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  1. I am for because supertags are very important. Now I do not know where I have fewer tags than ten and the search is very laborious
  2. Good month, was my best Feb month ever with a total of 73, a lot of peanuts, total 1290
  3. Most of my "LU" used https://theculturetrip.com/, the price is very low Radim
  4. p.45, Radim Beznoska Betula pendula commonly known as East Asian white birch, silver birch or warty birchsilver birch or warty birch, white tree trunks - Image ID: HTBM4C Thank you again, Kat Radim
  5. Radim Beznoska Prunus mume Beni chidori, know as Chinese plum or Japanese apricot in bloom - Image ID: MAF5XH Thank you, Bryan
  6. New Scientist magazine, print, 26/01/2019 p.39, Radim Beznoska Chinese Giant Salamander, Male, Prague Czech Republic - Image ID: E5JEHY Thank you Kat Radim
  7. Last month was not very good, only 64, this month I have 88, maybe it's a sign of improvement to future Radim
  8. Yes, We don’t need to hear about the days or weeks when you don’t get a sale
  9. What are you surprised about when you have only 32 photos in the year. Good luck
  10. Radim Beznoska Redvein enkianthus, Enkianthus campanulatus - Image ID: H677CPRadim Beznoska Redvein enkianthus, Enkianthus campanulatus - Image ID: H677CP Thank you, Bryan
  11. Radim Beznoska Malaga, Centre Pompidou, Contemporary Art, Spain - Image ID: S1TJ1P Thank you Bryan
  12. I had ten sales today, each for $ 3.41, sometimes better, not this month
  13. Unfortunately, most of these sales go through a distributor from the Czech Republic - Profimedia, Their prices are really depressing, mostly. I have read several times that some people have already canceled distribution to the Czech Republic Radim
  14. Hi Kathy some sort of banana tree look at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Musa_(genus) Radim
  15. 05/01/2018, UK, London Evening Standard, p50, group taking selfie at Santorini, EYH971, Radim Beznoska [Alamy credit only]05/01/2018, UK, London Evening Standard, p51, Kuelap in Peru, KG28PK, Rafal Cichawa [Alamy credit only]05/01/2018, UK, London Evening Standard, p51, Morgan's Inspiration Island in Texas, JD0TD8 or JD0TC5, ZUMA Press, Inc. [Identical. Alamy credit only]05/01/2018, UK, London Evening Standard, p51, Norwegian airlines 'plane, credited to Alamy but I can't tell which05/01/2018, UK, London Evening Standard, p51, Chardonnay sign in vineyard, KCGCJ6, Amy Mitchell [Alamy credit only]05/01/2018, UK, London Evening Standard, p51, crowds on Rialto Bridge, ENG1T9, Lazyllama [Alamy credit only] Many thanks for spotting Steve Radim
  16. Microstock is cancer, that's all I want to say
  17. The worst months this year, 17 sales for $491 gross, I hope this will be better
  18. It also can help you enter the Primary category I would rather prefer marking images that are not marked ten tags. Marked images "Poor discoverability" or "Optimized" for me is not currently the most important Radim
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