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  1. Thanks, Danny, Just to be sure I understand....do you mean it is possible to go to my images again once I've completed the "Manage My Images" process and edit the restrictions? I wasn't aware of a way to add the images once the "Manage My Images" process was complete. I'm going to give it a try and thank you for your time in answering my query. Best regards, Frank
  2. Dear Colleagues, I have discovered to my dismay that I have misinterpreted the "restrictions" protocol and "mis-restricted" many of my images, intending to make many of them only for "Editorial" usage. Truly a "Duh-O!" moment, proving conclusively that I am not the sharpest lens in the case. Nonetheless, I wonder if any of you might know of a way of going back into my images that are now out there on the market with Alamy and editing the "restrictions" or eliminating them altogether. Please feel free to email me directly at frank@dimarcoimages.com if you wish. Best regards to all
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