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  1. With regards to BHZ ranking I am the same page as before - the rest of this thread I read with interest however.
  2. So far none of my zooms have led to sales and that includes those where my image was the only one zoomed and images zoomed by Alamy reference number. I get a little less excited by zooms now.
  3. Thanks for the link. As I read it I would choose IBM-PC order as the Mac ordering is only for historical compatibility with Apple machines that must be over a decade old now.
  4. I save from raw development to an 8 bit tif and the files are about 44mb - not too unreasonably large.
  5. I was using good as a way of saying a large (i.e. good) number of zooms rather than whether zooms are actually good or not.
  6. Just checked and March was one distributor sale ($44). It has been a good month for zooms but yet to see a zoom become a sale.
  7. Having the 'new' tab makes it well worth updating landmarks, I think, even those that already have many contributions.
  8. Allan, yes I agree there is no problem with there being a logo in the picture, but these are images of the logo alone which I thought was not allowed ... surely this is blatant trademark infringement? See the Contributor Guidelines : http://www.alamy.com/contributor/help/prepare-images.asp Yes, it would seem to be to me and I imagine that the company 'brands' would see it that way too.
  9. My BHZ ranking remains on page 19 as before. An image search for 'tall ships festival' brings up a similar number of images and I'm on page 2.
  10. Newly uploaded this week as an addition to some others I made of the 2014 Tall Ships event on the River Thames.
  11. I checked the e-petition and only 329 signatures which rather surprised me so a bump for this post.
  12. Jules - I'm rather keen to know how you got on given your recent posting about security in London affecting your photography. So how was today's trip?
  13. Will very likely be around all week in London....with the exception of fitting in a day trip to Kent.
  14. Never been tempted by subscription to Adobe CC and continue to use CS5.1 and LR4. What I'm not too sure about is whether Adobe continue to provide back compatible RAW conversion for newer camera models although that's not a problem I've encountered yet. Maybe if I buy a new camera I will find that I can no longer open the files?
  15. Hmmm have found two to enter - with a similar theme - being intrigued by human representations but not sure why - maybe that's a purpose of art? Actually I see something a little menacing about the second image which is probably rather unhelpful for licensing as a travel image!!
  16. Thanks, Jools, I will certainly be signing this. In recent times I've been stopped twice on the Olympic Park/East Village and once in Poplar High Street. The latter really did surprise me given that I was using a small handheld camera - the guard offered several explanations including that the location is now surrounded by development plots that are privately owned. The encroaching of private-public space really is a nonsense for photographers who simply want to make photographs. Moreover the privatisation of public space challenges and makes unclear whether a photographer then has the right
  17. My zoom surge was last month too so not so hot this month......yet.
  18. Given the lack of response I wonder how many who frequent this forum are actually selling video? Did you try contacting MS instead for an answer?
  19. Thanks for raising this which has made me realise an error in my thinking as I had thought that searches were influenced by the keywords and not so the caption. Presumably, from Wim's suggestion, searches don't use the description field?
  20. I too have a sale that has yet to clear which is now over six months - June 2014 - UK editorial usage so assuming it will be paid at some point.
  21. Had a little wait for images submitted on the 19th to come through but they passed QC overnight together with images submitted yesterday so I guess you could consider that rather quick too.
  22. If I do some minimal architectural 'straightening' in PS (if not exactly 'right' in camera) or blend of two or more images to make a panorama then I don't class either as digital altering even though both are techniques of digital manipulation.
  23. I think these websites help where you know the title of the book in which your images were published. For the book that I was interested in checking it would seem that it wasn't translated into Dutch.
  24. Have a look too at the Gitzo G2180 fluid head - I use one for both photo/video.
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