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  1. ASMP? (Sorry, I really should know more about this industry I partake in.) I do wish I'd cottoned on to what was happening back in the noughties, but I didn't get my first DSLR until 2007 and wasted a couple of years trickling shots onto iStock and feeling ridiculously grateful if I sold one for 10 cents. It took a much more experienced friend to point out the error of my ways. In my time on Alamy I have one $350 sale as the high water mark. I remember it fondly and know I will never see its like again.

  2. I can't compare to other folk on this site - I'm lucky to average a sale a month - but after three sales in April I've had nothing since. I haven't had a dry spell like this for a few years now and it's  pretty disappointing. I'm chalking it up to the global downturn and reminding myself that there's a big difference between losing a few dollars a month and losing your livelihood (or worse). But July's not over yet. I live in hope.

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  3. Ventured out as Storm Ciara's force subsided last Sunday. Unsurprisingly, Cardiff Bay was unusually quiet. Had to use continuous shooting mode as I was constantly being buffeted by the wind and couldn't be sure the camera was stable when the shutter opened. Suspect Storm Dennis is carrying too much rain to make a trip out this weekend a realistic prospect.



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  4. Already had my typical single sale of the month, but it never fails to fascinate me how vastly more successful some folk on here are. I once had three sales in a single month, but actually made considerably less than this month's single sale. I appreciate the good times are over, but having missed them it's obviously easier to cope with this possibly terminal downtrend.


    Regarding the ant, they are very sensitive creatures and I fear he may have picked up on his owner's mood over the lack of sales and simply lost the will to live. Very sad.

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  5. Photo opportunities not far from, if not actually in, Liverpool my vote would go to New Brighton. It was my Disneyland growing up in Wallasey in the sixties and subsequently made somewhat famous by Martin Parr (The Last Resort). I know Parr has come in for some criticism for those images, arguably demeaning his subjects and 'stylising' his depiction of the less well-off. I suppose, but I feel nothing but nostalgia when I look at them (which I frequently do). Book a ferry ticket! Haven't been back for decades, but I'd be surprised if it disappointed.

  6. I stumped up the $30 a couple of weeks ago on FAA, on the basis that doing it a month before Christmas was probably the best time to do some serious uploading. On the plus side I made a low $$ sale quickly, but on the downside it was one of my original 25 images from the free account days. It had sold before so I don't consider my return on investment to have begun yet. It's a twelve month 'project' so we shall see. There's no doubt marketing and other types of targeted activity seems to breed sales which in turn breeds more sales and credit to people who have broken through (like Marianne and my pal in North Wales). I've paid my dosh so it makes sense to give it a proper go.

  7. Punting on The Cherwell, Oxford. Taken while I was also punting (in a seated position while someone else did the actual work).


    Image use: Editorial

    Details of use: Travel guides -print and/or e-book

    Image Size: 1 page

    Print run: up to 3 million

    Placement: Inside

    Duration: 3 years

    Country: Worldwide

    Additional Details: Online PDF Rights Included ; Duration: 7 years.  

    Low $$





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