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  1. The riders on the outside seem one legged, I'm not sure how the middle rider has deployed his right leg, all we can see is a knee. I know Ostriches are big birds but carrying a full sized man seems a big ask. I guess hurdles or fences would be too big an ask? It seems some years ago when ostrich steaks were last seen on menus. I tried it a couple of times, but was not not that struck

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  2. A few of my neighbours have had their second jab and I shall certainly hot-foot-it along to the health centre as soon as I get the call. But even after it has had a chance to seep in, I won't be "ripping the ass out of it" A trip to the beach with a cold beer and a sandwich with a bit of warm sun would be really nice! We're getting the table & chairs out for the patio so we can invite a few over for a drink and nibble soon. That's what normal looks like here. An extra hour at the end of the day is always very welcome, that's my idea of coming out of lock-down. Canada changed their clocks a couple of weeks ago, has that always been the case? I think I've found all the clocks, but there is often one I miss. My mobile has to be done manually and I always have to hunt it down

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  3. lots of terrific images in your portfolio, you clearly know your way around a camera and a computer. Don't fret too much about the green/orange discoverability bars, I'm not at all sure they really have much effect on zooms and sales.  But time and effort spent on keywording (tagging) will reward you. Stock platforms like Alamy better reward thoughtful content than artistic photography. More's the pity!

  4. Nice upper $$$ fee; rural subject in Canada. Particularly satisfying to sell a Canadian subject to a Canadian client. Although I haven't lived in Canada for many years I made at least yearly trips across the pond and put together a substantial portfolio of Canadian images, mostly sold direct to British clients. I don't think I have ever managed to sell a shot of Niagara Falls or a Mountie in ceremonial kit to a Canadian client, but that's a pretty big ask! 

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  5. I clearly remember when the TV picked up this story of an old soldier walking his garden terrace with his walking frame to raise £1,000 before his coming 100th birthday for the National Health Service. No one could imagine how this would take off and the roughly £39 million could wind up in the fund. Heroic! The end came very quickly which, sadly, is how this virus so often works.


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  6. 6 hours ago, Thyrsis said:


    I always make my own mayonnaise, much nicer than shop bought! Unusually though my recipe uses the whole egg not just the yolk. Also sunflower not olive oil which makes it lighter.

    The whole egg mayonnaise sounds a great idea at first, but what to do when you want to make a souffle or maybe meringues if you don't have a store of spare egg whites? The whites don't seem to mind being frozen so I keep a couple of little pots in the freezer and top them up every time I have a couple left over from my weekly mayonnaise. If I get too far out of balance, the dog is a willing option. She may look a bit designer-dog but will eat anything.  

  7. one little cooking tip many probably wouldn't know. You can't make mayonnaise with eggs which have been frozen. I can't imagine why that should be. I always get my eggs from the local little shop who get their eggs from the bloke up the road who has several hundred rescue hens from battery producers. They scratch & peck right where I walk the dog in the mornings. They gather the eggs every day and keep them in a draughty shed. We've been having heavy frosts so they likely freeze. You can beat those yolks  as long as you like before drizzling in the oil but they will never thicken. Happened last year as well. I was forced to buy 1/2 a dozen free range from waitrose, beat up a couple of big yolks, thickened up a treat, added oil and produced my usual brick-laying consistency. Slowly added in the separated failed attempt from the day before and it stayed thick. So, no waste!


    Whole lot of delicious mayonnaise to get through though

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