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  1. Well done, Todd. I am doing well on FAA this year (and last year) and find that I am uploading more to FAA than I am to stock libraries. At least I have control over the pricing! Sheila
  2. Abstract and mono also are quite popular with buyers. Geographically, over the past years, 66% of my sales are to the US and the rest are spread between UK, Canada, Australia and Bahrain. Sheila
  3. Alamy needs model releases for silhouettes, microscopic "unrecognisable to their mothers" images, body parts etc etc. Possibly to satisfy their overzealous legal team! Silly really but it's their rules and we have to abide by them if we still want to submit. Cheers Sheila
  4. None of my images are RF and for this reason: In 2005, I licensed an image of a pink frangipani (which I took in our garden here in Sydney) to an international paper manufacturer for placement on their tissue boxes here in Australia. At the time, I did not know the difference between RM and RF as I had not got into "stock" photography at the time. Four years went by and I was kicking myself that I thought I had licensed the image RF but one day, I checked out my invoice to them and this is what I found "To licensing image of frangipani on tissue boxes for one year" which made the license
  5. I haven't uploaded anything to Flickr for months now and will probably delete my work when I get around to it. I never belonged to any "rar rar wow wow scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" club and so received few comments. Several times I had to contact Yahoo because of passing off of my work on fellow Flickrites photostreams. There was much anger at the new CEO of Yahoo who stated that there were "no professional photographers any more as everyone had a camera in their phone" - that went down like a lead balloon. I guess the last straw for me was when I, amongst many others, were
  6. Thanks for all the advice. It's a very small start up business and she didn't want to register the logo as a trade mark. She just wanted to use the outline of the silhouette and in hindsight, I am grateful in these "saw it on Google and thought it was free" days that she contacted me at all! I suggested two terms, three years or five years and she accepted the latter. Sheila
  7. I received a request today for a quote for one of my images (a silhouette of a bird) to be used as a logo for a company. The prospective client saw the image on my website and contacted me direct. In my response I requested the usual - duration, exclusivity, etc etc but then I started to think about if they were anticipating registering the logo as a trade mark which opens up a whole different can of worms! If they were not going to pay for exclusivity, how were they going to register MY image as a trade mark? Has anyone come across this before? Thoughts would be much appreciated. Th
  8. Hi Allan It's actually an optical zoom rather than a digital zoom. Digital zooms are normally rubbish whereas this optical zoom is excellent. Here is an shot I took on the first day of testing this P&S. This is Manly Aquarium on normal and the second taken from the same spot, using the optical zoom Not a bad outcome for such a little camera! Sheila
  9. Sigh.... Again someone has given me a red negative by thanking you all for your helpful posts. Alamy, what is going on here?! The system is being abused yet again and I have reported the negative "vote". Cheers Sheila
  10. I recently watched a Sir Michael Parkinson Masterclass where he interviewed British war photographer Don McCullin who is now in his late seventies and it was a fascinating insight into the war photographer. Here is a piece from the Guardian http://www.guardian.co.uk/film/video/2012/dec/20/don-mccullin-documentary-video If it were not for photographers like McCullin, Australian Neil Davis who was killed in Thailand after surviving the fall of Vietnam and many other photographers who have died over the past fifty years covering wars, the world would be ignorant of what really goes on and wo
  11. Thanks all for the posts on this great little camera. I am much impressed so far, especially the detail in close ups and also the ability of the optical zoom. Sheila
  12. Well, here's a very useful little gadget you can use with the RX100 (or any other point & shoot camera): the GorillaPod Micro 250 Cheers, Philippe (ordered my Sony RX100 a day ago ) Thanks, Philippe. I had one of those years ago when it was supposed to support a DSLR but my Canon was too heavy. You have got me searching for it as it would be ideal for the RX100. Sheila
  13. Yeah, nobody on a street in Sydney? It would look like a scene in On the Beach Part 2. What time did you take that, Shelia? It was taken at 11:35 am in the middle of summer (February) of "the Rocks" end of George Street - probably most of the people were escaping the midday heat by being in the pub on the left. Your comment regarding the movie On the Beach reminds me of the famous alleged quote by Ava Gardner who said that Melbourne was the perfect place to shoot the end of the world - my apologies to Victorians . Sheila
  14. John, I've sent a Report to Alamy regarding someone giving your post a red negative. It's time that Alamy stopped this nonsense! Sheila Don't like your chances of getting Alamy to agree Sheila . . . as many of us now know, the easiest way to get a neg vote is to even slightly disagree with one particular contributor . . . but to get a red vote for going to all the trouble of finding, identifying and posting details of other contributors' work is bizarre. I think those who find and post details of found Alamy pics deserve public kudos, not anonymous vetoes. dd I fear you are
  15. John, I've sent a Report to Alamy regarding someone giving your post a red negative. It's time that Alamy stopped this nonsense! Sheila
  16. I cringe when I have to type Sydney Harbor Bridge in my keywording or take the u out of every word which ends in "our" (colour, neighbour etc etc) but that's the way it is if you want to license images worldwide. Looking at my Statcounter on my website, it would appear that only about 10% of the world can spell the word "aborigine"! Sheila (and I won't dwell on the inability to spell "definitely" on any forum anywhere!
  17. Yep, got the red card which just shows how much time some folk have got on their hands.
  18. It's often said that you should put Yes but No release if their mother would recognise their children. Well, I would bet that no mother would be able to recognise the folk in this image even with a microscope and that is why I put No persons and just got rapped across the knuckles by Alamy! I appreciate that there may be legal ramifications for non-released images but this example makes the rule really silly. Sheila PS Expecting red card!!
  19. How many people do you think should be notated in this image (without getting out magnifying glasses)?
  20. Sigh...another red card just for stating a fact!!! You need to explain that! Sheila's post about using Chrome (quoted above) attracted a negative vote. dd Vote! you mean people can vote if they don't like your post? WOW that's PC gone mad..... good thing I have no intention of posting a lot I'd be very negative, Sheila, I'm with you as I ditto'd long live the freedom of speech. David Careful, David, you might risk the wrath of the somewhat moronic voter!! Maybe Alamy should advise these sort of folk to get their head back in! Maybe the red negative should be linked to the p
  21. Sigh...another red card just for stating a fact!!!
  22. I used Chrome for the old forum and also the new forum and I have not changed settings in Chrome but I still have to log in every time I use the forum after closing Alamy. So its not the browser. Sheila
  23. Only occasionally have I been asked for a printed license agreement. With simple transactions, I set everything out in the invoice including the usage, exclusivity or non exclusivity, duration etc etc. For more complicated transactions, I send them a license agreement that a lawyer friend supplied a few years back. Sheila
  24. All things being equal, James, how about placing the red and green arrows on Alamy's posts/threads! Or is that taking democracy a tad too far! Sheila PS Expecting red card!!
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