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  1. I've downloaded a number of sports images and bypassed QC. They are fine, but once on sale they look a bit soft when you click on the preview box in the bottom right hand corner of the image. However, if you open the image in a separate tab they are sharp, as they should be. Does the preview option soften the image at all for some reason?
  2. What's the best tool to add EXIF data to all your images from a spreadsheet in one go?
  3. Prior to the last few weeks I was getting regular zooms and sales (for about 3 years) but all of a sudden I'm hardly getting any zooms 1-2 per month and no sales. (5,600 pics) Has Alamy dramatically changed the way it ranks images in the last few weeks?
  4. Two images from July last year are standard sales from Alamy. They are not through the distributor scheme.
  5. What's the longest period of time you have had to wait for a cleared payment? What happens if after a period of time the buyer can't/won't pay do you lose the sale?
  6. When I want to add new keywords to a set of images it seems to be an issue that in the batch process that it wil overwrite any existing ones already there. Are there any keywording tools available that allow you to add to the main keyword field without deleting exisiting words? Manually it's easy, but as a batch process I may want to add one or two additional words to a set of images.
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