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  1. My old Dell Latitude E6530 isn't crazy about the touchpad driver either. Keeps freezing up... but the little "eraser head" pointer stick keeps working. Definitely some Win10 pointing device driver issues going on. And I haven't been able to find an update yet. :-(
  2. Well... just had my third sale (in 4 months!) pop up! I should have spoke up sooner!! :-)
  3. Horizontal, vertical, landscape, portrait, long-ways, tall-ways... I'm running out of keyword space!!! :-)
  4. Had my first two sales, two months in a row, and now I've gone a month without even a zoom. :-( I know I know... not enough images yet. I was lucky to get a sale two months in a row!! :-)
  5. Introduced new issues in quite a few of the machines I support. Just hope your Start menu doesn't quit working on you. That's a fun one to fix... considering you can't get to your Start menu. :-)
  6. Um... can I model for you? I'll only charge 500,000. (Sorry no "pound" symbol on my silly american english type keyboard, and I'm too lazy to look up the ASCII code.) :-)
  7. Definitely a nice portfolio there. Makes me want to take my two lowly sales and give up. :-)
  8. You do have pictures of that, right? And of the injury and (a re-enactment of) how it happened as well? wim Er, Wim, that would be a reinactment video, not stills. Haven't gotten into that yet.But the picture of the pile of shoes would be great to demonstrate a disorganized closet for sure. My daughter laughs every time she sees it. I get it organized and a month later it's baaad again. You should see me with a shoe in my hand scrounging for the match. How can one be organized in all other things but shoes? Not enough space for them. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. Used
  9. Just had a similar experience. Had 15 images in a folder to upload. Realized one was way over-sharpened. So what did I do? Deleted the wrong image and uploaded the bad one. Derp. They must have known it was a mistake and failed me in only 24 hours. :-)
  10. Uploaded a batch earlier today and still not showing up. Guess I'll just be patient.
  11. That's kinda what I'm getting at. The pictures in question could conceivably be an empty costume. There're nothing really recognizable as a person. Except there may or may not be a person inside. MOST of the images actually have people in the crowd, so those are no-brainers, I'm just wondering about the ones with no people, other than the costumes which completely cover the people. Anyway... I have them tagged as containing people for now, just to be safe, but was curious what others were doing. Thanks!
  12. Searched around a bit and couldn't find quite this same question, but forgive me if it's been asked before... What's the general consensus on people who are not recognizable. For instance, if a person is in a Scooby-Do outfit. It has property (the Scooby-Do character) but does it have people if you can't recognize the person in the suit? Thanks!
  13. Seemed to hit Firefox as well... updated it (to 64-bit version... didn't realize there was one...) and seems to be better as well.
  14. I made my second sale (first was in July), so it was MUCH better than last August!! :-)
  15. Just had my second sale (ever) and it was my second sale in the last two months. And with less than 400 images (so far)? Can I take this as a good sign?? :-)
  16. So... when do you decide that a pic just isn't doing anything and is probably just hurting your chances? Do you have many pics that have had no zooms? Not sure if I should just be patient, try to work on images that are more relevant to stock (or just better quality), or keep tweaking my keywords a bit until I start to score. Still new to the "Stock Market" so open to Clues™. Thanks!
  17. Congrats! Just had my first sale a couple weeks ago too. Hope it's the opening of the flood-gates for both of us!!
  18. Definitely got some "free exposure" out of this one, I'd think. That's what I seem to work for most of the time anyway. :-)
  19. Had my first sale ever this month, so that's definitely a positive result!! :-)
  20. I know! I want to go out and find the book and buy a copy so I can show it off!! :-)
  21. Finally sold my first image! And it was for a book cover in Japan!! Pretty cool!!! With the distribution cut, I'm only going to end up with 30% or the total sale, but I'm still relatively happy for finally getting a sale!! Okay... I'm sure this isn't so exciting for your old-timers, but just remember your first sale if you can!! :-)
  22. With 20 years in the IT industry, I can unequivocally say: No, they don't. :-)
  23. It's funny that I just logged on to the forum to post a related remark and found this topic. I just uploaded two new images, rather late at night, and the next day when I looked at them again (in the light of day?) I though, "OMG. These are gonna fail!" But lo... they passed... I'm not sure I'd have passed them if I was the one on QC Patrol. :-)
  24. If it's not there for a reason, like polarization or color correction, then why put another piece of (possibly very cheap) glass in front of your expensive lens?
  25. I think my last 8 or 10 submissions all passed in one day. This last one took four, and I was sure I had a "fail" in there! So yeah... either everyone else was uploading the same time and Alamy was busy, or it's just not always consistent. Sure had me worried and second guessing. I was even sure about which image caused the fail! :-)
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