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  1. nothing, nada, zilch, so far in January. No refunds at least!
  2. An alarming horde stashed away with batteries removed: several Canon F-1s with lots of FD lenses, couple of Pentax 67s, a wide angled Fuji 4.5x6. All earned their keep all those years ago. All in good nick. I toy with the idea of sending some of them off to Ffordes but don't get it done
  3. The sky has fallen Henny Penny and the bottom has dropped out . A few interesting zooms but where are the sales? To bed and hope for better news tomorrow.
  4. Regardless of the niceties of a photographer being in a public place, Many schools set their own rules. I even encountered one which had an informal understanding with the police who considered that as legally binding. Of course they were wrong but picking a fight with a school is probably unwise. I do adopt the fly-on-the-wall approach to photography; not sneaky but not obvious either. My Pentax K-5 is very capable but doesn't smack as Pro gear. If you spend a lot of time in the area of street photography you will encounter objections but that is not to say accusations of possibly being a pae
  5. Lemmy has been on Alamy for some time so will have a fair idea of prices achieved here. When you have a long history of £250 fees, it's hard to accept really low fees but it's often quite a bit better than that. But I would get away from Rex as a matter of principle anyway.
  6. I shoot with a Pentax K-5 which also has a 16 megapixel sensor, most likely the same sensor. That's going to produce a 48Mg file before any cropping. No problems with QC. If in doubt, reduce size down towards 20 Mg. Don't push your luck by submitting high ASA rated images or anything liable to noise. Just submit well lit straightforward shots for your first submissions. The new K-3 III will not be cheap and will almost certainly have a 24 Mg sensor and ratle long at a speed few photographers will use. But it will be good value compared to many alternatives. Put a quality piece of glass on it.
  7. Good luck recovering your originals from Rex! They are not what they were
  8. I know I am in the minority, but the whole duty free enterprise at airports and ferry ports could go to make way for more useful facilities. The value is often dubious and you might often do better at a high street shop with more knowledgeable staff. I go to airports to catch a plane not waste my time on a buying spree. In fact I seldom fly anymore, I've done more than my share in the past
  9. I'm not that bothered about the UK/US variations, it's pretty basic to try to cover those if you are at all professional about keywording, but there are lots of other alternatives come easily to mind. Use as many as you have room for or feel comfortable about. Whatever brings up my images in answer to searches is OK. But copying other peoples keywording is definitely not OK!
  10. you ask which of your photos have sold. Out of your portfolio of 26, you only have 5 photos and they are hardly keyworded at all. 5 won't hack it, 500 might start to show sales if you can put more effort into attaching information
  11. since I was a boy, spelling has been a problem. I've just learned to live with it, but these days many people and institutions just can't be assed. Social messaging and rapid thumb inputs on mobiles mean it's just not relevant to many. Why should database searches be any different? Your deliberate and accidental mistakes will affect which images emerge from the abyss of any image collections
  12. CTR hanging in around 1. Zooms 16 at the moment, almost half from a site in New Hampshire for which I seem to have the only images. Odd! And a zoom for Stonehenge! There was a time before Alamy when I sold lots and lots of Stonehenge. Don't think I've sold one in 20 years. Is this the moment?
  13. commiserations to all those who make much of the various groups who celebrate about this time of year. We will have to settle for a roast turkey with a visit from son and daughter-in-law, a few silly games perhaps and a generous fire. Situation pretty normal for us, but I feel for those who like to make a lot more of it. Let's hope for a better year to come!
  14. My CTR lurks mostly around the 0.75 and 1.25 marks so perhaps that means at least I'm visible. Oddly sometimes my highest pseudonym is a very small contributor who has never sold a thing in 15 years. Just the very occasional zoom is enough. I think he once went over 7. his portfolio is in single figures; he seemed a good idea many years ago but faded fast
  15. I'm sure most of us would wish for a whole lot more detail on several topics but this is a public forum. Let's hope some of the suggestions found fertile ground. Back in the day, I was very impressed by the couple of contributor gatherings in London I attended, but much has changed. I'm glad the audio came across better; a little attention to lighting and camera work wouldn't go amiss. Not that hard, that's what some of us do!
  16. But slightly better is all it takes. I often remember my mate Mark Burns who worked as picture editor at Stony Stone who said "Second best hardly ever sells" It's not 100% the case, but it'll do as a working principle.
  17. I quite like that handy Adam Savage bloke. The question really reminds me of all those times I struggled when meeting picture researchers in gatherings. Always they would ask"what do you specialise in?" usually I would be rescued by some clever wag who would chime in "He specialises in lost transparencies!" I wouldn't dare say I do general photography so would go for Megalithic Archaeology as an response but of course that was a very incomplete answer and I would have starved if that had been factual. In fact, stock photography is a very handy way of wearing several hats according to circums
  18. well things seem to have moved on since I lived in Canada & drove around frequently in NY State. 50 mph was the limit on normal highways and more on the four lane expressways whatever they might be designated. Of course all driving is now calculated in Kilometers in Canada. There was a notorious patch of highway 2 near the St Lawrence which regarded speed restrictions as a revenue opportunity. I got a ticket for 55 mph driving my Mom's car and I swear to this day I had the speed control set to 50 as we genuinely were not in any hurry. For what it's worth , I drive pretty moderately but my
  19. surely those are the top end speeds on motorways only? Like Betty, I avoid those if possible. In general, a normal highway in N.America is 50 mph where it would be 60 mph in UK. So you can still put the pedal to the metal in Germany?! But again, surely that is just the autobahn?
  20. Out here in East Anglia we do big skies and patches of pretty open road but not like some Canadian and American areas. The speed limits are quite a bit higher than N.America. 60 mph on all non-urban roads unless specified, 70 mph on all 4 lane roads (not just the motorways) and even some urban roads allow 40mph. These are quite a bit higher than N.American speeds and when you consider the greater distance in most cases it might seem a very long time to make your journey. 20 mph in the city areas of London's financial district and often near schools seem like walking pace but probably save
  21. I wouldn't like think what might be bread and butter subjects any more. They never taught anything about that at art school and after 50 years in the business I would hesitate to offer any advice. There was a time when I thought I knew a bit about it but I think I've lost it.
  22. both Aldi & Lidl do these curious centre aisles with all manner of "STUFF" It's cheap and some a bit nasty and I just don't see why it would be in a supermarket. I confess I have snagged a couple of bargains but I still reckon they could put the space to better use
  23. You need to have done a roast on a Sunday for there to be a bowl of left-over veggies on a Monday. Best if there are several sprouts. A quick spin in the food processor, tip it into a fry pan et voila, Bubble and Squeak
  24. Yes, I would usually agree about numbers, especially the tiresome tiddlers, just got carried away with the Christmas cheer
  25. Most months I am waiting patiently to get off the mark and need a week or more for the first to drop in. To-days the 4th and a shot from Norfolk thumped in with a very pleasant $495 which I did for my first book way back in 1972. As has been often said; This is indeed a waiting game! Best not to give too much away as the site is very accessible and to be honest, there's nothing all that remarkable about my shot. There are a couple of similars from other contributors. Book : Duration: 25 years. Amount of Uses for Secure Electronic: Unlimited. Amount of Uses for Non Secure Electronic
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