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  1. Always include the city, state, and country, location information. Even if it is a simple flower shot. A Dayton, Ohio, USA, tourism magazine does not want to use a shot from a competing Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, market. Ohio magazine generally wants all images to be shot in Ohio. Buyers which are not location sensitive will not likely be searching by location.

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  2. I do not have the same images on Alamy as on micros. In my opinion doing that is just foolishly undercutting potential sales at the higher priced sites (Alamy). But, yes, there are people who do that.


    As I see income dropping from micro, I also see income dropping from Alamy. I think it is an industry wide phenomenon - not just micros. I like the Alamy business approach and "partnership" with photogs. In my opinion, the micros have gotten lost in their quest for money and damaged the relationships with their contributors.

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  3. Philippe said: Little tip: shoot with your biggest camera and a 70-200/2.8 (among other lenses) do NOT use a Sony RX100   ^_^


    A couple years ago I paid my usual few dollars to get into the big county fair. I was standing in turn 1 of the horse races and shooting away at the trotters and pacers (harness racing). Some of these shots do appear on Alamy. The starting gate truck had started a race and came to a stop at the outside of the track near my fence. I was slightly miffed that I lost a few shots with my Canon DSLR and fancy big white lens. That was until the starter guy on the truck yelled and asked if I wanted to ride the truck for a race and take a few pics. I about lost my britches trying to untangle the tripod hanging on my belt so I could run to the truck. My assistant (wife) took care of the kit while I got a fun ride with a camera.


    There are times when a big kit is useful and there are times a smaller "hidden" kit is useful.

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  4. Since about the last week the Alamy stock login page no longer remembers my login Email. It defaults to another address I've never associated with Alamy. Seems like some interaction with Google Chrome and Chromes autofill mechanism. Please review various address retention with Chrome and the Alamy Login.

  5. Photographer of the Year in 2013 at Focus Photo Club. This is a group of about 125 members in my area. Competition is based on the total of 11 monthly contests with 3 entries per event (33 total entries in the year).


    Oh, well, I'll have to raise my bar to try for something international. Oh wait, I did get a 5th place in a 2014 competition between 3 photo clubs from Ohio (USA), Australia, and the UK. My Bald Eagle among the top 10. http://www.focusphotoclub.com/images/winners/Intl%20Comp/2014/1.png


    Hello Alamy,


    For newcomers it could be good to write about RM and RF. What are the differences. When you advice RM and when RF. How RM-Exclusive works etc.




    This would also be helpful for "old-timers" - I often struggle to decide whether an image would be more likely to be licensed as RM or RF and would love to know the advantage of RM-exclusive, since I have many images that, for all intents and purposes, are exclusively on Alamy although I haven't made them "exclusive" there - e.g. Do exclusive images rank higher in searches?


    Maybe even to present the Alamy rules/philosophy of the putting the same files on Alamy, other macros stock sites, and other micro stock sites.


    We see some of these discussions repeat here and at other discussion boards so the "real" take from Alamy's perspective would be very helpful.

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  7. Went to my first Ultra-Light airplane fly-in. Had shot my fill of action games and flight maneuvers and the candy drop for the kids. The day was getting pretty hot. I thought I would make one more pass down the short flight line before hitting the air conditioning of the car. I ended up chatting up a pilot, for a long time, which ended up in an invitation to go for a ride in his 2 seater Ultra-Light just before dusk. At the appointed time I arrived, put on the safety gear and helmet. Left the camera bag and extra gear with my wife. I got a picture of my wife standing in the grass praying hard as we left the ground. A few photos to the right. A few photos to the left. I was having a bit of trouble with the camera and helmet interference but worked around it. Then "MEMORY CARD FULL". Argh! Rookie mistake!

  8. I don't use Lightroom so my help here is limited. I use iMatch in place of Lightroom and it, Win7, and Photoshop with multiple images open I can approach 8GB of RAM in use. The only time I bumped into the RAM limit was when I mistakenly tried to open 100 images in PS at the same time. So 16GB could well do for now. I just added to my 8GB and decided to fill the 2 slots with sticks to make a total of 24. Not that I needed it today but didn't want to toss out memory sticks if I ever did want to get to 24.


    An SSD is worth it's weight in my book for the database chugging of new files and adding keywords and descriptions into image files. Likely not needed for Photoshop editing unless you run a lot os scripts/actions. It does make opening Photoshop, programs, and PC boots very nice and fast. I went with 500GB and can do all my photo work without an additional drive. I do have a 1 TB D drive but I currently use it as a backup copy of my main drive. I have had 2 occasions where the SSD lost it's cookies and having a full bootable backup was a bonus.  A month or so back my database said I had 15,000 images (JPG and Photoshop) on my SSD.

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  9. The car photo should be good if the car is sharp. The other image should be good if the building and landscape is sharp. The point being that the subject or significant portions of these kind of images needs to be sharp. Motion of people and other vehicles should be acceptable. The easiest side approach is to identify the out of focus items in the description text. That way a buyer can make their own choice.

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  10. I figure something like:


    doesn't look professional on a business card to link to a "searched" version of my portfolio with more images on the page. Both Alamy and I look bad when the URL isn't an obvious link to Alamy. Then some day Alamy makes a site change and the underlying search link doesn't work - very unprofessional - we both lose business.

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  11. I understand your issue Lochlomond. I'm often there. One method is to get your self hooked up with the festival committee or parks department, or city, as their photog and give them copies of the pics. Then when in public it is easy to do this as a "job" motivation (gotta bring home some shots) and on inquiry tell them you are shooting for the Parks Dept or Festival Committee. I often get cooperating models with big smiles if there is a chance they will end up on the event web page. I wear a lanyard at such events indicating EVENT PHOTOGRAPHER with my name address, and contact info. I find it much easier to use this as a forward reason to be shooting and not be in the mindset of a bad weirdo. Failing such a connection my excuse can be I'm just shooting creative images for my photo club competition next month. Having a quickly explainable shooting reason in mind helps with the personal mental attitude and questions from people around.

  12. Now that work is being done on the user interface (I like it!), can Alamy also make adjustments to the My Alamy Homepage pages? Either by doing a search or clicking the page portfolio link I can see results from the portfolio. However, there is no way to change the thumbnails displayed per page. It needs a drop-down selection just like any other site image search result. Poking through a portfolio of 3300 images, limited to 15 per page, is awful! I'd like the option of 120 thumbnails per page. Thanks!

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  13. Canon 7D: I have had blue sky day pics rejected for noise at ISO 800 (trying to stop moving objects in an otherwise landscape scene). I've had other cases where ISO 800 seemingly passed. I have done some mild denoise on ISO 800 images and passed.  I think Alamy has gotten just a bit more sensitive to the noise in the past couple of years and ISO 800 is now rolling the dice for me.

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