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  1. For years, my camera gear was part of a portable effects policy (attached to my home insurance) until I sent them an email requesting them to add a lens and they saw my links to my portfolio website on the bottom of my email. They they advised me that they did not cover cameras as I was a professional photographer. I have since taken out insurance with a company specialising in cameras for pros also adding liability insurance. I would not wait, Dov, until you have a claim. It could be an expensive proposition.
  2. You only stay signed in until you log off. I have to sign in every time I open the forum (I use Chrome). Sheila
  3. And there goes "rights managed"! How can Alamy ever control how a rights managed image is going to be used by parties which are not known to them and have not signed any sort of agreement of use. Also, has Alamy entered into a different agreement with the purchasers because according to the clause Grant of rights and restrictions it states: "The Image(s) may not be sublicensed, resold or otherwise made available for use or distribution separately or detached from a product or web page. For example, the Image(s) may be used as an integral part of a web page design, but may not be made avail
  4. I had a nice license today - not Alamy or any other stock library. Received a call on my mobile and the new client was requesting a quote for a six images for a local real estate brochure plus web use for three months. We settled on $900 (no commission too!) and I uploaded the images. It took just 30 minutes (after searching my hard drives for the images)and sending them via You Send It. According to my StatCounter, they found my site via Googling the beach suburb of Sydney they were interested in and found my website. I do have a high ranking Google having 12 million hits in ten years and hop
  5. With a 5DIII, your Jpeg file size (converted from RAW) should be around 18 MB so you don't need to do any upresing. Sheila
  6. I would love the 30% discount if it replaces the current 85% discount which Alamy currently appears to give its clients. Is this "Autumn special" going to be followed the "Winter special" which will be followed by "Liquidation special"! Sheila
  7. I would say that someone has hacked into both sites, and placed the images and gibberish in the sites. Why, I do not know. Awhile back, I found one of my images on a UK site and it was found that someone had hacked the site and place a whole load of similar images to mine. You would probably find that the owners of the site are unaware of the hacking. Sheila
  8. I cannot remember the last time I licensed an image through Alamy for even close to $300 so count yourself lucky! Sheila
  9. Phil, I've posted the name of the buyer on that $1.00 sale somewhere on here in the past. It is/was the Telegraph of London, on their Website. I can't believe that anybody who has spent thousands on gear would be happy with a $1.00 gross sale. I would just consider that bad judgement and shake my head in wonderment. In film days, I carried most of my technique around in my head. With digital, most of the tech is carried around in the camera or on the computer. The switch to digital was indeed a steep learning curve, but now that I'm comfortable with digital, I find it lots easier. I stil
  10. My approach is to ask for a low fee (say $50.00) but if it becomes a commercial product, they would have to contact me to obtain a license which would reflect 10% of profits. In relation to those "painters" using photographs (not their own) as derivatives and without the permission of the photographer is endemic on the Net. I belong to a Copyright Infringement Group of painters and photographers on Facebook. One of the members found that a certain US "painter", based in Florida, selling prints on Fine Art America, ImageKind and RedBubble was using photographs he found on Google and placing a P
  11. Why is Alamy so reluctant to advise contributors what the client is willing to pay should I remove the restrictions placed by me on my images. A pig in a poke springs to mind.
  12. I had a poll filled in but it has disappeared! Bear with me! Sheila Now working...I hope.
  13. There is a constant debate on the value (or lack of) of our images on Alamy and elsewhere. I have deliberately placed restrictions on my Alamy images and quit Getty because of the commercial license of an RM image for $1.19 by a large manufacturer in China. So how do you value your work on stock libraries, including Alamy?
  14. It's a scraper site. Many of my images are on both of these sites, illegally but there is little one can do and, unless the server is US based, DMCAs are ineffective. Sheila
  15. Looks like misreporting. I would ask for explanation from Alamy so send them an email. Sheila
  16. If its a commercial blog, I would pursue it. It goes without saying that they used your image for commercial gain and that you should be compensated for the unlicensed use. Also point out to them that Google is just a conduit to where the image was on the Net and its not a requirement of photographers to watermark images or have copyright notices next to the image. You have probably already done this! And in response to CandyApple, when I found one of my images on a UK police website and also found it was on a front cover of their brochure, they eventually agreed to settle with me for at le
  17. I learned the hard way when restarting photography way back when I bought cheap lenses and, of course, eventually they all ended up on eBay etc. If you buy cheap, you end up buying twice. With the exception of my Canon 100 macro, all of my lenses are L lenses and they have long outlasted my camera bodies. And when friends and acquaintances comment on my photographs with "you must have a good camera", I respond "And Michelangelo must have had a good set of brushes". Sheila
  18. Welcome Mirco. Unfortunately, your images are not showing up yet (even in the search function). Give it a day or so and you will possibly get a response! Sheila
  19. I bought my husband's RX100 from an outfit in Hong Kong and I paid $515.00 Australian plus postage - about 302 pounds at today's rate. Some of the images taken so far http://www.pbase.com/sheila/sony_rx100 Sheila
  20. If the infringing company has a lawyer, I would suggest that they get advice - unless of course the advice is coming from a UK lawyer who does not know copyright from his elbow! If you need a good UK lawyer (and its worth pursuing), please let me know and I will give you contact details of a UK firm specialising in intellectual property. As you are probably aware, pursuing litigation in the UK is an expensive exercise and one not to be taken lightly. Sheila
  21. Thanks for the comments. The restriction is Worldwide, editorial, editorial website and we all know how little this type of license elicits and that is why they were not forthcoming with the fee. Sheila
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