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  1. I remember my first sale... I almost had a stroke! I think I was a member for about a year before I got up enough nerve to upload my first batch of images. And about another couple years before my first sale. I've had 3 sales this year (4 last year) so I'm just getting started as well... don't give up! Keep shooting and keep uploading!!
  2. One sale for $3. I'm out on the street corner with a cardboard sign now. "God bless."
  3. How can you tell how many stars you have? Are they just there, or do they "light up." (I'm either three stars... because I see three there... or I'm a "no star" because non are "colored in"?) Signed, #StarStruck :-)
  4. Wow. Very in-depth and informative. Thank you!! I just learned a lot about something I've always wanted to try. Now I think I will. :-)
  5. The idea that more keywords is better has been my main problem with the new system. I liked the old 'image not ready' so I could easily see which recently-uploaded images needed work, and then mark them as finished, even if they didn't have huge numbers of keywords. That is much harder to do now. You can work on batches of similar images by using the 'search' option rather than the 'filters' tab. Yep... the "more keywords is better" seems like it would encourage keyword spamming, both intentional and unintentional, trying to make that bar turn green.
  6. I'm just getting to where I'm starting to see sales in the last 5 months or so. Had my very first sale in August, and have been averaging about one-a-month since then. I've been a member of Alamy for a while, but only recently started really uploading. I was initially intimidated by the QC process, and also by the talent.
  7. I uploaded about 700. My goal was to get my total image count up to 1000 by the end of the year. I didn't quite make it, but I'm happy with the progress I made towards that goal. Plus I had my first sale in August, and have been averaging a sale a month since then. Waiting for my first payment to hit my PayPal account now!
  8. It was my best year ever. Also the first year I ever sold anything, so...
  9. Yeah... was just $45 for a pic of an air matress, but I'll take it!! :-)
  10. ....exxcept that's not written into law. I would think as long as they were taken from public property they should be okay for editorial use at least. The legal advice I have had is (here in the US at least), "If you can see it from a public place, you can shoot it."
  11. Oh. Just passed. Nevermind. But thanks for letting me rant. :-)
  12. You have, most probably, just entered the slow queue / line. If you have failed you may have the priviledge to be notified very shortly after with that QC approval history. I certainly understand the thinking behind the "sin bin" (as they call it around here) but it's still frustrating to have my "flow" interrupted. :-)
  13. Thanks for the hints. I've tried using Tineye to try to find the image as well with no luck so far. Thinking it may not actually be published yet and hoping I'll have better luck if I keep trying over the next few months. I'm curious to see what the book is about as well. The image was a 9mm Browning Hi-Power with a few bullets laying around it. I'm guessing it's either a book about guns, or a crime novel. :-)
  14. Had my first sale a few months ago for a book cover in Japan. I'd LOVE to get a copy of that book to add to my "tear sheets." Is there any way to find out what book it will be used for? Thanks!
  15. After weeks of QC times often less than 12 hours (I'm EST, so I've been uploading at night, and often passed by the time I get up in the morning) I have a batch that's been in there for 36 hours now. I think I'm looking at my first fail in over 200 image submissions. I know it's my fault, but it sure breaks my rhythm and makes me want to just give up and walk away for a while. I love photography, it's pretty much my only passion left in life, but my poor self-esteem can't handle the rejection. :-( (Just venting to a community that can relate to my pain. Thanks.) :-)
  16. Same here. Have about $250 in commissions going back to my first sale (yay!) in July, but only $25 has cleared. Wish those buyers would pay their bills! :-)
  17. Not sure if you guys are inspiring me or depressing me. Hope I get to that point some day!! I apparently have no natural talent at anything, so everything I do seems to be a struggle. But I refuse to give up this photography thing. It's about the only passion in life I have left these days.
  18. That's it, Robert. Scare off the competition!! :-)
  19. I know it's more a phrase than just a term, but I shot the local Pride celebration a couple years back, and surprisingly, "charlotte pride 2013" brings up nothing but me. (Maybe that's why I actually sold one of those images!)
  20. That is very good advice. I have a number of local skyline shots, and other shots of "local interest" that I probably need to do that to. Thanks!
  21. Same here. And being in the US, a lot of times in the last few weeks I'll upload the images before I go to bed, and when I get up in the morning they've passed!! It's been crazy fast here lately!!
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