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  1. Linda the Nikon 20mm f1.8G ED AFS got a good review in Pop Photo lens test. According to the specs it weighted in at .83lbs, not sure if it would fill the bill for you. They were testing it on a D4.
  2. Can I take pictures at exhibit? Yes, photography & video cameras are allowed and encouraged at Discover the Dinosaurs. Look for special areas within the exhibit designed for photo opportunities. All Discover the Dinosaur exhibits, rides, and attractions are protected by copyright. Guests must have written permission to use photographs, videotape, or digital images of Discover the Dinosaurs for commercial broadcasting, advertising, marketing, or publishing in any medium. I would like to photograph this exhibit, but not sure what hoops you would have to jump through to get permission for
  3. I remember when I herd the news that JFK was dead, I was in High School, and we were let out early. I visited the FDR Little White House in Warm Springs, GA, where he died. FDR and Churchill worked closely during WWII. In the tour of the Little White House photography was ok but no flash. I should go back with a camera that has better low light level performance, I had the D70 then.
  4. It is a good price and a good deal . . . except that there are a number of $8 to $10 monthly subscriptions being offered for services most of use feel we need to be part of Western Civilization these days. I like your idea Ed but not sure Adobe would.
  5. I just went over 600 and hoping to get to 1000 later this year. I just retired from my job as a Network Technician last year and hope to put more time into stock. I hope to use my technical knowledge to produce some good stock about police voice and data communications,as I retired from the Highway Patrol. Just uploaded some on cell tower construction. I would also like to build a good selection from the Southeastern, US.
  6. Thanks for the info, I now use quick collection while editing then export 100% JPEG, and upload. Usually wait till they clear then clear quick collection and start over. This seems to work fine just didn't know if I was missing something.
  7. I went back a couple of years and looked for some to submit, since haven't been out shooting in the cold, and found enough for a submission. When submitting them I noticed I had pictures from the D200, D90, and D3200, all passed QC OK. These were all large fine JPEG from each camera. I was glad to see that pictures from the old D200 could still pass QC.
  8. I mostly use Lightroom, but it is nice to have the Photoshop CC and both are included in subscription. It would take a long time at $10 a month to pay for both full versions, plus it is always up to date. Marvin
  9. Since this thread was started I hav used the D3200 and have had good results. Large fine JPEGs go through QC just fine. If I were looking for a low cost kit now I think it would be the D3300. For me a higher end camera might be a D7100. Not sure what Nikon has planned for high end DX format. Still like using my old D90, and with new size limits the D200 in good light should be fine. Marvin
  10. When shooting JPEG with a Nikon camera and lens does the camera make corrections for lens faults that a lens might have. I know that Lightroom has corrections for lens faults, and just wondered if the camera does it also.
  11. And here I am in the Sunny South and no snow pictures! They did get snow just north of Asheville, but I didn't get the 4X4 out.
  12. Good advice Betty and I think many people think they need to do extensive processing to get through. I think shooting JPEG large fine from my D90, and D3200 in good light gets through QC just fine. I do check each one in LR at 100% before submitting. I think you gave some good advice on subject matter also. Marvin
  13. I think the $9.95 per month for LR and Photoshop is a bargain. I subscribed when I first saw the offer as its a needed tool for photographers. I use Lightroom mostly but it is nice to have the latest version of Photoshop available. What other business only pays $9.95 for their main software package per month. If I remember correctly LR and Photoshop together would cost around $800 for the versions before CC and it would take a long time for the monthly payments to add up to that. Also you don't have to upgrade, you are always on the latest version. Marvin
  14. Many years ago I sold a picture of an outhouse in a snowstorm. I was the only crazy guy out there photographing outhouses in a snowstorm. They used it to show that the good old days were not that good heading to the outhouse in winter.
  15. Just picked up a 2015 Calendar from my local insurance agent. They give these out for free to customers each year, and I discovered in the credits that four of the monthly pictures were from Alamy. The name of the calendar is Scenes of Southeast USA. After looking through it guess I need get busy as that is me Southeast.
  16. Ed, the cameras won't recognize the manual lens because there is, I assume, no electronic collection between the body and the lens. Did you go into the Setup menu and enable "Release w/o Lens"? You have to do this before using most manual focus lenses. The "does not recognize lens" message disappears after you change the setting, and the shutter should activate normally. Thanks for that info I assume the same for those Minolta MD lenses with adapter.
  17. Well I have the a5000 now so guess I should venture out and give it a try. I agree about the lower MP sensors my D200 produces files that are plenty big enough but doesn't handle noise as well as the D90.
  18. The a5000 should be here tomorrow if tracking is correct. I went back and looked at the a5000 at B&H and Adorama and they have ran the price back up to $448 so guess I ordered it just in time. It first had a $200 instant rebate and it was changed to $50 now.
  19. Thanks Ed, David's video had much information. Guess I will have to look at what is available for this system. Not sure if the 20mp versus the newer 24mp sensors would make any difference. I still use my 12mp D90, and QC seems to be happy. I guess the new 24mp sensors handle high ISO noise much better than the older ones.
  20. Thanks Bryan and John, I don't know how good the kit lens is but guess I might want to add a telephoto. With one of those adapters I could use my old 135mm 2.8 MD as a telephoto. Do they make a new fixed focal length pancake lens. John I had one of those 45mm pancake lenses on an old XG1 Minolta, but it is long gone.
  21. I am too much of a pac rat, I still have 2 X700 with motordrive and lenses. The a77II would be the way to go in the A mount lineup, but then I think I am getting into Nikon D7100 territory. I have lenses and flash that would work with the D7100. Marvin
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