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  1. Are Your Zooms Falling?

    Last month was not very good, only 64, this month I have 88, maybe it's a sign of improvement to future Radim
  2. very quiet

    Yes, We don’t need to hear about the days or weeks when you don’t get a sale
  3. Help

    What are you surprised about when you have only 32 photos in the year. Good luck
  4. Radim Beznoska anemone nemorosa robinsoniana flower. Windflower - Image ID: EM6T3B Thanks Bryan
  5. Radim Beznoska Redvein enkianthus, Enkianthus campanulatus - Image ID: H677CPRadim Beznoska Redvein enkianthus, Enkianthus campanulatus - Image ID: H677CP Thank you, Bryan
  6. Have you Found any Alamy Photographs October

    Radim Beznoska Malaga, Centre Pompidou, Contemporary Art, Spain - Image ID: S1TJ1P Thank you Bryan
  7. Have you found any Alamy images in April 2018

    Thanks Radim
  8. Images sold in April (Max. 1 per day)

    Yes prices in the Czech Republic are shameful
  9. Common flower?

    Search Zinnia Radim
  10. Bulk discount

    I had ten sales today, each for $ 3.41, sometimes better, not this month
  11. Bulk discount

    Unfortunately, most of these sales go through a distributor from the Czech Republic - Profimedia, Their prices are really depressing, mostly. I have read several times that some people have already canceled distribution to the Czech Republic Radim
  12. LA tree id

    Hi Kathy some sort of banana tree look at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Musa_(genus) Radim
  13. 05/01/2018, UK, London Evening Standard, p50, group taking selfie at Santorini, EYH971, Radim Beznoska [Alamy credit only]05/01/2018, UK, London Evening Standard, p51, Kuelap in Peru, KG28PK, Rafal Cichawa [Alamy credit only]05/01/2018, UK, London Evening Standard, p51, Morgan's Inspiration Island in Texas, JD0TD8 or JD0TC5, ZUMA Press, Inc. [Identical. Alamy credit only]05/01/2018, UK, London Evening Standard, p51, Norwegian airlines 'plane, credited to Alamy but I can't tell which05/01/2018, UK, London Evening Standard, p51, Chardonnay sign in vineyard, KCGCJ6, Amy Mitchell [Alamy credit only]05/01/2018, UK, London Evening Standard, p51, crowds on Rialto Bridge, ENG1T9, Lazyllama [Alamy credit only] Many thanks for spotting Steve Radim
  14. no sales

    Microstock is cancer, that's all I want to say
  15. How was your July?

    The worst months this year, 17 sales for $491 gross, I hope this will be better
  16. RE Rank

    Only snow moles
  17. High discoverability

    It also can help you enter the Primary category I would rather prefer marking images that are not marked ten tags. Marked images "Poor discoverability" or "Optimized" for me is not currently the most important Radim
  18. yes I noticed it, but then it all came back to current positions
  19. Surely this is a mistake ?

    These prices are very demotivating. I also belong to this club Radim
  20. Hello from Berlin, Germany

    Perhaps I am not accurate, pardon my English, but I just wanted to say first remove keywords, and then remove the image The image will still be 6 months in the database, but because they are not keywords nobody can find it
  21. Hello from Berlin, Germany

    if you can not find the keywords can not find a picture
  22. Hello from Berlin, Germany

    it was the first step to delete keywords and then delete the picture, will still get 6 months in the database, but no one would find this image
  23. To M.Chapman If you are counted among the "hobbyists" and I'd like I was, too, in this good company. No wonder that you are selling, your portfolio reflects, "I know and I can" Radim