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  1. Hello everyone, I'm searching in the forum about my question but I don't find nothing about it, so here I go. I would like to ask you how you declare your Alamy revenues. I mean, when I contacted to Alamy to ask about their fiscal data, they said me that they don't process invoices from contributors. So, how can I declare these payments? In Spain, the freelance photographers, we need to declare our revenues with bills (I think in other countries too, but I don't know). Thank you in advance
  2. Try searching the forum for BHZ and you'll find lots about it. It used to be a way of trying to discover your Alamy rank (put BHZ as a super tag on just one image). Wait 24 hours, then search for BHZ on Alamy and note where your image appears relative to all the others playing the BHZ game. In recent times the results are all over the place, and Alamy have always said it's not a sensible test, but I have found it useful in the past. Thank you! I'll try it
  3. The problem with Alamy is that too many similars will affect your rank, and then all your images will appear lower down in searches. Alan What rank is considered a "good" rank? Average? 1 Showing up on the first page for searches for subjects that you have images of. 2 Really good rank: showing up on the first page for just New York; Rome; London or Paris. 3 Exceptionally good rank: the same for both Relevant and Creative searches. 1 means you can have excellent rank even when just starting out, if you shoot subjects that clients want, without to much competition.
  4. The problem with Alamy is that too many similars will affect your rank, and then all your images will appear lower down in searches. Alan What rank is considered a "good" rank? Average?
  5. 2 small sales (one of them through contributor). Something is something!
  6. Only a small correction. Google translates Cheers like Osasuna, literally is ok, but in the practice is better to say "Agur bero bat" for example
  7. Pssssst ..... just between you and me. Your English is better than some native English posting here Cheers, Philippe And so much better than our Basque, eh, Philippe? Hey ho, speak for yourself, Ed Ed Rooney egunkariak erosten dizkit. ................ (Nooooo, this isn't Klingon, it's Basque. Maybe Ainara can translate it for you?) Cheers, Philippe Wow! Your basque isn't bad Philippe! And Ed, Basque is a difficult language to learn, but with some beers and "pintxos" on the old town of San Sebastian, any language is more easy and funny to learn
  8. I use lulu.com and photobox.com. Both are good options. Photobox is more expensive but the quality is better too.
  9. This is my first December on Alamy so I haven't got experiences of other years. But until now, this is my first good month because my first "good" sales are popping up I say good sales because the others were "peanuts" like you say sometimes here We'll keep working! (Sorry for my english! )
  10. I have the same problem with a Swedish distributor. I did a sale in May 2013 and I haven't receive the payment yet
  11. I found one of my images in a Swedish newspaper last May. A month ago, a send an email to Alamy asking why this sale is not appear in my summary of items sold yet. They answer me that: "Distributors take longer to report usage than direct sales as there are more people involved in the process (us, them and their customer). The use of your image will appear on your Summary of items sold page before the end of next month." I'm still waiting, hope to see this sale in few days...
  12. I'm agree with you Richard. This month I haven't sales yet, but who knows what could happen tomorrow? We'll keep working.
  13. Thanks losdemas And yes, is for an article in a "editorial website", so I imagine that probably is a newspaper or something similar.
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