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  1. Wouldn't a pseudonym containing all the new images do what you want rather than a second account?
  2. Mine was a direct claim too and payment has now been made to my bank - similar amount to last year.
  3. For those contributors in the UK whose payment option is to get paid via PayPal - may I ask if this is still a service that is free of charges?
  4. Keyword order must be influencing this. For example I can see how 'dog UK' in sequence may return more images than 'park UK'.
  5. OK, interesting subject, here are mine.....
  6. 1 sale but best month ever for zooms. Just exceeded last year's revenue but then again, statistically speaking, my portfolio isn't exactly significant. Onwards......
  7. Based on what is the most used focal length from my images probably a 28mm.
  8. My experience this month is the opposite - I have the highest ever zooms and correspondingly the CTR is good.
  9. Decidedly hot day in Porto for this decisive moment....followed by a Dickens of a day in Rochester.
  10. After clicking through to an image it is now possible to zoom it much, much larger than before.
  11. Is the 'click to see a list of Agencies' a new button? (top right by thumbnail buttons)
  12. Joint best month of the year so far (sale/zooms same as March) but while I'm encouraged I don't draw much of a conclusion given my smallish portfolio.
  13. Brutalist beauty - sadly now due for demolition:
  14. Running a bit late on this.....Ipswich Maritime Festival is this weekend!!
  15. July has been my worst month of the year with zooms dropping back to 0 and no sales. Is August generally a quiet month?
  16. Thanks for posting as it made me check my keywords and, yes, I have the same issue. When I get a bit of spare time I will re-work my images (only 650, thankfully) adding a comma between each and continue to use quotation marks for phrases. Let's hope that rectifies all.
  17. Dark clouds on the Canary Wharf skyline.
  18. Same here in that I add the location to the comprehensive keywords and if it is more relevant to the image will shift it upwards to either the main or essential keywords.
  19. A search brings up nearly a million images so I guess many do. Currently I don't though as my images are more editorial than marketing
  20. With regards to BHZ ranking I am the same page as before - the rest of this thread I read with interest however.
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