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  1. Yep. There was a time when Alamy was an ethical, healthy business. I fear that time is gone. If I was doing this for a living, I'd be long gone. I'm doing it mostly for fun these days, but not getting much return in the way of fun anymore. I think I'll sell my equipment and invest in bitcoin. It makes more sense. And more fun.
  2. I'd put my .02 in, but that'd put me in the hole for the month.
  3. I don't make my living at photography (anymore) either. Which means I take GREAT PLEASURE in turning down low-baller job offers. Those who ARE doing it for a living... I got your six. 🙂
  4. Actually had a $50 sale in May. Nothing in June. Right at $204 for the year so far... need a few more to stay in my "bracket." Nothing of mine is exclusive anymore though. Why should it be? 🙂
  5. And people down-voted you for this post. What a bunch of losers. Or idiots who don't understand how things work. #StayInSchoolKids (Let's see how many down-votes I get.)
  6. Don't feel bad. I got red arrows AND a "bad boy point" from Alamy because I suggested we use words as defined in the dictionary rather than going by what we wish they meaned. But here we are.
  7. Yes. Let's go out of our way to send more business Amazon's way so proud American Entrepreneur Jeff Bezos who makes his employees piss in bottles can afford to go into space. #IHopeTheRocketExplodes
  8. I was just going to say that. I have a friend (Funky Geezer - check him out!) who is doing quite well there. 🤣
  9. Why would anyone downvote this? Because you know he's talking about you? I know I barely belong here. But in the last five years, I would have made "gold" for three of them (and I'm at $204 so far this year) so I'm going to keep trying. I'm no youngster myself, but maybe that's why I know to listen to the wisdom of people like Chuck.
  10. More engaged on Twitter than on this platform with their actual contributors. Ha. Tells the whole story right there, doesn't it?
  11. I agree. I'm starting to feel like, "I've been kicked out of better places than this! MUCH better!!"
  12. Respect goes both ways. Obviously they only respect profits... theirs.
  13. Pay us shit for commissions AND charge us fees? Don't give them any ideas.
  14. This is very sad and is causing me to re-evaluate my relationship with Alamy. WE produce the content. You have no right to 80% of ANYONE'S labor. This is unconscionable.
  15. This latest upgrade is the buggiest I've ever experienced. And the Spring Update should be out in April. Here we go again! 🙂
  16. Since it's free, why not download it and try it? I'm a Lightroom / Photoshop / Photomatix user, so I have no desire to learn yet another piece of software.
  17. Of course they are. There's no mark-up on free advise. :-)
  18. Same here. Uploaded a couple on Saturday, and then another on Sunday. Also still waiting. Was afraid I'd missed a dust bunny in post or something. :-)
  19. I just had my first sale for "Personal Use" sale come in. From other forum posts it seems like Personal Use often equals Refund. What do you think the chances are that first Personal Use will also be my first Refund? :-)
  20. A sale with only 170 images is very good! I think I was up to about ~500 before I had my first sale!! Good luck and keep shooting!!
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