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  1. First sale just over a year after my first submission, notable mainly because I didn't notice for about eleven months. I'd given up checking. Hadn't been paid because I'd not got around to giving them any bank details. Probably had less than 100 images up at the time. The main lesson I've learned on this forum over the past few months is the need to greatly increase my submission rate. 

  2. Cliche alert! Just discovered a rich source of bluebell shots very close to home and the experience has given me a new-found respect for bluebell photographers. I've never spent so long in Lightroom in my life, trying to tame highlights and tease out shadow detail. The second shot came at the end of two hours traipsing around the beach and dunes near Porthcawl, waiting in vain for the mist to clear. Just as I was getting back to the car and rather despondent I came across a large group of jet-skiers preparing for a day on the water. That provided a nice crop of shots, but turning my back on them gave me my favourite of the day.




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  3. 18 hours ago, M.Chapman said:


    I heard a slightly different version of the last line.

    • to stop it, close all open windows and then press "Start"

    Seriously though, as soon as Windows 10 started forcing upgrades on me (which I couldn't postpone) and when these updates failed to correctly install and then it repeated the whole update process again (including a GB download), I went back to Windows 7 and then migrated to Mac.




    Ah yes. A personal favourite was always the 'background' update. You know the one - it takes 90% of the processing power, but being 'background' it doesn't tell you what it's doing. In fact, there's nothing on the screen to tell you the machine is doing anything; the only clue is the several long seconds of lag after each mouse click. Eventually, after much clicking around and attempts to shut the damn thing down, a box pops up to tell you Windows is performing updates and may be some time. This gives you the overwhelming impression that turning on the PC was for its benefit, not yours. Your requirements are secondary. You have to wait. I don't think I'm being difficult, but I object to being insulted by my electrical goods.  

  4. On 02/05/2018 at 17:51, Allan Bell said:


    At the time I was also on Windows XP.  I still think XP was the best of what has followed in Windows since.


    It was late 2013 when I came over to iMac and I am here to stay. Never going back to Windows.






    I was perfectly happy with Windows 7 back in two thousand and whatever and took a keen interest in the news and reviews of Windows 8 as it neared release. Less than an hour of actually using it though and I was ready to punch holes in the nearest wall. Switching to Apple was a foregone conclusion. How is it possible that the most powerful and pioneering software company in the world can release a product that leaves its users staring at a screen and unable to work out how to go forward or back? Surely the most epic fail in user interface design ever. Any time I find myself helping elderly friends with their PCs I'm reminded why my only mistake was leaving it so long.

  5. The best shot I've ever taken - in my slippers. Well, The Acapela Studio is a nightmare to photograph. I've tried many times (as it's just yards from my door), but the immediate surroundings are not the most attractive. So when the evening sun provides a spotlight on just the bit I'm interested in there isn't time to put your shoes on. You just grab the camera and go.



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  6. Interior of Llandaff Cathedral one lunch time last week. Was wandering around the outside when I saw the open doors. Two old boys were standing at the bottom of the steps handing out information sheets to visitors, but conveniently drifted off to chat to the lady selling books in the corner. Handheld, unfortunately, but I could go back every day for a year with my tripod and never get an opportunity like that again.



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  7. On 28/02/2018 at 11:23, spacecadet said:

    If that's rubbish, I haven't even got a dustpan and brush.


    What he said.


    It took me nine years to get 467 images uploaded, but I've nearly doubled that in the first three months of this year - partly as a result of reading this thread and realising I needed to get my *rse in gear. The other stimulus was starting a run last summer of at least one sale per month which eventually ran out in March. I guess it's finally dawned on me that there's an element of control in all of this. If I work consistently and upload a far larger quantity of diverse images, I CAN increase sales. But the folk on here putting the word 'only' in front of five figure numbers still takes my breath away!

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