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  1. This image has been in four gallery shows, was on loan to the NY State Thruway Authority, and I just delivered a metal print to a buyer last week, so it's out for personal use, but the Tappan Zee Bridge will be gone in the next few years, so given the historic significance, it seemed like one that should be on Alamy, and this contest spurred me to finally upload it, so thanks. I love lighthouses but hadn't visited this one although it's about 20 minutes from my home, until two years ago. I always think of lighthouses on the sound or ocean, but this one is on the Hudson River. 


    Pulteney Bridge in Bath has been standing strong since the 1700's. Gorgeous image deserving of a greenie! The Tappan Zee Bridge was built in the 1950's and it's in such bad shape that it is being replaced at a cost of $3.9 Billion (if it stays on budget), then the old one will be taken down. So much for modern engineering - or was it the builders who cut corners? The State that neglected it for too long? The battered little Tarrytown Lighthouse is also slated to get a facelift soon. 




    An interesting post, thanks. And thanks for the greenie!

  2. The phrase 'Done to death' was invented for Pulteney Bridge in Bath, but hey, it was a pilgrimage. I photographed it back in 1974 and going back last Sunday for the first time in decades, I had to do it again. The bridge hasn't changed a bit, but the tech in my hands definitely had...



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  3. I've never tweeted in my life, but recently began following (if that's the correct expression) a couple of Lightroom-related twitter accounts. Thought it might be handy for tips and rumours of upcoming features, etc. Though forum posts are a decent way to announce things, from our point of view it's hard to beat the sheer speed and convenience of having twitter posts appear on your phone or iPad instantly without the need to fire up a laptop and log in. Push notifications I believe they are called. There, I've exhausted my knowledge.


    And Brit-gent: Your pictures look good . . . but Paul has outlined the reality of stock in 2014. 



    Thanks, Ed. I'm under no illusions, but even an occasional sale adds spice to my favourite hobby. There's no doubt I have a long way to go to develop that commercial/stock mentality and eye for a sellable picture. Hanging around on the forums has got to be a good start. Should have done it the day I uploaded my first picture, but there you go.

  5. As you will see from my profile details, I have a paltry 134 images currently on sale, but managed 6 sales before I reached the 100 figure. Having said that, I haven't had a sale in over a year... I don't think there's a formula, but one thing is certain: the folk who are making serious money with Alamy have THOUSANDS of images on sale and probably upload dozens of new ones every week.

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