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  1. Canon 7D: I have had blue sky day pics rejected for noise at ISO 800 (trying to stop moving objects in an otherwise landscape scene). I've had other cases where ISO 800 seemingly passed. I have done some mild denoise on ISO 800 images and passed. I think Alamy has gotten just a bit more sensitive to the noise in the past couple of years and ISO 800 is now rolling the dice for me.
  2. Make your deal up front and relatively immediate and be done with the money/value exchange. You don't want to try sending a 20 cent check, twenty years from now, to an unknown address 20 states away because you lost track of her.
  3. Hmmm..... can I upload enough photos at McDonald's to pay for lunch? ;-) Better hurry if you want to be the first to get burgers and fries in the photo stream.
  4. I wish the Alamy Submission Status page would tell us when we are in the Sin Bin and not leave us hanging when there is a QC back up delay. My ulcers would fare much better. Alamy? Please?
  5. I remove spaces. So 123 ABC becomes 123ABC. Not sure if this is a good plan or not.
  6. PacSafe http://pacsafe.com/carrysafe-100-anti-theft-camera-strap
  7. I think Spacecadet is close. My understanding is that the whole LED panel flashes on and off. The amount of time On is the apparent brightness. Car LED tail lights are doing this now I notice. Medium brightness using a repeating cycle where the On time is about 50%. When the car brakes are applied they go brighter to 100% On time. The cycle frequency is usually just above human eye perception but try this: hold your head still, swing your eyes around quickly in a large circle, and mentally see if you can pick up dots or streaks. Dots will be the blinking LEDs, streaks will be 100% on LEDs
  8. Many years ago I sold off some film based gear. My local camera store told me I was better off on eBay. The store has to buy at low price, checkout and clean the gear, make sure it works, get a price markup margin, and still sell it at a price someone might desire for used gear. So eBay, or the like, may not sell for the used store price, but some of the middle man money ends up in the sellers pocket. A good eBay feedback record and truthful (or even slightly critical) descriptions are my recipe for a happy eBay customer/transaction.
  9. Some of these units described in the links have optics in the attachments. Low cost slide copiers would have me concerned about optics quality. Would it not be possible to rig up a viable light, a slide holder (paper clip?), and shoot with a high quality macro lens? A cardboard box sealed for light control and perhaps slide mounting might be an acceptable cheap home project. Just another reason for me to buy a macro lens! (No, I have not tried this approach - yet).
  10. Got my "All Passed" Email just a few minutes ago. There is still hope!
  11. 17 Dec submission passed quickly way back then. I'm still waiting on 20, 21, 24, 26, 29 Dec submissions.
  12. If images on the site are already better than mine I won't put mine up. No need to add dross to the library. I may consider another sales outlet that could use my image. If my images are equal or better in some way (obviously my opinion), I will certainly shoot and upload a scene that has a thousand images already.
  13. I think clipping paths do increase the value of an image. In some of the complex images I do it would save an hour or 2 for very large print sizes if I include the clipping path. Unfortunately, I don't think Alamy preserves clipping paths when selling to the customer. Hence my images with good detailed and clean clipping paths tend to get placed with other agencies that do preserve the paths. I wish Alamy would preserve the paths.
  14. Jill, if you search "Canfield Fair" you will see my fair shots. Unfortunately, they do not sell well enough in recent years to cover my fair mileage, tickets, funnel cakes, Stromboli, and Coke. On the other hand, I can write these off as photo business expense (USA) and still enjoy a day shooting at the fair.
  15. Ed, I have both passed and failed with ISO 800 batches from the Canon 7D. Occasionally I post process with the Imagenomic Noiseware plugin for Photoshop. I do not use Lightroom. I use the Weak Noise settings or my own Very Weak Noise settings. I get afraid of getting the surfaces too artificially syrup smooth if I go to higher settings. Perhaps smoother might pass better but I'v not tried due to loss of fine detail. I don't think I have ever submitted ISO 1600 shots.
  16. I've had Alamy rejections on my Canon 7D at ISO 800 recently. I think Alamy is getting a tighter on quality. I carry a tripod for Fair shots at night. If in the middle of a crowd I try to keep the legs close and use it more like a "stabilized" mono pod. Generally shots in a crowd don't work for me and I try to find a bit higher vantage point off to the side of the crowd. Then I use a full tripod. Sometimes even cranking it to max height to get above and shoot across the crowd.
  17. On a ten minute notice, how do i find the right person next year while the then breaking news is still hot? What outlets should be on my pocket list "just in case"? Do the local (USA) newspapers do the syndication? How about TV stations? I certainly don't understand how this all works and may need some of these memory cells remaining on the day I need it.
  18. So can you telll us how you think the opposite end ranks affected your sales? I think it didn't have much effect when I've been on pages 7, 8, 9 vs. end-1.
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