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  1. Because there are a few trolls as usual Oh dear. I was hoping for a "thank you". Did what I said help you? Paulette I was meaning to say thank you. Thank You
  2. Because there are a few trolls as usual
  3. Can someone please explain how to use the image manager? I have keyworded images, put restrictions, dated when the images were taken as well as the location They seem to disappear after closing the batch editor despite saving all that I've put in Also, can someone tell me a good way to keyword images, as I can't use commas or semi-colons or other special characters in between each keyword?
  4. I guess you don't know a lot about photography because you can't deal without a photo when giving "advice"
  5. ISO4000 at an event? Your flash won't work? And this is your choice of images to pass Alamy QC? In the words of immortal tennis great, "You can't be serious!" Some kind of joke indeed. Would flash of matter if I used in a big building where natural light was shining? I could use manual flash at 1/1 setting, it wouldn't of lit up any of the subject
  6. You know what, I thought people grew up after a certain age, but it clearly proves in this thread that it isn't the case And I don't have to post images on this site or any other site to show you, so if you can't take it and behave normally i.e. like a normal human being, that is your prerogative. I know that jealousy is the problem with people on here, hence the level of negative reps I got. So, if you're the one to prove yourself to be that, that is not my problem, just yours
  7. Ha, at one of the events the flash didn't work, even thought it was fully charged
  8. Just to note to the people who are negging me. I don't care if you neg me until you are blue in the face, it shows that trolls are on this site
  9. Passing QC is a serious subject. You need to focus on why your image failed and fix your work flow accordingly. Most of us have failed at some stage and it's better to learn from mistakes and understand what the required standard looks like. Your ISO 4000 seems way over the top as a starting point unless you are shooting in total darkness. As already said what are you shooting? Badgers? Regards Craig You wouldn't see the noise unless you cropped the image in certain places, well in layman's term, even if you crop an ISO100 image, you're likely to see noise on photos. Being at I
  10. I was told that the events I deal with is what Alamy sells Well yes, because there isn't many images that are below ISO800 that I've taken recently, and there are reasons why I can't submitt those ones that are Just curious. What kind of subjects do you shoot that you need at least ISO800? Cheers, Philippe I was told that Alamy deals with red carpet events
  11. Well yes, because there isn't many images that are below ISO800 that I've taken recently, and there are reasons why I can't submitt those ones that are
  12. But there was no softness on the photo apart from the edge
  13. I have failed a QC because of "softness or lack of details" and "noise". About the noise, yes there was noise but the image was cropped in order to see the noise. Yes, the ISO used was ISO4000 because I needed that high otherwise there would of been motion blur where people were walking around the place, if I had used more noise reduction, it would of killed the detail in the photo About the "softness or lack of details" in the photo. I was given one example as to why there was "softness", the softness was in the people in the photo at the edge of the photo? Is Alamy really serious abo
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