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  1. Actually, John, I went to some lengths to describe why the photograph worked so well, but you choose to ignore that in favour of being offended by my first comment - in which I also complimented it - and then go on to take a side swipe at me. No pleasing some people, I guess.
  2. I don't do faux humility or faux anything else, come to that. I don't do jealous, spiteful or resentful, either, but I sometimes forget that others do.
  3. Then I'm even more impressed, I assumed you'd used a very expensive lens. That photo is an object lesson in what inexpensive equipment is capable of in the right hands. Fab.
  4. You're so determined to disagree with me that you've actually contradicted what you said earlier about the importance of luck. However, I am not going to repeat myself and, as John himself has nothing to say about this, I will leave it there. Just a shame that my cogent argument about what is, to me, an interesting topic has not resulted in a lively debate, just childish red arrows, injured silence and dogged contradiction.
  5. Generally, people advise not to crop too tightly as the buyer can always do that themselves. Also, your cone flower images have plenty of impact as they are so I'd leave well alone. As for bugs, can't help there, either - my bug photos please me but they wouldn't please anyone else. I sometimes wander around the garden and photograph what I come across, but just for fun. I absolutely know I couldn't compete in the macro arena!
  6. That's amazing! I'm guessing that's no kit lens you're using. Its face almost looks cute.
  7. Well done, Kristin, it's a great shot and deserving of success.
  8. Look, you are still twisting what I said. Of course his practiced photographer's eye saw the potential and anticipated the moment, and he had the patience to wait for the photo to come together. There was no luck involved there, of course not. As I explained - and as you continue to ignore - there is always luck involved in the right element entering the frame. That is why John waited. He could have waited for ever and the right element just might not ever have come along. The photo is great, but it's great because the person made the right shape, and with vigour, to echo what was happening in the poster. Also, the bare-footedness of the person introduces a quasi-religious tone (IMO, at any rate) which echoes the subject in the painting. Had some random person just wandered past the poster, and John had decided that was good enough and pressed the button, the photo would not have had nearly as much impact. But he waited, and he was lucky enough that a far better subject strode by. Skill and luck combined made that photo, as I'm sure John himself would acknowledge. I know that street photography is an art, it's an area of photography I pursue myself (away from Alamy) and I've produced some pretty good results, IMO. But I am happy to acknowledge the element of luck that was involved sometimes and am surprised that, on a forum of photographers, such umbrage has been taken at my suggesting that luck ever plays a part. Until the power of the photographer's mind is such that it can influence people into doing the right thing at the right time in the right place to make our photographs zing, we will have to rely on an element of luck playing its part. Especially in street photography.
  9. The same condescending, insulting tone that annoyed me in the first place. This is your domain, Betty, not mine. You have the support that allows you say what you please, I do not. Fine, I'm happy to bow out.
  10. I removed it before finding her response. No matter what I put it didn't deserve what she said.
  11. Have't seen this before. Didn't realise my old incarnations were still attached to my new account and was deleting all my old posts for privacy's sake when I found it. I wasn't always very nice back then, I guess, I was broke, nervous of what I was attempting to do and had just lost my beloved cat. No excuse, you'll say (in the form of red arrows), but I don't think I ever deserved to be compared to a dog in the street.
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