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  1. As a matter of interest, you can buy a little stick-on plastic grip for the RX100 online, which I have found very handy - for both stability and prevention of it slipping through your hands.
  2. I've been with Alamy since 2002 and started on film - 35mm neg and scanned (good scanner). Photoshop and my editing skills have improved since then and I would like to re-submit some old images. However, will they pass QC? Original sizes were about 65 mb and I've looked at them at about 35 mb, but I'm doubtful. Will what passed QC then pass QC now? Has anybody got experience of this situation? PS - Despite the description of me as a forum newbie. I'm not. Just haven't posted in a long time. Jeff ? You still here?
  3. While not particularly relevant to this thread, interestingly I returned the first x-E1 I received. Lousy AF (unsharp images) and terrible shutter lag. However, I am totally in love with it's replacement. I am extremely glad that I didn't ask for a refund. Bearing in mind that everybody raves about the IQ of the Fuji 100's sensor, which the X-E2 has, I strongly suggest you got a duff one. Send it back for replacement - don't waste any more time and effort on testing. Barry
  4. I have recently upgraded my computer from Win XP 32 bit to Win 7 64 bit and my heart was in my mouth - would I be able to use my Wacom Intuos tablet, which must be about 15 years old. No problem,Wacom had an up to date driver available on line. Marvellous. I really would find it difficult to process my images without it. Barry
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