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  1. If museums can apply a rule of 'no photography for commercial gain' then the same might likely apply to all shopping malls, for instance, too and there are many images of those here! As Spacecadet says, the legal restriction (in the UK) may be limited to trespass (yes, even in places with accepted public access) and not control over the editorial freedoms of the photographer. That's one to discuss!!
  2. Useful and related blog post here - commercial gain is not the same as an image licensed for commercial use - http://www.alamy.com/blog/tips-for-photographing-private-property-and-museums?utm_campaign=814725_Blog Update - July 2017&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Alamy Contributors &dm_i=2SWW,HGN9,12GVPH,1TDZO,1
  3. Weren't there editorial restrictions imposed on RM images though for Network Rail and IOC subjects a while back? I too received the email and having read this thread it does seem confusing to me.....I'll keep my restrictions in place.
  4. Thanks for that confirmation. I've in fact started to use it now when people are clearly part of the image and I want to state that number of people - something I always thought was its original purpose i.e. to assist buyers with selecting images with people in. And doing like you do, I think, what I also like about the new AIM is that I no longer have to count all the specks of people in my images to confirm how many there are in order to get the image on sale as RM - I can instead just leave it at the default option of no model release.
  5. Under the new MI (with model and property releases tabs optional) I've noticed that if I do not complete these two optional tabs my RM images say no model or property release. So for RM images is there really a need (since the change) to complete these optional tabs unless you have releases?
  6. Here is what DACS has put together on the FAQ'a page - https://www.dacs.org.uk/knowledge-base/ecl-frequently-asked-questions.aspx?utm_source=Payback+2017&utm_campaign=209141b586-CLA_ECL_EMAIL_TO_PB_MEMBERS_2017_07_06&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_aaaab978f5-209141b586-223751777&mc_cid=209141b586&mc_eid=a07030938a
  7. I'm sticking with the point of view that less tags is more.
  8. I've not yet found any of mine that are green. As I tend to not have too many keywords I know now that is the reason. I'm not too inclined to add more keywords at this stage as I've not noticed that my images are being found any less often.
  9. Neither for me as I use Aperture, yes, really. Probably not worth a blog post about it.
  10. My understanding is that the order of single word tags is not relevant but the choice of words and the word order in multi-word tags is.
  11. I've ticked the editorial box for some of my recent uploads and notice that the image on sale now says - Available for editorial and personal use only. Get in touch for commercial uses .
  12. For contributors who let Alamy claim for the Alamy sales what do you do for other sales outside of Alamy or indeed (as in my case) for images that were sold prior to joining Alamy? I am presuming that two separate claims that don't include the same sales is OK.
  13. Yes, I have also noticed the comma issue and it substantially slowed my trying to organise the keywords once in MI. My hope is that the new MI interface is up and running at the beginning of 2017 and will make it much easier.
  14. Hi Kumar - I would get on with it but make sure you tag using phrases as well as single words.
  15. I hope so as Flash is needing to be updated every couple of weeks or so because of 'security concerns'. While I could let this happen 'in the background' I prefer to know what updates are installed when. Roll on the new Manage Images and no Flash.......
  16. I still use Aperture as Apple RAW updates still apply for both Photos and Aperture so I've not found any need to stop using it. I also use Final Cut Pro X for video which integrates well.
  17. And presumably private/public places not uncommon in London e.g. Canary Wharf and the Olympic Park. That's a lot of images to delete!! So what about the rights of photographers to make secondary editorial?
  18. A couple of suggestions - York Cameras (Bloomsbury) and Park Cameras (off Oxford Street). I've no connection with either. Anthony
  19. At first glance it looked to me like a Brussels Griffon.....but the nose maybe isn't quite right.
  20. This topic gives me quite a few choices from my portfolio this month so.....East London skyline with traffic, train and fog. City of London skyline with people relaxing in the sun....noting people enjoying both cloud and sun at the same time ;-) Amsterdam with people also enjoying the sun.
  21. Nice topic - I had to look to remember what I had submitted.....so I've not yet sold any of the first four images but the first to sell was number ten.
  22. I have a feeling that Novel Use has been discontinued. Never signed up for it. Anyone know ? Thanks for the info, yes, I'd be interested to know from anyone else if they have sales that show it is continuing? Still have the rest of the month to make my decision to stay opted in or opt out so anymore experiences shared are welcome - thanks!!
  23. As April is the month for opting in or out of 'Novel Use' I did a quick search on the forums to see what contributors think of the scheme but the search returned no results. Presumably Novel Use has been discussed a plenty?
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