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  1. 18 hours ago, M.Chapman said:


    I've only recently started using CopyTrack, so I've only used the searching part of the service which has already helped me to locate where some Alamy sales have been used and then I can add to my DACs claim. I've not tried the infringement service yet as they've not yet found an infringement that I believe is worth chasing, but it's early days (they haven't processed all my images yet). But I've been very pleased with their free searching facility (which is why I mentioned them following the OP's question - do you use any system to check where images are going?).


    I find CopyTrack beats Pixsy's free searching service (which is difficult to use and the latest web-interface is so full of bugs it's unusable IMHO). However I have used Pixsy to progress one claim successfully and got a decent settlement. But the other 4 claims I submitted to Pixsy were rejected as not being commercially viable.




    I'm trying CopyTrack now with an image that was lifted (so Alamy con not claim payment), lets see if it works. 

  2. On 17/05/2019 at 05:47, The Blinking Eye said:

    Stock photography newbie here, forgive the ignorance.  LOVE this forum.  Everyone so generous and forthcoming with knowledge.


    Anyhoo... what is all this talk about niches?  What are some niches that people have discovered and how do I find one?



    Stock photography is a niche withing the photography world. 


    You don't shoot "a niche", the same way that you don't shoot X style. Your niche (and/or style) will show up on your work.


    I think that you have to shoot everything that you find interesting. There is a need for almost everything, and your photos don't even need to be "artistic", just clean, high technical qualities, and show the subject in the way the customer can illustrate their paper/presentation/article.


    This photo just sold   and I believe there are many "better" shots of the Charging Bull in lower Manhattan, but this one, where you barely see the sculpture, is the one that illustrate the customer's article. In this case, L found interesting how hard it was to get a clean shoot of the Bull, and that was what I shoot.

  3. On 15/08/2018 at 03:24, Clare Gainey said:

    Guardian online

    P83P8K Vincent Lowe The beach and sand dunes at Coul Links, near Embo, Sutherland, Scotland, UK

    MF6X4F Francisco Dominguez Eduardo Chillida sculpture The Comb of the Wind




  4. I was disappointed to read that Sony is intending to concentrate their efforts on full frame cameras




    The long awaited a7000 has as yet to appear and the rumours seem to have dried up.


    I am a generally happy NEX 6 user, (we could do with a bit more competition in the lens department, they tend to be either mediocre or very expensive) but camera development seems to have stopped with a6000.


    Hopefully I will be proved wrong, and the long awaited a7000 will arrive shortly, but I've given up holding my breath!

     I don't understand, Sony had stated that they won't develop new APSC mirrorless cameras? When?

    A6000 is barely one year old, and the A5100 is even newer. We will definitely see new models by October, as usual.

    I think it will be hard to see a NEX7-like camera, hard to believe today people want to pay $1200 for an APSC sensor camera, when for little more they can get the A7II


    I have heard good things about the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 - it's small, powerful and has a good screen?

    Thank you, I have just had a read of the reviews on Amazon and looks promising.


    I think the Surface is fantastic (on the paper, I haven't use one. I want to buy one for the wife but she's a mac-girl...)

    Just keep in mind that tablets usually don't power card readers or external hard drives through their USB ports, so you'll need to use card readers and HHDD that have their own power source (I'm not sure this is the case with the Surface)

  6. A little late on this topic, but here comes my input anyways:

    -I rater prefer to see a stand alone app than a web interface. A stand alone app that doesn't need to be connected to the internet all the time, so you can work on you keywords and captions on the subway and update when on wifi -this apply to Alamy as well as Stockimo

    -ability to batch

    a )location

    b ) keywords

    c ) everything else actually...

  7. the sensor on the A6000 is not the same as the one on the NEX7. The A6000 might have the same size and MP count, but it's sensor is newly designed, with different toppings, that make the A6000 more friendly when using wide angle and ultra wide angle lenses.

    Don't take me wrong: I still use my NEX7 (and I won't sell it, because the price dropped so dramatically is better to keep it than sell it)

    I'm now using Capture 1 for Sony (the free version) when editing NEX7 files and I'm pleased with the result, better than what I get with the same files and Lightroom (that I use for the rest of my workflow)



    Thanks for the link. Very positive review indeed.


    I'm currently using the 16mm and ultra wide converter that David mentions. Maybe it's time to sell it. Hmmm...


    the 16mm+wide or fisheye adapter is still less bulky than the Rokinon 12mm. Before sell your 16mm, compare both lenses and decide.

    I sold most of my e-mount APS lenses (when I got the A7R) but kept the 16+fisheye and the 10-18f4. Second hand prices for the NEX7 is so low that I decided to keep that body and add the Sony 20mm and the Sigma 60mmf2.8 -all small and light and more-than-good-enough quality wise. Any Rokinon lens, even if they are quite good, will only add weight and size to your kit.

  9. Just taken a look at the completed listings on Ebay and the NEX 7 with kit lens appears to be selling in the range from about $550 to around $700. The more expensive deals (than this) seem to include additional lenses.


    Sony offloading a6000's due to new model about to appear?

    The NEX 7 is, probably, a non repeatable camera: why will Sony produce a high end APS 1400$ camera if they are now selling a pretty nice FF for that price?

    NEX 7 is a better built camera than the A6000 (that is a good camera, despite some people having sampling issues with it) and the only problem I find is that Lightroom never like NEX 7's RAW files...

  10. 'Pako' thanks for the tips. I am thinking about buying a clip on lens for my iPhone but haven't gotten around to it yet. I think this NYC photo of yours would make an excellent jigsaw puzzle. I love the composition, how you can see the buildings across the river. It deserves a 5 out of 4! It's my favorite Stockimo photo yet. (clap, clap, clap)

    thank you, thank you...

    it is the view from my window. we moved to this neigborhood this winter, it is closer to my wife's office than the loft we had in Brooklyn. Don't think i'm rich or whatsoever, it is just a 1 BR with view ;-)

    Lenses like the QX10 are a good and inexpensive (hey, a new iPhone cost 600$!) solution and you have a better quality. if you want to use the imagfes also for Alamy, you'll need to go for the QX100, that have the same sensor/lens than the original RX100 (I'm not sure it does support Raw)

    I'm thinking about replacing the QX10 by the RX100 III (you have the same WiFi/Apps capabilities) but not this year.

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  11. The Panasonic will shoot raw and that means Adobe/etc will provide ARGB conversion. I use the RX10 but really very rarely. It comes down to this - do I just chuck all my other cameras out, because it removes the need for them, and stop writing about cameras? Not an option for me, but I should. The RX10 is one answer to nearly all that I need. The Panasonic might be ever better!


    Hi David,

    Are you thinking about the RX100 III/

    the 24-70 f2.8 seams more interesting than the previous version...

  12. I agree the quality is not what you would get from a "proper" camera but then people like Sarah Moon have had a very successful multi-decade career with what many would regard as low quality (too much grain, lack of shaprness) using serious cameras. It is all about the effect needed to get the response that is desired - not everyone will get it or like it; that's art for you.


    And to answer the original question: No I will not be buying an iPhone anytime soon but I will be practicing with my 5 month old Galaxy S4 Android phone ready for when the Android App becomes available or there is an alternative way of uploading to Stockimo. Quite comfortable with the idea of submitting opportunistic pics that I would not get with a proper camera (which I will be keeping)


    Sarah Moon didn't had, in her time, much more where to "improve the quality" of her images. keep in mind that, until Edward Weston, most of the portraitist did embraced a pictorial style...


    I find your approach (star taking the sort of images Stockimo is looking for, but with your Android devise) wise. The images I'm uploading now were taken with my previous phones (Windows phone, first HTC HD7 and now Lumia 925) in the last 3 years or more. I got an "old" iPhone 4S that I use only for the apps (not as a phone, and the camera is broken). I thought for about 2 minutes about buying a newer iPhone, but actually is less expensive a I'm getting better quality by using the Sony QX10 camera: 16 MP that some apps like Pixlr can process at full resolution. Other apps offer you to reduce the image size to 9MP in order to avoid crashes.


    I guess Alamy start Stockimo on iPhone moslty because the iPhone camera, that is quite good for a phone camera, offers consistency, while the wider amount of android devises can not guarantee a similar image quality. In that regard, I think we will be able to see Stockimo app on Windows phone (the Nokia Lumia series had all good cameras) or the Android version only avialable for some models.



  13. 48 photos up for sell so far. Some 3.3, most 3-ish ... I use OGGL most of the times

    this one got a 4



    this is the trick: I used a Sony QX10 and Pixlr for the effect. the image have a high pixel count and I think that boost the score.

    In other hand, I find the "quality control" more subjective than the regular Alamy, the same pic worked with different filters can pass QC while a previous version was rejected...

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