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  1. The money which could be made by a photographer on Alamy in the first 10 years was much, much, much higher than it is now. In the following 10 years and up to the present day the money which could be made plummeted much lower by a factor of around x10. Because of this massive decrease in value that statement in the shutterhub piece, although true, is very misleading. So the Mr. average who has been here in the LAST 5 years I would guess is NOW earning less than $80 net per year. As you say, hardly a great incentive. And if the majority of those whose ability, diversit
  2. Excellent post Bill. I would give you a positive arrow but for reasons unknown some contributors seem to have lost that "vote" facility some time back.
  3. Nothing new in this. The South Sea Bubble etc. was also virtual. Note the buyer also paid in virtual currency. Much ultra high price-tag art, legitimate or not, is a scam. The buyer knows this as much as the seller and in high publicity cases they may even be "virtually" the same people. Fake news from a virtual event or news about a fake event or a true report about virtual news or ……. As they say in all the best detective novels - Follow the Money - but the media never bothers these days. They just churn this stuff out as click bait. Who cares?
  4. Exactly right, Brian. And the rash, incompetent and inexperienced inevitably get drowned. This ain't no picnic. This ain't no walk in the park with a camera. This is 21st Century stock photography. Man up, folks, or take a stroll in the deep end without the inflatable armbands of the day job - then you can come talk to us about how to succeed in stock photography. That is if you are still breathing. This market ain't big enough for all of us.
  5. I have to agree with the last two posts of GI and Olivier. I am sick and tired of reading forums which are full of part time hobbyists telling us how insightful they are about how this industry operates. There used to be successful professional photographers. And there still are successful professional photographers. It should have become very clear to all over the last few years that very, very few successful professionals still share their knowledge on the forums of crowd-sourced amateur based agencies. The reason is not hard to find. All professions need to protect the respect
  6. Kumar, (and the other good folks here) I can see how exclusivity might be attractive to those who already have incomes from alternative sources, retirement pensions etc. but would you recommend only selling through one agency as a sensible strategy to someone who needs to make a substantial part of the income needed to support themselves solely from photography? This also seems counter-intuitive at exactly the same time as many agencies are converging, in various guises, to desiring contributors move their licensing to Royalty Free - which could be seen as the polar opposite of Exclu
  7. Just had a check back through random pages throughout my collection but I don't see what you've described, David. I know you said the gaps were affected in random upload dates but is it possible you've wiped them during a batch change? Richard. Richard, No, I don't do batch changes here. These are inconsistencies I found on "Manage Your Images". A quick search also seems to show some live search results are also only showing 5 or 6 word "essential" tags as opposed to the more normal extended coverage. There is probably a rational explanation due to personal sun spots but if
  8. In the last couple of days I have discovered that a wide variety of my pictures with various upload dates over several years are now completely missing all tags in Main, Comprehensive and Location fields. Caption and Essential fields are fine but the other keywords have vanished. If affecting others could this be related to some reporting recent drop in views? My zooms, CTR and sales are always stable and do not appear to be impacted over the last few months but I have no idea how long these keywords have been missing - could just be one or two days. Can Anybody / Alamy connect this
  9. Anyone with talent, who can produce work that the markets want, will find such a place. I guarantee it. But you have to research, and proactively seek it. Don't wait for Alamy to come up with the goods. Alamy is about crowdsourcing. And that's what it says on the tin. That line was a joke, Robert. I have been with several stock libraries over 30 years and during that time also selling x 3 direct to publishers from my own collections. Like yourself, I know my way around. But yes, all that you say is good advice and perfectly true. People can wish what they want from a cow bu
  10. Michael wrote - " In the non photo world company employees often have their contracts updated to reflect the changing workplace. " BIG difference. Contributing photographers are NOT the employees of the photo agencies. Most agencies do not pay us a penny for any of the work that we photographers do. WE pay THEM around 50% of every fee we receive from our labour and our intellectual property as per the contract agreement we have with them whereby they distribute our images, collect revenues, retain 50% of revenues and remit the other 50% to us. Under this peer to peer circumstanc
  11. I was told by Member Services on Friday that the contract was not going to be amended. So the options are accept the new contract or leave. What this means is many more serious experienced photographers will probably remain on Alamy but direct their best work to competing agencies. Their rejects from those agencies will then be uploaded to Alamy further damaging the competitive quality level on Alamy as perceived by their clients. Is that what Alamy really wants? Do they really care that little about experienced contributors who are seriously committed to successful commercial
  12. And not a single photographer is mentioned by name. That says so much about what this kind of web linking money-making fodder is truly about. Shame.
  13. I suppose the upside is that they ARE paying and not just stealing your image. Still seems like robbery though. For professional photographers I think stealing is more understandable and more acceptable than our representatives selling our images at $10 gross.
  14. John, the point is that on most big agencies its the agencies who do the final effective keywording. That keywording work is included in the percentage of the income from our sales which goes to the agency. On Alamy the contributors do all that work themselves - some are much better at it / work much harder at it than others. And now they are going to be penalised for keywording better and working harder. THAT IS SIMPLY NOT FAIR. And it is certainly not an incentive for any aspiring contributor.
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