , asian, afro, afro-american, latino, are all cop-outs but might more often fit with actual searches by clients You can get it wrong identifying animals or plants. They can neither read nor sue!
  12. Old photos certainly do sell, in fact in my collection they account for almost all the sales. I do a little jig about the office when I sell a relatively recent shot shouting something along the lines of "There's life in the old dog yet"
  13. in my sack of odd gadgets from past projects is a nice cheap little geared rail which gave an effective adjustment of about three inches. It has a fairly big knob which lets you rack the camera back and forth and a small one for locking. Some of the simple rails seem to look quite solid and a bit longer, but pushing & pulling with fingers seems a bit crude. I just dug mine out. It has a base plate which screws to the tripod, a pair of round rails moved by the screw and a seven inch solid top section to which you attach the camera. Says: B.P.M. PRODUCT MADE IN ENGLAND on one of the r
  14. I'm not promising, but I found a nice little surprise this morning. This dashboard thing does some odd things from time to time. In the little light grey box it informs me that I have one sale for $168. it's been stuck like that for about a week so this morning I hit the darker grey box over to the right titled View your sales History. Well look at that! Now I'm seeing four sales. Unfortunately for rather less than $168 but better than sticking at just one sale. Doubtless it will update eventually. Hope you find something nice! Robert
  15. I remember when I was young and skint, I bought a Hanimex 28mm lens for my Minolta SR2. Cost a little under £20. Coming home along The Thames at dusk I stopped and rattled off my few remaining frames at Battersea Power Station doing its smoke belching thing. Finger held 20 red gelatine filter flapping in front. Good technique? quality lens? well no, but double page spread in Time Life book of London, yes! The lens later fell apart after a flight, so no, it's not still going strong. Hanimex is a brand long since gone. Thankfully, I could later move onto better gear but getting descent resu
  16. I'm never entirely confident when I upgrade Flash. I have to drag it around a bit and there remain old versions on my drive so I'm just wondering if your iMac is finding an old version of Flash. I'm still on 10.6.8, I forget what kind of Cat that was called, Tiger I think. I'm stuck in the past because I have some legacy software which wont work on the latest systems. I dare say I wont get away with it forever. You upgraded to Maverick as I recall.
  17. Sales are popping up nicely but the CTR is still critically low, it's never huge but at least it usually hovers comfortably above Alamy average. A clutch of zooms reported to-day which looks like catch-up
  18. on second thought, this mail art concept is a pretty recent thing I think. Or you have a really early trendsetter example. I'll ask someone who knows better about these things
  19. There's a whole world out there called "Post Art" There are stranger things done in the name of art. A friend of ours encourages fellow artists to correspond with her sending examples which arrive in all shapes and sizes. She has put on several exhibitions of her collection. This would not look out of place in such a collection. But it could also be something else I guess
  20. Yes, zooms seem to have stalled at 25 for the past several days so my CTR isn't looking good and the blue graph is shaped like a ski jump. But three sales showed up this morning so that's more important. The slightly odd thing is, the little box to the left says I have 2 sales, not three. It'll probably come right in a few days.
  21. Jeff, are you saying my 25 year old VW camper doesn't cut the mustard? Perhaps that's where I have been going wrong. Now if only I had kept the previous '72 model, I think they are now regarded as cool, but pulling power?
  22. Since the vast majority of images here are non-exclusive, any advice from Alamy about sales history would not be conclusive. We were able on just one occasion to grant exclusive rights in a limited sector but that was because I could assure Alamy that the image had not been spread around. Searchers want to be presented with a page or two of attractive suitable images. An option to view the seldom seen images might present a truly awfull page! There are bound be a few gems hidden away but I think they are going to have to stay in limbo. There is already a somewhat randomised presentation fr
  23. 4 uploads for a total of 68 over the past year. I guess that hardly counts as active, certainly not keeping up with the pace of Alamy's running total
  24. had a welcome return to form with 19 sales just scraping over the four figure hurdle (gross). Three years ago that was pretty well the monthly norm with maybe as much as double the total sales value. May it last, I haven't suddenly done anything clever. A little keyword tidying up and just a few new images.
  25. My early scanned transparencies images had an option to enter date either exact or year only but if I didn't offer a date back then, it could be left bank. If I venture back now and open any of those files, the Alamy system will insist I enter a date before closing, but it will be happy with year only. Most agencies don't go there. Any new images from a digital camera will grab the date from the camera data. I haven't uploaded any scanned images recently, so don't know how it would work to-day. Likely the same as Alamy is still taking on agency bulk collections Robert
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