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  1. Thanks Betty I just wanted to keep up with the best way as it seems to have changed. I read the licensing information on Alamy contributor section and that offered some information on the subject. I just returned from the Cape Hatteras National Seashore and had a picture of the beach with many tourists and their umbrellas and coolers and it had many unreleased people and was in the National Seashore. It could only be used for editorial although many business along the seashore would like to show happy tourist on the beach. Not sure if the National Seashore would be considered a public plac
  2. I know in the past that when you had unreleased people and property it automatically selected RM but with RF editorial only it seems you can go either way. So my question is what is working best for you. I have stayed with RM for unreleased people and property and just wondering if I should be putting more in RF editorial only. I know that RF means they can use the photo from now on. Marvin
  3. Some could have been Zoomed while the buyer was not logged on. Marvin
  4. Welcome back you have some nice pics. Marvin
  5. Welcome to Alamy looks like you have a good bit to offer. Good luck. Marvin
  6. Looks like it is coming and do you think it will stop us Nikon folks from heading towards Sony and Fuji. From what I have read it might be a new Z mount for the lens. If there is a F mount converter for the new Z mount that would allow you to use your older Nikon glass. Marvin
  7. Thanks John I an thinking similarly but just didn't know if I was missing something. I read the contributors information and it explains it pretty good.
  8. I carry my Nikon D90 and D3400 and I can interchange the lenses between them. I don't usually fly so my pickup truck has plenty of room for whatever I want to carry. marvin
  9. With the old system when you checked no model release it automatically selected Rights Managed. It looks like that doesn't happen now so can you select Royalty Free with editorial only and have unreleased people in the picture. If you can is this a good idea or stay with Rights Managed. In the past I have mainly stayed with Right Managed for all unreleased people and property. Marvin
  10. Thanks Bryan I have just strarted to tinker with this combination. I put a 35 f2.8 on it and set the camera to release with no lens and it seems to work fine. I will try some of my other lenses and see how it works out. My main system is Nikon so I may look for a Nikon to Sony converter. The newer Nikon lenses do not have an aperture ring but I saw a converter that gave aperture control of the G lenses. Marvin
  11. I have many old MD lenses for my old Minoltas and was considering using them on my a5000 Sony. Just wondering what lenses others have used adapted to their Sony cameras. When using these older lenses what settings have to be changed in the Sony camera when using these older lenses. Do you have a favorite older lens that works well adapted to the Sony?
  12. Not sure if its the way my screen it set up but when I select an image and go to check the data I can not see the image any more. Is there a way to zoom the image and have the data on the same screen. This is my first time using the new system. Is there a video on using the new system. Thanks Marvin
  13. Guess I should go for the 2K mark as my next goal. I was retired for about two years but went back to work as a Radio Technician when a local company needed help upgrading a large system. This has cut down on my photo time but I can't complain about the extra money. Just uploaded my first batch in a few months tonight. Hope to have more time for Photography in 2017.
  14. You are always welcome to come back over and shoot a few more pics. I don't think I will ever cover just the subjects in North Carolina. My main focus is the Southern states NC, SC, GA and VA. Come on down to Dixieland and help me out. Marvin
  15. I don't know anything about drones but how about one big enough to fly a small DSLR or mirrorless. I have two cameras that might work Nikon D3300 and Sony a5000. Not sure if anybody is doing this or how well it would work. I guess you would have to work out the framing and how to fire the camera. I guess it would depend on if you wanted to just get an aerial view or wanted to fly around and have a view from the drone.
  16. I just use two zoom ranges to cover what I do. I currently have DX Nikon 18-55, 18-105, 55-200, and 55-300 lenses. I have looked at the 18-140 Nikon DX, but the 18-105 does most of what I need.
  17. I currently have a 3 light Novatron system that runs off of a power pack that I would use. You are right about metering I have have done that before, just shoot a random shot look at the histogram and adjust.
  18. Same Here. Sometimes the Vanity License Plates add to the picture. I have a friend whose Corvette plate reads 174MPH.
  19. Thanks for the info just hoping to get good results. I have had good results with a large white poster paper background curved up behind the item but this was outside on a cloudy day. What wim said makes sense about reflective surfaces. The continuous lights might make it easier to do without having to meter the strobes.
  20. I have just bought a Light Tent for table top shooting and was wondering how others get the best results out of these. I have shot with a white background outside on a cloudy day and had good results,.no QC fail. With this and my Novatron strobe system I could have a much better controlled lighting situation. Also just using the tent outside even on a sunny day should be able to get no shadows. Marvin
  21. Sorry to hear about your husband Betty. My Dad passed away a few years ago but before he passed he said he could hear music coming out of the walls. There was no music but my Sister and I would just agree and he would say I like that tune. He played music when he was younger and had a band so maybe he was just recalling the past. Growing old can be tough.
  22. Hello and Welcome I am from NC also.
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