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  1. He seems to have forgotten about one of his sites which is still showing the derivatives ( I don't want to identify it here yet). He quickly removed all of my work from his main website when I contacted him last July. He removed my FB comments and the Gallery has still to answer my queries regarding if he exhibited the derivatives. I did dob him in last July to the local newspaper who had carried an article and photograph of him holding one of my derivatives where he had won a prize for best work. Grrrrrrrr. He told the reporter that he had "forgotten" my condition that he could use my
  2. Has anyone any experience with the Patents Court, Small Claims re copyright infringement http://www.justice.gov.uk/downloads/courts/patents-court/patents-court-small-claims.pdf if one resides OUTSIDE of the United Kingdom and therefore cannot attend in person. If so, how difficult and time consuming was the procedure and was it worthwhile? I am seriously thinking of pursuing the "painter" who has used many of my photographs of aborigines as derivatives without my permission. He is well aware that he cannot do this as I have warned him months ago but he still continued with the exhibition
  3. Thanks John but the exhibition ended on 3 January 2015. If I had been aware of its existence earlier, I would have posted a lot earlier. Two Alamy photographers responded via PM but did not have an opportunity to get there in time. I now plan to check out the Small Claims procedure in the UK and will post a separate thread. Cheers and thanks again. Sheila
  4. I am trying to ascertain if a "painter" who is exhibiting his "work" in a gallery in Oldham is using several of my images of aborigines as derivatives without my permission. This is a long standing saga and he has absolutely refused to contact me in relation to selling "paintings" of my work as derivatives without a license to do so. He has actually won prizes for these derivatives and is flogging off the paintings for 800 pounds and more. He had conveniently forgotten my condition that he could only use my work for private use and not commercial use. So if anyone lives in or near Ol
  5. It should be noted that as soon as someone deliberately removes or clones out a watermark, they can be sued for damages under DMCA legislation and the image does not have to be registered with the US Copyright Office to obtain such damages. The difficulty may be to get a US attorney to act! I am not sure if Facebook would risk the wrath of its photographers or media if they were found to use an image which was uploaded by the owner of the image without the benefit of a license. Hundreds of my images are on FB illegally and to give them credit, FB is quick to act on DMCA takedowns.
  6. Agree with Mark. Not worth pursuing unless they are a commercial blog with deep pockets. Otherwise just forget about it. Google are pretty swift in responding to takedowns.
  7. Was just sent this by a friend in Canada. Great British humour/humor with comedian Ronni Arcona behind the camera and I spotted comedian Lee Mack amongst the guests. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10154636606720713 Enjoy! Sheila
  8. As its actually the 10th here in Sydney, Happy Birthday for today! Sheila
  9. I am not sure how the search engine works on FAA but probably both images will appear in the search results. As far as P4M, I have uploaded digitally altered ones (not from the recent Topaz filter) and they have been accepted OK. I have only had one sale on P4M (two weeks after I joined) and have yet to upload any using the Topaz filter. I caused a bit of a stir awhile back when I suggested that their voting system was clearly silly in that someone marked "Exceptional" on an image that should never have left the computer and had no redeeming feature at all. The photographer on whom this wa
  10. My work is on FAA and is classified as a "photograph" and not a painting. I also advise that its digital art, impression My work is on FAA and is classified as a "photograph" and not a painting. I also advise that its digital art, impressionism etc etc. so the buyer is aware that they are not getting a painting. Sheila ism etc etc.
  11. Well done, Alan. For those thinking of or have purchased the filter, I recommend this YouTube video of how it works and what brush to pick etc etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDdx-oT07nQ I had to update my Nvidia graphics driver for the filter to actually work and as its never simple to do anything as far as computers are concerned, the Nvidia driver would not update and I went online and eventually found a step by step procedure to force the update and after much angst (and crossing of fingers), it actually worked. But it was all worthwhile and I am having hours of fun playing
  12. After using the filter for a week or so, I can normally pick which actual filter to use just by looking at the "original" photograph. If the image has a modern look about it, I use a filter to portray that (and vice versa). It's difficult to explain in writing but if you use the filter (there is a free trial of it), you will get to understand. While using the filter, I am always thinking of who and why, folk would want to buy it. Mind you, I am always thinking of that when snapping for stock which, at the moment, I am not! Of course, it's not new using a photograph as a derivative of a
  13. As I have more or less given up on stock (!), I am devoting more of my time to POD sites where I have a modicum of control over pricing. I downloaded the latest Topaz Impressionist filter and have now uploaded some of my efforts to YouTube. It's only five minutes so if you get some spare time! http://youtu.be/OtwOB1QLaQ8 Cheers Sheila
  14. There is an interesting (and intelligent) discussion on LinkedIn on the question of buyers using the same photographers year in, year out or not. https://www.linkedin.com/groups/Do-you-use-same-photographers-2093733.S.84288527?view=&gid=2093733&type=member&item=84288527&trk=Skyline_click_NGDR&sl=NGDR%3B39257295%3A1414537002474%3B0%3B%3B Cheers Sheila
  15. I always hate it when you enter these competitions, Sheila, because as soon as I see your name I know I wasted my time entering Alan Thanks Alan but there is always strong competition from these Alamy togs!
  16. Avalon sunbeams through trees - the beams were caused by smoke from not too distant bushfires
  17. My concern is (as a 68 year old) is who wrote the blurb on the photographer in this para? "Although Stuart is now in his fifties, he has no plans to slow down..." Aaaaaagggghhh. I assume a "twenty something" wrote this and it now appears that 50 year olds are heading for the scrapheap. One of the briefs on ImageBried wanted "elderly female, in her 50s" . I remonstrated with Meg of IB and they changed it to "mature age female, in her 50s". Sheila
  18. Large percentage of people don't care the quality. I know some of them personally. They do prints from my 900px files! Let's not talk about quality here Own pricing is great idea for author. And as I can see on FAA, people sell with really high prices. If it's possible, why not doing this that way? Actually, I was not referring to quality - just the content of editorial style images.
  19. I would rather not Alamy compete with my images on POD sites as, like Getty, they will more than likely undercut my prices. IMHO a large percentage of "editorial" type images do not necessarily make good prints for the wall. Conversely, FAA are now offering contributors images for stock licensing where you can choose the pricing - now there's an idea!
  20. I have had a couple of very recent infringements where the State (here in Australia) did eventually pay up. I am advised by my Sydney IP attorney that "the Crown cannot infringe copyright but, if it does, it has to pay fair compensation or a claim can be made in the Copyright Tribunal (not a Court). A tad ambiguous (but he is a lawyer )! Whilst US universities and governments do have sovereign immunity, their staff do not. When a university in Florida tried to pull this sovereign immunity stunt, I then demanded to be advised of the name of the staff member who uploaded my image to the
  21. Brrrrrr I now remember why I left Toronto, Canada - ten dreadful winters in a row where this was a common occurrence. I now live in Avalon, Sydney which has never had a frost, let alone snow! Sheila
  22. Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black! Getty is quite happy to give away their contributors images to bloggers but feel aggrieved if someone else does!
  23. I would wait a few more days and then do a follow up email asking them if they are still interested in licensing the image. There is normally a delay in their first response to your initial fee as they would have to get the purchase approved by management. In the past (aka the good old days ) sometimes it would take weeks to get approval.
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