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  1. I understand. I have had nothing but good experiences, thankfully! All of my transactions went smoothly. And yes, I doubt I would sell through craigslist in the NYC area, either. I have done so here, but I've met the buyer in a public place for exchange. Like the lobby of WalMart, lol! Dear Betty, I can not understand your grippe with NYC -you only have negative comments about the city: did we really treated you that bad?
  2. This is the link for installing the official Sony driver http://esupport.sony.com/perl/swu-download.pl?template=EN&mdl&upd_id=4022&SMB=YES
  3. there is probably a sampling issue with this lens, but I don't believe it is a bad design or what so ever. It is just a kit lens. I tried one on the A7R, that is a more demanding camera (I was not planning to buy it, but David asked on another forum for samples in order to figure out if his first copy was normally bad or a bad sample) and the result was OK for what you expect from a kit lens. If you want to get the best of the new A7® cameras, wait for the 24-70 f4 or get the 35f2.8. Regards
  4. What the assignment is about? Photographs of the main attractions of the city? a special event? I used to do some work for Marsans, and once for Barceló. I preferred to charge them per day (they pay for the fees: air tickets, hotel, transfers, food...) I think is hard in this case to charge per photograph...
  5. The scanner is a Nikon LS 5000 ED and transparencies shot with my other Nikon lenses are sharp, so I don't think the scanner is the issue. Lightroom did wonders for removing CA. When I upgraded to PhotoShop CS 6 I couldn't find a way to adjust non-raw images in ACR but Lightroom doesn't seem to have that limitation. If anyone really believes the Nikon 20-35 2.8 is a spectacular piece of glass I'd be happy to sell it to you for half of what I paid for it. I'm not defending the lens (I don't really know it, I haven't use Nikon equipment for a while) and, if it is an old design, it is probably weak. But even if you have a good scanner (like your Nikon LE 5000), you are loosing quality on the scanning step. Lens profiles on LR 5.x can do miracles on lenses that you are ready to download ;-)
  6. Thanks for the tip! The old Nikon 20-35 was fine for magazine and newsprint but now that I'm looking at these scans at 100% there's a lot to be desired. I've only started processing images with Lightroom in the past year or so but I'll have to go back over those old slides now that we're in the dreary days of winter. Hi, Keep in mind that the quality of the scanner is the limit of what you are seen on the screen -probably the lens perform better on a digital body, you'll need to give it a try. regards Pako
  7. The new A7® are not that small actually, they are in the size of the pre-AF srl, like the Minolta x700 or the Nikon FM2. With the LA-EA adapters, you can use your Minolta lenses and take advantage of the new processor.
  8. a little off topic (about energy consumption) but worthwhile to read: http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2013/11/vaclav-smil-wired/?mbid=synd_gfdn_bgtw
  9. CRC (http://vistaimaginggroup.com/) just next door from calumet, does a good job developing negatives and slides. They are probably the only "small" lab that remains in Chelsea now...
  10. This tablet (Windows 8.1) seams to be good enough for Lightroom or other editing software, and the price is really good: http://www.dell.com/us/p/dell-venue-8-pro/pd http://www.dell.com/us/p/dell-venue-11-pro/pd I don't need a devise like this, but at that price, I think I'll go for one. Pako
  11. Apparently, the NEX7 is not noisier than the NEX6 http://photoclubalpha.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=74635#p74635 In my own experience, NEX7 files are easy to work with on LR -I might have problems with skin tones under artificial light, noise is never an issue bellow 1600 ISO Regards Pako
  12. Hi Bryan, Try to turn off OSS and you will probably get better results with the SEL55-210. I'm thinking on the just announced SEL70-200f4, but I need to see it first: I don't want a huge lens (this is a 72mm filter size....)
  13. there is a new app for windosphone available now http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/52498898
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