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  1. Thanks David. Much appreciated.  John, I ordered mine from a Sydney based online dealer and will probably get delivered in a couple of days via Hong Kong.  It was $250.00 cheaper than Sony Australia was asking.  The last time I ordered via a Hong Kong company (Canon flash unit), it arrived in less than two days!  At the same time, I ordered a T-shirt from a Melbourne company and it took three weeks to get the 1,000 kms to Sydney!  



  2. I have just ordered for my husband (yeah, right!!), the Sony RX100.  Any tips on using this P&S for him (and, ahem,  me!)?  It would appear ideal for street photography which I tend to do a lot and also weekend snaps for my husband when he is zooming around the New South Wales, Oz countryside on his motorbike(s).






  3. My husband has been looking to replace his P&S and this post caught my eye.  While he has a "good eye", he is not very interested in the technicalities and would probably never shoot RAW.  How does the Sony compare to the equivalent Canon, Fuji etc etc?   



  4. It would appear that Adobe has just announced that their products will only be available via a subscription based Creative Cloud.  CS6 will not be upgraded.  I cannot quite get my head around this but here is a link to the announcement http://techcrunch.com/2013/05/06/adobe-goes-all-in-with-subscription-based-creative-cloud-will-stop-selling-regular-cs-licenses-shrink-wrapped-boxes/



  5. The last time I sent a "please explain lack of reporting" and, of course, payment to another stock library (not Alamy) for a front cover of a book which was published last September, (some six months before) they found that it was a huge stuff up and decided that I should receive 100% royalty which, of course, is far better than the 30% I would have received had the license been reported. If I had not found it via Google Image Search, I would have been none the wiser and out of pocket by $320. I really do not understand why it is up to the photographer to constantly chase up non-reporting when we have agencies we pay (via commission) to manage our images. But there you go! Sheila

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    Interesting stats Ian. I have been experiencing a similar rise in views, although not as many as you, and it is having a devastating effect on CTR. Although I don't believe CTR plays a big role in ranking I understand that numbers of sales to views is a factor so with the two things together it may not be good news.



    Thanks for the comment, Pearl.


    Just in case there's any confusion, I would like to stress that the figures I've quoted are for All of Alamy and not my own statistics!!




    Thank goodness for that. I was starting to feel totally inadequate!



  7. Hi Mark, 


    I was out earlier today moving turfs. Must try turf spinning under a static object. Sounds fun. 


    Not sure how to emulate Sheila's bird. Taxidermist perhaps might be my limit. I once hung off a cliff face down at Seaford in Sussex to take pictures of Kittwakes. The place smelt of rotting fish. 






    I sometimes wish that the cockies which visit our garden were stuffed!  They cause an enormous amount of damage to timber, plants and houses!  I snapped this one late afternoon as it was about to land and had to do a bit of cut and paste as I had cut off (not physcally!) the end of its wing.  

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  8. Whenever I see one of my images on Pinterest without correct attribution (and it is constantly!), I send them a DMCA.  But, that said, recently I licensed one of my images because  the buyer first saw it on Pinterest (correctly attributed to my RB site) and she contacted me and licensed the image for the front cover of a magazine.  So on the one hand, Pinterest is highly irritating, especially when the attribution is to sites like Tumblr (grrrrrrrr) but on the other, it could be an opportunity for photographers to put their images in front of buyers who would possibly use Pinterest as a tool to find images.  



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