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  1. Yeah, I'll give you an image they sold for me this month...I dont care that I shouldn't post details but I am so fed up with this behaviour. K2GR3M _DSF9294 Mark Bolton Photography 06 September 2018 Rights Managed Country: Worldwide Usage: NU Editorial website and app multiple use, Editorial website and app multiple use Media: Editorial website and app multiple use Industry sector: Travel & tourism Image Size: Any size Start: 06 September 2018 Duration: In perpetuity $ 1.25 I have written a strong letter... $1.25 for an image that they can use forever. Give me a break. Chuck me out, I don't care this is no joke. Mark
  2. 5 sales on this months statement for $9.16….. Country: United KingdomUsage: EditorialMedia: Magazine - print, digital and electronicPrint run: up to 500,000Placement: InsideImage Size: 1 pageStart: 01 January 2018End: 01 January 2023Duration: 3 months. Any placement: Inside or cover. Seriously? UK sale for magazine, all formats available inside or cover… is this a joke? My cut, for an image that could be placed on the cover of a UK magazine is approximately £3 ? how can Alamy justify this? Ive been a contributor since day one, but things are really getting bad. I know that the stock photo business (as I am used to) is in a tailspin, but I'm beginning to wonder whether to bother any more... sorry, all a bit negative, but surely they have to explain this? I have emialed them and will tell you what they say. Mark
  3. Well, I thought long and hard about it, and I started my own little business! Www.warblerdesigns.com Take a look and let me know what you think! M
  4. yep, will definitely keep it whatever, but I thought Id check to see if there was another option I could buy too... I think bags and straps are a bit of an obsession with many of us photographers? I think I'll ask Billingham if they can help... cheers, I'll let you know what they say!
  5. I need a new bag badly. Its for my smaller kit (XPro 1 with three lenses)... I have a lovely old Billingham that I don't really want to get rid of, but maybe I should look at whats on offer now... any ideas? Here's the old bag... http://www.markboltonphotography.co.uk/billingham-camera-bag/ Cheers all for your thoughts! Mark
  6. well I finally found my favourite carry-round camera.... http://bit.ly/1diSTa1
  7. Weird... have just spotted this post, and also just written this one... also about a Fuji! http://bit.ly/1diSTa1
  8. It's not about the photographers or the old F****. Yes, its the customers who come here because they know what they are getting - now throw in millions of below standard images and the need for them (for the customers) to wade through millions of images to get to the "good stuff" - the customers will turn their back on Alamy and go to where they can trust the supplier. I certainly do not shop where I get irritated or where people are flogging anything to get my attention (regardless of the price). Beware of the tired, frustrated customer - they are not stupid, they do bite and it will hurt all of us. these arguments have raged for years at Alamy. have you taken a long stroll through the backwoods that are the deeper pages of Alamy? Blimey there is a lot of absolute rubbish. It's not like the arrival of stockimo is going to make much difference. The good images/photographers will rise to the top and the crap will go to the bottom ( I know that's a generalisation because some good pics do get lost in the dross but that's been the case for many years)... Alamy is a numbers game in reality, and if you want a better, more bespoke agency for your pics, go to Corbis or Getty. I have to admit that I only send Alamy the stuff that my other agencies don't want! With 20 million images it's a bit late to start discussing whether the customer may get irritated if there are too many irrelevant images! Rather than worrying about Stockimo, I think we'd be better off getting rid of the idiots that send in 30 versions of the same picture...
  9. Blimey, sometimes you lot sound like a right bunch of old f**** ! moan moan moan... the customer isnt stupid, they can tell when an images isn't high enough quality for the usage they want. And guess what? they wont use it. They can also sift the wheat from the chaff, if an image is basically rubbish, they wont use it. Alamy has always been an unedited stock site, it does what it says on the tin (sorry for the cliche).... if you want a tightly edited agency, go to Corbis or Getty...this is a great idea, and there are some lovely images being taken on camera phones these days (YES, they're not just for making calls!)... get with it chaps, and instead of sitting round moaning on the forum, go take some pics! and use your camera phone if you want to! (tongue a bit in cheek...)
  10. Blimey I wouldnt describe them as the glory years, my images at Corbis were the real deal... returns with them now are down by 90 per cent...
  11. Blimey, those were the days weren't they?! I remember a 3k sale ( my share) in the early days...
  12. Anyone else out there been with Alamy since the beginning? blimey where's the time gone? I was still in my 30s then... I joined in 2000 but didnt really start uploading for a year or so, then my first sale was A98531 Heres a little blog posting about Alamy... http://bit.ly/1kyj58b
  13. I think the big ben pic is brilliant, as is the original image that sold as a camera sale. I just dont think its particularly helpful to pick apart someones work (unless specifically asked to do so). Converging verticals have their place, as do corrected images. hahahahahaha. so there.
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