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  1. 12 for $546 but best sales number since 2008.
  2. Since I only sell on Alamy I have been changing all to exclusive. Still not sure about RF vs RM.
  3. 72 this month but still kicking. First camera was a Brownie Holiday and I put it on layaway because I didn't have the full Six dollars that it cost. First 35mm was a Kodak and later I moved to Minolta.
  4. Now I noticed that you can pull keywords together to form a single keyword. My question is would it be better to have keywords such as 1965 Ford Mustang as one keyword or leave them separate. Thanks Marvin
  5. Thanks for all the information and I do have a external hard drive but haven't hooked it to the new laptop. When you copy the files to the external hard drive do you have a system of knowing were everything is if it is not a mirror system. I also think I could use lightroom for organizing better. I think I will look into more external hard drives for backup. I have two out buildings at my house that I could use as off site. Thanks Marvin
  6. I don't think I have a good backup system. Just wonder what others use Cloud, extra hard drives, or off site storage?
  7. Three in the last two weeks for $100 $150 and $19.99. The first two are car engines which seems to work well for me as I like to photograph at car shows.
  8. Just wondering if anyone is using these as they seem to be the lowest price FF today. B&H has them for $999 and $1299 with 28k-70 lens.
  9. I agree with Betty normally only one batch and wait for it to clear.
  10. My best year yet but I have been putting more effort in since retiring from another job. I plan to put effort in to local subjects and near by states that I have had success in. North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia should keep me busy. You guys can have Europe no competition from here.
  11. I would have to agree with others DX Nikon D3400 or new D3500. They come with a 18-55 lens and run about $500.00.
  12. For a small camera the a6000 with lens is only $650.00 and keep the Nikons for non discrete shooting. Much less money than the a7III. I have Nikons and the a5000 Sony and use both. The only thing bad about the a5000 is no viewfinder but the a6000 has one. Marvin
  13. Yes the 40mm is for DX only and for FF would need the 60mm. I have the Nikon slide copier that screws directly on the micro lens. I have used the slide copier with a 50mm lens and extension tubes and its Ok for family pics and facebook but not up to stock.
  14. I have thousands of slides that I have made over the years but never made any copies for stock. I am considering using my D3400 DX Nikon with the 40mm Micro Nikon lens and Nikon slide copier. Do you think this combination would work good enough for Alamy. I am also considering a D750 for my next camera and was wondering if full frame FX would be better. Marvin
  15. Only one sale but at $514 my highest single image since being with Alamy.
  16. I wonder if they will be any DX versions as fuji and sony have APS-C versions. Marvin
  17. Same for me Kumar just staying mostly RM with a few RF. Just wait and see if anything changes over time. Marvin
  18. Some time ago I worked for a communications company that maintained 911 centers and we had a anti-static vacuum cleaner to use on their computers. I am sure that these are not readily available but you might use a regular vac with caution. We also had to wear a grounding strap when working on their equipment. Marvin
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