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  1. Sometimes after the fact I remember a keyword that I didn't include, and I know some of my keywords could be updated.
  2. I shot the falls back in the film days, and got pics of the old Maid of the Mist boats. Did not know they had been replaced, and wonder why they didn't try to keep the name. For good overall shots I went up on what was then the Minolta Tower. When the light was right you could get the falls with a rainbow.
  3. When in the Airport just dress and act like the happy tourist out taking pictures. I have never had a problem, and have had several sell also. Don't carry your D4 and a big lens, I just used my little D3200 and kit lens. I now have a Sony a6000 that might be a small discreet camera to use.
  4. Thanks all for the suggestions. As all of my cameras are DX I thought about the 40mm micro Nikkor but not sure that that with a 24mp camera would be enough. I still have my old Minolta Dimage 3200 film scanner but don't have up to date software to run it. I have considered using it with VueScan or other software, but colors don't seem to be that good on it. I do have negative carriers for my old Beseler enlarger and a light box.
  5. I looked at that one what all do you need to get it to work. Are there slide and negative carriers and what about adapting it to a Nikon DSLR. I have never used one of these.
  6. Thanks I read the other thread and thats good info. I tried this with the Nikon ES-1 slide copier, 50mm lens, and estension tubes, but I don't have enough resolution with this setup. Probably need the macro lens to get the resolution. With film scanners getting more rare this may be the best way for the future.
  7. All of my images on Alamy are from my DSLRs, but I have quite a collection of slides that I am thinking of converting to digital. I have ordered the Nikon slide copier attachment and thought I would try that route. The cameras that I would use would be my D90 or D3200. I don't have a macro lens but do have a 50mm and extension tubes, not sure how that would work. My slides are a mix of Kodachrome, Ektachrome, and Fujichrome. Just wondered if others have used this method and how it compares to scanning. Marvin
  8. I haven't had a fail in quite a while, but just wondered what were the reasons for fails. I think the last one I had was the SOLD.
  9. Just upgraded on CC and everything seems fine. It upgraded while I was having breakfast.
  10. At one time I had the only pic of a 572 Big Block Chevy Engine, but it has not sold.
  11. I use the Verizon Jetpak and it works just fine, but have AT&T Internet at home. I have noticed that at times the Jetpak will upload faster than DSL.
  12. March was good 2 for $430, and the $250 one was highest in a while. April starting good with 2 small ones.
  13. Thanks for input on the 7200. I haven't tested my D90 against the D3200 or D200, but I would think the D90 might be the best low light performer. I think of my D200 as a sunny day camera, and all three of these pass QC OK. I think if I were going FX that I would go D750. Marvin
  14. Thanks for the info, I currently have D90, D200, and D3200. Just thinking of a higher end camera for the future. With the introduction of the D7200 I don't think Nikon will do a DX D400.
  15. Just wondered if anyone has ordered one of these and what they think of it. There are great deals on the D7100 now, and I don't know if its worth it to go with the D7200. I have stayed with the DX Nikon and not sure if I should look at FX.
  16. Something I don't think has been discussed here is what problems Alamy had with the old contract. If you want to change a contract then what were the problems with the old contract. I guess I am just old school and if it ain't broke don't fix it. I hope this can be resolved to everyones liking.
  17. These questions seem to come up quite often from new people trying to pass QC for the first time. I think it might be good to take the simple route for those first four pics. I use Nikon DSLRs but others should be similar. First set your camera for Large, Fine, JPEG, and go out on a nice sunny day and shoot some local landmarks. With it being a nice day you should be getting an f stop of f8-f11 and large depth of field. Also on a nice sunny day you should have a shutter speed of 500th or better, and if you have VR or stabilization turn that on. The f8-f11 f stop should be close to the swe
  18. Ed I read your Blog and I too felt a great loss when that happened. I traveled to NYC in 1983 and one of the sights not to be missed was the World Trade Center. I went up to the observation floor and then out on top as it was a nice day. I have many photos from that trip and have some of them on my facebook pics. Just as when JFK was killed, I remember where I was when this happened. I was working in the Highway Patrol radio shop and a State Trooper stopped by and told us what had happened,and we turned on the TV. I never thought they would fall down, but when the first one did I turned
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