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  1. So far I have used my D200 and D90 and did not change the size coming out of the camera for Alamy but I now have a D3200 24MP and was wondering if I should change anything. I have read that some downsize high MP files to get better sharpness. I am currently using Lightroom 3 but looking to upgrade to 5. Marvin
  2. Thanks for the info and I haven't used it much yet but looking forward to checking some of the images. David may come in and give his input. Some of the small cameras now cost twice as much as the 3200 and I guess if you really need a small camera that's ok. The D3200 is compatible with my Nikon lenses and SB600. Marvin
  3. I just got one of these and wonder if anyone else is using one. I didn't want to spend the money for a NEX which is a lot more but wanted a small camera Alamy acceptable and usable with my Nikon lenses. I also got a $150 discount on the 55-300 lens by buying it with the camera. Marvin
  4. Anything can sell, I sold a pic of an outhouse in a snowstorm that was used to illustrate that in the good old days going to the bathroom was not all that good. A large oak tree in my backyard died, and after it was cut down I got pics of the stump and it has sold. I have a book called Photography Best Sellers that is from the late 80s that has the top 100 best selling stock photos from an agency. That book is mostly commercially oriented but gives ideas. I don't think you could get the prices they were getting back then.
  5. Just picked up a new Dell Laptop so guess I am headed for LR5. My old XP and Vista computers just was not up to the task.
  6. May not be Exotic but just photographed on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Kitty Hawk the birthplace of aviation, Wright Brothers museum and monument. Bodie Island Lighthouse that was opened for climbing this year, got pics from the top and bottom. Ate seafood and relaxed on the beach.
  7. Thanks David, you always supply much useful information. I have the 18-105 but haven't used it yet. Images from the little 18-55 sail through QC with no problems but don't have the reach of the 18-105.
  8. Thanks for the info, I would like to have expensive Nikon glass but its not in the budget now. If you buy the 55-300 with a Nikon camera then you get a $150.00 discount, and I think that would be worth looking into.
  9. I am looking to get this lens for my DX D90 and possible newer DX cameras as I am not planning to go FX now. All the reviews I have read give it a good rating. Just wondering what others might think of it.
  10. I normally shoot large fine JPEG with my D90 and make adjustments if needed in Lightroom 3 then export at highest level JPEG. I know that I may be missing something not shooting RAW but this has worked for me and is a fast workflow. Since switching to the D90 I have not had any QC fails using this workflow.
  11. Last two batches in before 5pm keywording the next morning.
  12. Thanks for the input I think it will work fine. I have not had any QC fails with any of the three lenses that I mentioned, but I think the 18-105 will become my normal zoom of choice. Marvin
  13. I now have the 18-105 lens added to the 18-55 and 18-70, and just wonder what others think of these normal zooms. The 18-105 and 18-55 have VR and I am sure that would help in low light and slow shutter speeds. The 18-70 came with my old D70, but many people have good things to say about them. I use a D90 body with D200 as backup.
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