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  1. Are we, as a profession, the only ones where we do not have control over the pricing of our product? This is not aimed at Alamy but all stock libraries. Do writers and actors have some sort of control over the pricing of their books/services via their agents? If one takes an expensive car into an automobile dealer and asks to sell it on consignment, does the dealer not allow the owner to know what price they are putting on the vehicle? Does a real estate agent not divulge to the vendor the price the agent is asking to sell the house and only tells them after the contract has been signed?
  2. When I found one of my images (unlicensed) on Huff Post - Canadian edition, they ignored my requests regarding the image use and in the end, I referred it to my Canadian IP attorney. They didn't claim "fair use" (because they couldn't) and they eventually paid me a great deal more had they licensed the image in the first place. The same image was also in their US edition and they also ignored me. My US attorney thought that, as it was considered "editorial" and the image was not registered with the USCO, it was not worth pursuing. So, yes, I am not surprised when the image source is "Google".
  3. If you want a pseudo but cannot come up with a sensible one, I suggest you take your middle name and then add the street you lived on as a kid. I would be Ann Mary Cornwall (but I don't use this as a pseudo). Hmmm...don't quite know what would happen if you were lived on Route 66! Sheila
  4. Nothing to suggest, Nick, but I am glad you also think that fotoLibra is a waste of time - actually more of a waste of space. I had a bit of a stoush with them over the ridiculous email they sent around stating that unless the contributors sent them a response they would assume that all RM images already submitted were exclusive to the agency and that we would have to mark in some way that each individual image was exclusive (or not). Also they wanted to know what images were on which agency. I told them that it was none of their business as there was no exclusivity in any event. Sheila
  5. Back in the seventies, Tony Wheeler's book "Asia on the cheap" and "South East Asia on a shoestring" were such handy guides to budget travelling in Asia, of which I was one of many. I guess these days, apps are downloaded to iPhones/iPads. That's progress I guess. Sheila
  6. Hi Nick Actually, "stock" is not my primary source of income these days. If it were, I would take up basket weaving. And as I have said many times, I don't consider myself a "stock" photographer. It's a good point regarding not having all your work on your own website and hence having a link, but as I started uploading to my website many years before I joined Alamy et al, most of my work is not on Alamy. I have close to 5,000 images on my website (and 11 million hits in 11 years) and a fairly high Google ranking. I have approx 1,300 on Photodeck which I joined about 18 months ago when it w
  7. I agree with John. I don't understand quite why one would direct sales away from your own website where you have complete control over the pricing and use, to your Alamy site where you have neither and risk single figure licenses. Sheila
  8. To date, I have not used ImageRights as Leslie Burns of PhotoAttorney has been doing a good job in pursuing infringers in the US (and there are many, many of them) using a registered image without the benefit of a license. I also don't pursue blogs (waste of time and effort) nor small websites who didn't know any better. One of my recent wins was when I found an image on a commercial Facebook page whose owner directed me to their web designer in New York who uploaded the image. I sent her a "please explain" which a fee of $2,000 for unlicensed use including damages and incredulously, her respo
  9. Outside of photography, here in Sydney if you see a green tinge in cloud formations, it's time to get your car under cover, and get your animals inside as it's a sign of a large hailstorm! Back in the April 1999, our garden was shredded by golf ball size hail stones. It caused 2 billion dollars worth of damage to tiled roofs in Sydney, seriously damaging some 24,000 houses and millions of dollars of damage to cars. The storm lasted less than ten minutes. Wiki report http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1999_Sydney_hailstorm A young lawyer I worked for (a Brit) was unfamiliar with Sydney's some
  10. You can download extensions in either Firefox or Chrome and then do as fotoDogue suggests - right click to send the image to Google Search by Image. Too easy! Sheila
  11. I watched the Michael Parkinson Masterclass with Don McCullin a couple of months ago. I found this on Youtube - warning; very disturbing images. Sheila
  12. The trial is just downloading as I speak! I had one of the first versions of Lightroom years ago and in the end, I had to delete it from my PC as it would insist on opening images in Lightroom when I had actually instructed it not to! I use Windows Explorer as a file management using the date system, and Lightroom would stop any images from being downloaded to WE. After much tearing out of hair, I gave up and deleted it. Hopefully, LR has come a long way. BTW, Adobe Help could not come up with a solution when I posted it on their forum. Sheila
  13. And you have probably deleted them as well! BTW, Brian, it's fuel tank not full tank - unless you knew the fuel tank was full in the Honda pics! Unless you get a spell checker, your images will not see the light of day. Sheila
  14. OK. This is coming from someone who does not shoot "stock"! I generally shoot what I like and if buyers like it, then that's good. We both win. With respect to all those who do shoot stock (and after all, this is what Alamy is all about) then do what you like doing and continue to do it well - no worries. Personally, I would find shooting "stock images" mind numbingly boring! But that's just me! I did a quick breakdown of my sales and 40% are landscapes (including buildings), 40% are animals and 20% are people. I have particular images which sell more than once - beach huts at South
  15. The closest I get to chemicals these days is the 220 preservative in my Aussie chardonnay in front of my computer as I process my digital files. Gone are the days of red lights, standing in almost complete darkness and the aroma of fixing chemicals...aahhh, nostalgia aint what it used to be! This nostalgia reminds me of when I lived in Canada in the seventies. A friend borrowed his friend's film camera (of course) and went for a holiday to Florida and when he returned, he told his friend that he would replace the film in the camera which he had yet to remove. His friend said "What film?" ...gr
  16. Especially since single figure licences or low double figure licenses are starting to be the norm! I wish I could tell my utility company that I shouldn't pay their bill until I reach triple figures! Sheila
  17. I cancelled my account with RedBubble last week due to their refusal to watermark thumbnails which were huge on screen and I was constantly finding the source of my work being infringed back to RB. Also they were promoting such a load of crap t-shirt designs and the marketing (for want of a better word) was directed at teens and pre-teens. Last month their promotions was the "art" of tattoos for heavens sake! I used to do quite well on RB but lately sold a couple of cards. I have now decided to handle enquiries from customers myself (in Australia) rather than use a print on demand site.
  18. Another vote for Australia! Warm to hot weather, Sydney Festival in full swing and empty beaches to enjoy. Sheila
  19. I thought I would check it out until....microstock...aaaaaaagh! Yes, I know, I know, that's the way it is these days; no one wants to pay a fair and reasonable rate for images when they can pay pennies for image downloads. And, risking a red minus on my views, its purely because many photographers are willing to accept the devaluation of their work (and hence mine) for a couple of dollars. What is of concern is that in a recent article regarding microstocks, the author placed Alamy amongst microstock libraries rather than macrostock. Now that is a worry! Sheila
  20. Customs House building during Sydney Vivid Festival.
  21. Sydney Harbour with cruise ship moored during Sydney Vivid Festival.
  22. Thanks Philippe and Jeff. It worked! Sydney Opera House during Vivid Festival.
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