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  1. This appears to be just what it is -- GREED -- a way for Alamy to profit from the hard work of other people who receive fewer returns every year. Gee, can you tell how well your 'message' is going over. I anticipate a LOT of 'voting with our feet' about to happen.
  2. I think you're probably quite right, Allan. Guess I got spoiled by the recent QC speed and the previous reliability of the Online Upload function.
  3. Had an email back from customer service today and he admitted that the Track Submissions page has fallen off the rails AND that QC is still backed up from Easter for some of us. I was quite surprised to hear about the QC situation because I had been pleasantly surprised for the last few weeks when uploads were zooming through QC in 24-48 hours. Ah well -- hope they get it sorted soon.
  4. Well I have the FTP upload service as of yesterday. Just LOVE (extreme sarcasm!) a new learning curve when I was perfectly happy to continue using the online uploader. Reloaded the exact same 12 images that never appeared after using the online uploader yesterday. And about 1/2 hour after sending them via FTP -- they showed up in the Track Submissions page. Guess I have to wait and see what the result is, but heck, QC is really running s-l-o-w right now. And no one at Alamy seems to be answering any emails. I've gotten automated responses instead of note from actual living-breathing-humans
  5. So are we all going to be FORCED to use FTP instead of the perfectly reliable OLD method? I really don't need another tech learning curve right now and think that we should have options. Nothing I have uploaded has appeared and nothing has gone through QC including images I uploaded on Friday.
  6. I have just sent a flurry of emails off asking the same question. WHERE are the images that I spent half an hour uploading? I have no patience with this sort of nonsense. Whatever the issue is -- they should bloody well FIX IT immediately!
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