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  1. This "in perpetuity" concept came into being over twenty years ago via TV sales. We were all ticking along nicely until the legal departments of TV production companies got involved. There was "in perpetuity", there was "media in existence and yet to be invented", there was "throughout the universe", there was "offshore continental shelf" (that means oil drilling rigs). Lots of other types of clients got hold of the concept so agencies like Alamy, Getty et al have had to respond. Bonkers, but we are were we are.
  2. I should avoid checking my CTO/views graph for the first few days of the month; it always starts looking like a bungie jump. Similarly I should adjust my sales period to the last 6 months, otherwise it looks catastrophic. This being a short month, this scenario is coming sooner.
  3. Of course the statement "All Discover the Dinosaur exhibits, rides, and attractions are protected by copyright." is complete nonsense. When our son was about 5 we went to Dinosaur Adventure park near Norwich and took some shots. Some were nice enough and a couple have sold on Alamy. But nothing to get excited about. When we went to Disneyland Paris a few years later, I left the cameras at home. The chances of sales might have been higher and careful editing might have yielded some fairly safe submissions but on balance, I decided to just be a tourist for the day.
  4. Are there people in the picture? fine,but separate boxes for 1,2,3,4+ take up space and more mouse movement to what purpose? I almost always use the old manage images system.
  5. I seem to recall from an earlier post that you are a tripod man; this would draw the attention of security goons in many cases. Keep a lower profile and it's unlikely anybody will give you grief. It's a long time since I've had the "excuse me sir" confrontation. I think it was an instance of using a fill-in flash in Trafalgar Square for which the Bobby reckoned I needed a permit. There are examples of views within London Transport facilities on Alamy; that's a No-No as well but it seems to be tolerated. I signed the petition, but 180 signatures so far isn't going to rock the boat very severel
  6. I was listening to a very gloomy piece on Radio 4 this morning about access to old files. As we move along from system to system with upgrade after upgrade we isolate ourselves from old files. Paper copies last centuries with just a few precautions, but some digital correspondence will be very difficult to access after as little as a decade So that seems to make a case for keeping some old software in case it might be useful as a kind of can opener. A redundant Mac or PC in the attic might save the day. That's me being negative again! I used to use WordPerfect for Mac in preference to
  7. Linda, I didn't mean to insinuate that you might not have the space for stuff. I've seen apartments bigger than lots of houses. The thought of moving does focus the mind! When I was gearing up to sell my London House back a good few years, I stripped down a lot as I meant to get down to a level I could pretty well shift myself in my modest camper van. But 25 years later, a generous 5 bedroom house with loft, cellar AND BARN seem barely adequate. Jane does put things up for auction and deposits at charity shops but I think that is more to do with making room for more shopping. One of my weaknes
  8. I've definitely put that into the "watch this space" section. I'm very wary of the Adobe and Microsoft leaning towards subscription models. In fact anybody who says, "just give us your bank details, you can trust us". I'm nowhere near the edge, but if the cash flow thing ever became an issue, all those monthly or periodic direct debits (some variable even!) might make it very hard to steer a steady course. My son who varies from broke to seriously broke suffers horrendous penalty charges from banks, mobile phone providers and utility services. I feel a rant coming on....... Anyway, a
  9. This thread confirms my proposition that this is a woman/man thing for the most part. In my family, neither of my parents could bear to throw anything away. I learned to travel very light, but that's a different matter
  10. some old software would be a godsend to old recycled hardware but there is the small matter of legal licences (or licenses in some circles). The real problem for getting extended use out of old hardware is the plugs. I've got several devices in the loft including a brilliant little LC475. But good luck getting it hooked up to a modem or printer or..... I was devoted to my 7300 and I could have had a couple more years out of it but necessary expansion cards to provide connection were going to be eye-watering. So I put a drill bit through the hard drive a few times and left it in the recycling
  11. Jane regularly goes into declutter mode which can be pretty extreme. Like many a hoarding male I resort to rescuing and hiding stuff. Trouble is, my memory is less than perfect so the contents of the loft and cellar are getting more and more mysterious. But Linda is an apartment dweller so perhaps storage is more of an issue. I still have a few thousand hanging files and metal bars for archiving transparencies. I don't think we are ever going back there but I am prepared! Redundant software probably could go, especially as any kind of support would be long gone. But we have huge hard drives, S
  12. I look at key wording as freedom to go on a spree of spelling mistakes and typos. If you make lots & lots of mistakes and alternatives, you are bound to hit most of the right versions and as a bonus, scoop up a few researchers who cant spell either. In any case, languages are evolving, not just English. When I first washed up on these shores shopkeepers would look aghast when I asked for thumb tacks and it took some time before someone suggested it was drawing pins I was after. And when did Canadian Tire loose the y? I still can't get my head 'round nearside and offside; what's wrong with
  13. The blogger wont know if the copyright is registered or not in the US so keep him in the dark as far as that is concerned. In the US as everywhere, there are blatant rip-off merchants, but there are also many who have heard tales of very expensive copyright actions. It's certainly worth pushing at the door; it may be open.
  14. your collection looks mostly good. The flat lighting comments really refer to city scenes taken in the middle of the day when lighting often looks a bit flat unless you are shooting details. Why black and white? It may please you, but colour sells more often and clients can change colour to black and white if that's what they want. It does not harm your ratings to specify what camera was used, but it is of no interest to clients. You don't need to bother with this detail. Of course you need a whole lot more images than 80 to have a chance of making sales. There are many excellent specialis
  15. I have a cunning plan! Wait patiently (as is my normal practice) until the gentleman nips off on a shopping trip, grab a few nice shots and then install my yellow camper-van in the abandoned spot and annoy everybody: retired dentist, National Trust and as many coach-loads of tourists as possible. I have a comfortable camera platform on the top of the van where I could sit for hours soaking up the bad vibes. or does that sound just too mean-spirited?
  16. Sensitive issues might just about suit you, but if you put lots of restrictions, chances are clients will just move on to someone else. Take a look at the list of restrictions under any of The National Trust images on Alamy. It's hard to figure out how any of their images can be licensed for ANY use. Mark Dunn's take is more realistic but perhaps not what you want to hear. Alamy attitudes do lean distinctly in the ethical direction.
  17. It was quite a few years ago that I set about scanning my archive of mixed formats with an LS9000. Pretty good machine. Unfortunate that Nikon stopped making or supporting them! From a 35mm it would produce about a 54 MB file if edge to edge. There were also a good number of 6x7 trannies and a scattering of 645 in the collection. As Alamy have suggested, adjusting the settings to something between 50 and 60 MB before hitting the scan button was a good idea. Scanning a 67 at full resolution would produce a file over 200MB which would often bring my Mac to its knees and take forever to upload. T
  18. I haven't found the advance search route yet, but of course you can still click the blue number under your avatar. 12870 in your case. Strangely that number isn't quite right for me even though I have logged in ant out a few times. But who cares? ah so, magnifying glass
  19. well said. just say NO, but politely, otherwise they'll just take offence and take a liberty
  20. on first reflections, these requests feel like compliments, but too often end in tears. I have had some very bad experiences. Yes, check out Sheila's recent saga on another post. Once the genie is out of the bottle you have no way of stuffing it back in. Just say, thanks for your kind interest and POLITELY DECLINE! My wife is an accomplished artist. Neither she nor any of her fellow painters work from even their own photographs as reference. The cruel fact of the matter is, your enquiring artist CAN'T DRAW. But maybe they can copy......... Emest, I just had a peek at a couple of pages
  21. surely your 6 mp sensor ought to produce an 18 mp TIFF which will just squeeze past the current 17 mp Alamy minimum as long as you don't crop at all? As for numbers, it depends on which software you are using where you enter any adjustments, but if you can avoid upsizing, that has to be the best plan.
  22. Martin Evening is probably technically correct, but replicating our customers viewing conditions has to be the way to go. And you can bet they wont be sitting in darkened rooms with calibrated monitors, not many of them anyway. If you have bright sunshine beaming in on you, some diffuse thin curtains would be a pretty good idea. Back in film days, I was always surprised how many design departments had their light boxes right up against a bright window.Then editors would come in, grab a lupe, clamp it to a slide and wave the whole thing around the room. Amazing the process worked at all! On
  23. only myself to blame; less than 100 new uploads, but the portfolio still managed a bit over 100 sales, mostly reasonable rates, so some money in the bank. onwards !!
  24. just a chance it might show in the found images by month on the forum, but none of my sales have shown there for a long time. The short answer is NO you van always try a google search with your name and or subject, it might come up; depends on the credit among other things.
  25. witholding taxes is a minefield! Unless you manage to obtain a TIN (Tax Identification Number) most American publishers and agencies will deduct 30%. Japanese agencies will hold onto 15% I think. Generally speaking, countries behave in a reciprocal way. I still have a few investments in Canada and 15% is held back for the Canadian tax man. And so it goes on......... Just like Visas, "you make it difficult for us, we'll do the same back to you" If the figures are significant, keep good records and your accountant may well be able to claim the amounts back from your income tax calculatio
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