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  1. I have had work on Saatchi for a few years and always thought that it was a UK based site but when I recently sold an image via Saatchi I was asked for my US tax ITIN which I do not have. I was advised that the sale was in the US and that I would have to pay a percentage to the US Tax Office. As an Australian resident, I do not think I should support Uncle Sam (no representation, no taxation!) and I asked them why Fine Art America has been selling my work in the US for many years and I have never had to pay US tax. They could not explain why. They did state that I could avoid paying US tax
  2. Great entries so far. I can see this one is going to be tough to judge. Sheila
  3. This month's challenge - abstract/minimalism - take your pick! Three entrants only per person until April 30. (Sorry, should have mentioned that earlier). Sheila
  4. Thanks all. I would like to thank my husband, my cats, Canon, ...oh..sorry..wrong award!! Will think of a subject in the next day or so. Sheila
  5. I shoot people (with a camera of course) - http://www.pbase.com/sheila/streets_of_sydney and convert to monochrome. Doesn't sell too well but its what I love to do. So much so, I turned it into an e-book http://store.blurb.com/ebooks/434892-streets-of-sydney-light-and-dark Sheila
  6. You don't necessarily need a Brisbane based lawyer as copyright is a Federal matter and as long as they have a practising certificate, any lawyer in any State will do. I highly recommend Peter Knight of Banki Haddock and Fiora in Sydney and he can be found on http://www.bhf.com.au/ Tell him I sent you. He is currently advising me on a breach of contract matter and has obtained a nice settlement in the past. He will work on a contingency basis. Sheila
  7. I totally agree with Chuck. I shudder and get somewhat irritated when I read "a sale is a sale at any price"...aaaaaaahhhh. I have placed a restriction on all of my images which prohibits a license for editorial>editorial website as I refuse to license images for next to nothing. If I "lose" a sale, then so be it.
  8. As soon as there is a sniff of litigation or the infringer puts up any sort of fight, IPP will drop you without a thought. They are not a law firm and so will not pursue the matter. In my opinion, they are a waste of space!
  9. Thanks for the tip off. Don't quite know why that happened but its fixed now! Sheila
  10. By coincidence, a nice print sale popped UP from FAA this morning - I collect US$185 - and another from Artflakes at the same time but the Artflakes was for 40 euro ($55.00 to me) which I am actually querying as the sale was for $291.02 to the customer and my commission was 40% so to me, it does not compute. Mind you, I am unfamiliar with Artflakes as I only uploaded six months ago and this is my second sale. I shall await the email for their explanation. I removed all my work from RedBubble a year or so ago as they refused to place a watermark on their large thumbnails and I was constan
  11. Agree with Chuck...and hopefully at the old commission rate! Sheila
  12. While I did well on G with a high RPI, I also quit 18 months ago and never looked back. Seems like Flickr has come to its senses (which wouldn't take much I know!)
  13. Hmmmm....bet the "proverbial" is hitting the fan over at Getty/Flickr. Must check out the forum...ohhh...of course, I cannot because I was banned because of a similar stunt by Getty with Google. I am so glad I quit 18 months ago along with many others. Sheila
  14. But if they licensed this image for, say, five times the amount (which is still too cheap but realistic and competitive in this market ), Alamy's bottom line would raise exponentially and the contributor would be a tad more happy - not much, but a tad more!
  15. I really don't understand how these can be economic for Alamy let alone their contributors. The line has to be drawn somewhere!
  16. We, being eastern Australia, had some glorious rain over the past three days and it is most welcome which, of course, cannot be said for those in Europe suffering the worst flooding in decades. Sydney has had little or no rain, until the weekend, since Christmas Day and long before that. We are having the driest summer on record (summer is our wet season) and we had the warmest winter on record. But, according to our Dear Leader, aka our prime minister, "climate change is crap" and then replaced his head in the sand.
  17. I watermark my images which are online - right across the middle (but with a degree of transparency) as it does more or less stop serious infringements of my work. Sometimes I watermark lower down but only if the middle option distracts the viewer. By serious, I mean those using my work for commercial gain. Bloggers seem to be completely unaware what © actually means but if one can prove that the watermark was deliberately removed or cropped, then the infringer is in serious trouble as this becomes wilful use and multiplies the damages considerably. That said, on several occasions I have fo
  18. Don't waste your time on sites which emanate in Russia, Vietnam, India, China or any eastern European website. Also, its not worth pursuing unless they are actually making money out of your work and you have the time and energy to pursue them. Wallpaper sites are a real irritation but that is all they are. I would pursue only those sites which are commercial in nature such as stores, commercial websites etc. Unless your image is registered with the USCO, you can forget the US sites as well as IP lawyers will rarely take on any cases where the image is not registered. Its not worthwhile fo
  19. My most recent license was to the production company in the UK which was producing a doco for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee with singer Gary Barlow (who, unfortunately, I did not know from a bar of soap!). Apparently Prince Charles liked my image of Cedric, an aborigingal busker and the company paid me 220 pounds for video rights in the UK only. A few years back, I supplied several images of faces to a local television network in Sydney for $700 and a couple of images to another Sydney production company showing a series on the ABC. All of these did not involve any agencies. Sheila
  20. Australians pay approximately 30% more for Adobe products, even downloads. The Australian government sent them a "please explain" awhile back.
  21. I often refer this blog post to those who infringe my work (which is constantly) to try to educate them on intellectual property rights and how expensive it can be. The other day, I found a person who had produced a kid's song using one of my images and found that it was also on 47,500 websites. I am currently negotiating with the infringer. "Fair use" sometimes crops up in communications between the infringers and I and Carolyn Wright's blog on it is an interesting read for both sides http://www.photoattorney.com/the-fuss-about-fair-use/ It also appears that folk seem to think tha
  22. The same goes for the eastern grey but you might start this if you nick their joeys: Ouch...But the biggest irritation is this cockie. Beautiful to look at and such characters but beware, they will eat your timber house and decking without a second thought: Ed, you missed out the great white - fortunately, I don't have a pic of one! Sheila
  23. OK, Ed...I'll bite..what is Australian Koala Bear flu? BTW, koala bear is not correct. They are not bears. They are marsupials, delightful to look at but dangerous to cuddle which various visiting VIPs found to their regret when the cuddly creature peed on them. Sheila
  24. Drop the Dead Donkey..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQ2bvR3BT_g I loved that show - it was satire at its best and is much missed.
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