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  1. Will there be an Android Stockimo or is this just an i thing.
  2. Thanks for the information I photograph at car shows and the backgrounds are sometimes busy. I thought that many of the cars would look better as cut outs. Would still have to deal with the fact that the windows, and windshield are transparent and having to replace those views. I suppose that another solution would be to have the club or show to have entrants come by a nice background for photos. Marvin
  3. Do cut outs have to be cut out in Photoshop or just photographed on a white background. I have not done cut outs before and just wondered what was the best way.
  4. Not sure how this would apply to the US, as long as its editorial I would think logos would be OK. I have never been to London so I don't have Pictures of the London Underground, but if I went to London photographed the London Underground and came back to the US and sold pictures of it how would that apply. Whats the problem with pictures of the London Underground being sold? I have never herd of problems with BART or MARTA logos being photographed here in the US.
  5. 50mm would be my choice if I only had one. In the old days most cameras came with a 50mm, and a lot of people would add a 28mm and 135mm when budget allowed. Today I wouldn't be without a normal zoom lens, 18-105mm for my DX Nikons. I also use the 18-55 that came with my Nikon D3200 when carrying a smaller camera.
  6. I have the Sony a5000, but still like the Nikon D3200 for most stuff. The D3200 is small and light and has a optical viewfinder.
  7. I use a basic Dell Laptop that I got from Walmart for $350. It does Photoshop CC, and Lightroom CC just fine. I don't have a up to date desktop, so my laptop is serving as main computer. I have a Verizon Jetpack so I can access the internet from anywhere. I see nice looking Chromebooks for $200 but don't know if they will run Photoshop.
  8. Looks like the electronic diaphragm would not work with my D200 or D90. Looks like a good lens for the newer cameras, and works with FX, and DX. It would give an equivalent 750mm on a DX camera. So no mechanical connections from the lens to the body anymore.
  9. Just wondered if Cortana would be like HAL in 2001?
  10. I had a problem when an upload failed to finish, and I uploaded the whole batch over again, and had duplicates from the first batch. Member services said that I would have to delete the duplicates after they were ready for key wording. They said they could not delete submissions. Your problem might be different as I wouldn't think watermarked images would make it through QC.
  11. Great stuff! We occasionally see threads questioning the merit of shooting well known landmarks, and I have myself argued that, as a local, you should shoot your own landmark sites, as you should know the best times, seasons and views. Well, on a visit to the States last year I did the tourist thing and shot the Brooklyn bridge and Manhattan skyline. It was nothing special, daytime, no tripod and 17,000+ images available on Alamy alone. It sold last month! Some times you get lucky.... I had shot one of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse here in North Carolina that sold. I was not real
  12. I just go to the desktop them click on file explorer down on the bottom bar.
  13. Where is my camera and two cats, I have work to do. Since they are my cats the pics could be RF.
  14. I bought the a5000 and have not used it that much. I usually just take the Nikon D3200 when I need a small camera, and it has a viewfinder. I hope Nikon doesn't abandon the APS-C or DX formatas that is what I primarily use. I don't think Nikon will go away from the DX format as they have invested heavily in the DX lens lineup. Not sure if there is any future for the old Minolta-Sony a mount system. Marvin
  15. To clarify a little further, I retired last October from my job as Network Technician with the Highway Patrol radio network, and before that photography had just been a hobby. Now that I have more time I was thing about profit from my photography, and the taxes that would be involved. I think the rich do have their loopholes so the middle class has to pay.
  16. Just wondered what are the best tax strategies for stock photographers. Expenses for travel, home office, equipment, mileage for vehicle, and other expenses. If you have equipment that you bought in previous years, can that deducted. I have studio lighting, backgrounds, and camera equipment bought when I was doing photography just as a hobby. I am talking about US taxes but I am sure other countries have their taxes too.
  17. I shoot mostly southern US and was pleased to get a sale of a picture of Main Street of a small southern town in North Carolina.
  18. Just wondering if you should have similars so that the license would not apply to them. 20 year license would put me at 87!!!!!!
  19. After updating to Lightroom CC I noticed that the Lightroom 2014 icon was still on my desktop. As I was working I noticed that I had used the old Lightroom by hiting the wrong icon, and some of my imports were in the 2014 and not in CC. This was not a problem as I just imported them into CC, but just wondering if others delete the old version of Lightroom. I could just remove the old icon and that would keep me from clicking on it but is there any reason for keeping the old version on the computer. Marvin
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