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  1. I upgraded to Windows 10 very early and have had no problems. I was just looking at new Dell laptop today and of course all the new ones are 10.
  2. I photograph at a lot of car shows and make them all RM. Remember to add keywords for the vehicle, Chevrolet, Chevy, Corvette, Stingray, Gran Sport, and such. I also photograph the engines also and try to give as much info about them as I can.
  3. Cornbread and beans sound good to me. Just add a little chopped onion.
  4. I always put the location in the date and location screen but not always in the main keywords. Had a storefront sell this month but not sure what the keywords they were searching were. I also had one sell this month of a brewery and did add the location as this was big expansion in the eastern US. I don't know if the date and location screen is searchable. The craft brewery business is big in eastern NC. I took the tour and they allowed me to take all the pictures that I wanted and join the tasting. So far two have sold from that outing so good days work.
  5. I would have to give a + to the D3300. It is small light and probably has the same sensor as the D7200 also it is at a very good price.
  6. I have been happy with CC and the price is right. With CC you always have the latest updates.
  7. I think that with the film scanners getting older and not supported anymore That the DSLR copy route is the way to go. If you have a good macro lens that could be used for other things also. I may scan ebay for one of the Illumitran units.
  8. I have not got a macro lens yet but I do have the Nikon ES-1 Slide copier that screws directly into a Micro Nikkor lens. I have used this with a 50mm normal lens and extension tube and this works but only for personal use and not up to QC. For the future I would probably get the Micro Nikkor to go with the ES-1 for 35mm and use my Canoscan 9000 for medium format.
  9. Not sure what all the differences are but the D7200 is $900 less at B&H.
  10. I normally upload between 10 to 25 at a time. Just got through with a 21 upload.
  11. My last one passed after a few days. I was getting worried that that nice green sheet would get a red stain on it.
  12. What do you think? Looks like the D500 might be the long awaited D400 that never came. From the ISO ratings might be good for black cats at midnight. Marvin
  13. Just picked up my calendar from my insurance company and noticed that it had Alamy credits. The calendar was Scenes of Southeast USA by Comda Advertising. The Alamy credits were June, September, and December. None from me.
  14. Everything seems fine for me just seems a little slower for weekends.
  15. I just bought a Nikon D3300 for $397 and have already uploaded and passed QC with pics from it. I have a LG G3 and use it for snaps but leave the stock to the Nikons. If Stockimo opens up to Android I might consider some of the LGs pics.
  16. Down South we tried to be a different country, but we all know how that worked out.
  17. Welcome Paul nice pics but work on keywords. I do car and their engines, and you need correct keywords. To this one I would add 1958 58 50s chevy Chevrolet impala and black. Remove racecar and convertible, also add coupe, and hardtop.
  18. I would like a Zoom function to determine how many people, or check other detail in the pic. I photograph cars and their engines and a zoom function would allow would allow you to see if the emblem said SS396, or how Holman Moody was spelled on the valve cover of the engine. I would like to have the Location/Date auto-fill for the session, and not have to add for each pic.
  19. Most advice here for camera/macro says to go with full frame or in Nikon FX. I have 12mp and 24mp Nikon DX DSLRs and there is a 40mm Nikon Macro lens for DX cameras, and I was wondering if this combination would work. I also have the Nikon ES-1 slide copier that threads into the 52mm filter threads. I still have my old Minolta Dimage Scan Dual IV but would have to get VueScan to run it on Windows 10. I also have a Canoscan 9000 that would probably work for Medium Format.
  20. I have never downsized, just glad we don't have to upsize anymore. Would a image from a 24mp camera downsized to 12mp look better than an image from a 12mp camera?
  21. Thanks for the information. I did some cut outs when I was taking a Photoshop class but that has been a while back. Seems like I remember using the magnetic lasso tool to cut out. I didn't think about the chrome and that would be a problem. Might be easier to find a nice background and see if the car club would just stop by.
  22. While all my Stock shooting is digital I still play with old film cameras. Older Pro Film cameras do come at a price and you have to make sure its not a beater. I still have a Nikon F5 and a Minolta 9xi that I play with.
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