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  1. Just looking at Z lenses it seems they are quite a bit more expensive than the F Mount.  I think I remember where some people were having trouble with the Z adapter for F mount lenses of other brands.  Nikon may not share the lens interface data with independent lens makers.  

  2. I am currently using the Nikon DX cameras but was in the camera store and took a look at the Z system and was wondering if others was using them and what they think.  In the DX series I took a look at the D7500 but I wasn't sure if everything was headed for Mirrorless.


  3. Well I made it through the Hurricane OK with just a few limbs down and power only out over night.  Didn't get any pictures as it came through at night.  Two people were killed in a mobile home park in the next county over.  Things are getting back to normal now power back on at most places and roads cleared.  It Just made me think that I sold a picture of a highway with a hurricane evacuation sign along the side.




  4. On 09/01/2020 at 06:22, Ed Rooney said:

    No, I'm not referring to being a Yank in Western England. I am that but I've lived in England before and I've lived in Europe off and on for 20 years. 


    I mean that I am a stranger from the twentieth century who finds himself in this very strange place -- the twenty-first century where it seems that as soon as I get the knack of something they change it. Updating they call it. Everyone wants stronger passwords, PIN numbers, and the maiden name of my mother's dog. I'm sinking under the load. 


    And there are many many more strange things: mod fashions featuring body ink, piercings, wild hair colours, half-destroyed garments. There's fast unhealthy food, people living on the street, New Right and Far Left politics, endless and pointless bureaucracies, and on and on and on. Is this Liverpool? The UK? Europe? Or the World? 


    I suppose I could attempt to capture these things for editorial stock . . . maybe a picture of someone talking or texting on a smart phone? Or has that already been done? 



    I guess you like me could still operate a rotary telephone.😄

  5. 22 hours ago, Betty LaRue said:

    Asking a chain store would be hopeless. They’d have to get corporate permission...you’d get your hair cut twice before getting your answer of NO.

    RM. No release. If you don’t ask, you can’t be told no.

    Mom and pop stores, (Privately owned) you could ask.

    I once asked in a grocery store and was told no. So I just take pictures and nobody seems to care. Small camera, stealth.

    Thanks Betty guess I would look out of place with a big Nikon.😀

  6. On 06/05/2020 at 12:33, Betty LaRue said:

    iPhones have one operating system. No matter which model iPhone you have, the app design is the same. It encompasses them all.


    Android, on the other hand, have many different companies making them. Each have their own proprietary systems. To design for Android, Alamy would have to spend the bucks for each and every Android company and solve any bugs that crop up in the app.


    Alamy stated something along these lines back when St****mo was first started up in response to the questions Android owners had.


    I don't have an iPhone so I am not familiar with Stockimo but if an android phone produced .jpg images that were as good as an iPhone I don't see why they wouldn't be acceptable.  

  7. On 16/05/2020 at 13:16, Betty LaRue said:

    Great! I’ve been in the Fuji camp for a few years now. I’m shooting X-T2 but eyeballing the T4. I have had more fun shooting with these cameras (started with the T1) than I ever did with Nikon.

    I just looked at the first page or two of your portfolio. Similar in distance to mine.

    This is something to keep in mind. On the Fuji forum, the 18-135 lens doesn’t get much love. But these people aren’t shooting stock. If you look at the first few pages of my port, all of the storefronts are shot with the 18-135. It’s great for standing on one spot and getting a wide-angle, then zooming in for a logo. It’s priced very reasonable compared to some of the other lenses.

    I also took and used it on trips with great success. Beach, ocean, landscapes. It’s not particularly fast, but perfect for outdoor good light.

    The indoor images of mine (food, Xmas decor) were either taken with my RX100 mk3 or X-T2 and the very fast 35mm. Flowers, insects outdoors, Fuji 80mm macro.

    Someday, you might spend the $$$ for the 50-140 which has fairy dust. It’s heavier, but not too, for me. Great for people doing things, biking, etc. and lovely landscapes, just not wide landscapes.  I think all the years of shooting Nikon made everything Fuji feel light! 😂


    Betty I was just looking through some of your pics and noticed you have some made inside the stores and was wondering if you  had to ask permission.  I have photographed store fronts but not inside.  


  8. On my need to list I have two riding lawnmowers one has a tire that leaks down and the other has a vibration in the deck.  The Craftsman has the leaky tire and the John Deer has the vibration.   I can still get by pumping up the tire on the Craftsman I 'but think I will have to pull the deck on the John Deer.  Just haven't been motivated to get started.  I have photographed the flowers and pine trees in the back yard.  Need to keyword and upload pics from the transportation museum that I made before the Virus hit.  So I just need to get started or may be tomorrow.😏

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