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  1. I'm a little cautious and keep to a max of ISO 800. As others have said, chroma noise only then seems to be a problem if an image is severely under-exposed. Those mistakes then go in the bin.
  2. Not intending to take the thread too far off topic but has anyone sold through Etsy at all? As there isn't only photography for sale I wonder whether this in turn means more people browsing. Like shoppers in a supermarket maybe people browse intending to buy one thing and come out with something else!
  3. No Saturday club result for me. Uploaded on the 2nd.
  4. The 'if' remains whether there is any intention to share the new revenue as a distribution to photographers. Technically it is all very possible.
  5. In using the code embed approach it will be possible for Getty to automatically track which images are being used from web stats. Perhaps there should be a payment distribution to those photographers whose work has been used based on whatever advertising capital this new embed player generates?
  6. David, I'm sure I started using Photomerge for architectural images after reading an online article of yours. In which case, thanks twice.
  7. I took two images, the upper of which has the verticals corrected by Photomerge when stitched together with the lower image so long as the lower image is at level. The resulting image is therefore both an auto correction and a merge of two images. I used the same approach in both examples posted. Does that change your view?
  8. A while back I checked with MS whether the use of PS Photomerge requires that I tick Digitally Altered and the answer was - yes. I use Photomerge occasionally for stitching panoramics but more often when vertically stitching for architectural images to correct the verticals. For examples see - DFXAHX and DTH1X8. I asked MS because I felt the definition of Digitally Altered wasn't fully clear on this matter. I can see that the re-positioning of pixels in Photomerge is digital altering but it isn't a false manipulation of the scene, if anything I'm using Photomerge to make the scene more re
  9. The Alamy Measures video indicates that not all sales are easily reportable against a search term. Have a watch from about 2.00 onwards:- http://www.alamy.com/Blog/contributor/archive/2008/08/20/3456.aspx
  10. Have you tried a vertical stitch of two images? So long as the bottom image is on the level, Photomerge in PS will align the upper image with corrected verticals. DFXAHX is an example.
  11. I've had a Panasonic GH1 for three years and never once needed to clean the sensor. Nor with my six month old GX1. I've always assumed the Panasonic sensor shake system must be marvellous!
  12. I've had a M43 system since buying a Panasonic GH1 in 2010. Primarily I use it for video work, for which it excels, but more recently for images with many of the excellent M43 lenses. On the GH1 I mainly choose the 3:2 ratio given that the camera has a 12mp 'multi-aspect' sensor which does mean a loss of some pixels over the 4:3 ratio but not as much as a crop. I think the 1:1 ratio is very useful too but I've yet to make any stock images with it. The GH1 is certainly not the most robust built camera and it has never let me down but is now well used enough that the markings on the funct
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