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  1. Are you using v2.4 of Manage Images? Do you mean the window fails to retain its altered size when you navigate away from the window and then return to it? Or do you mean it reverts to full screen each time you launch 'Manage Images'?
  2. Apologies for the thread hijack but I'd like to ask a newbie question prior to making a submission to QC. Does an image have to be pin sharp throughout? Let's take for instance an image of a model's hands. Her hands are the focal point of the image (I was hoping to upload an attachment but can't see an option to do so...). The background however is blurred (intentionally) due the shallow DoF. Is this likely to be rejected from QC?
  3. What is your thought process when determining whether to license an image as RF or RM? Here are some assumptions I have about RF and RM. Please let me know if I've misunderstood anything here. A RF image is likely to sell more frequently but will fetch a lower price on each sale Unique shots are better placed as RM (if this is the case, can anyone clarify why?)
  4. Hi folks I'm new to stock and was wondering if I could ask for a little bit of advice. I'm considering contributing to Alamy and am also looking at the possibility of becoming a contributor at a micro stock agency (Shutterstock). Am I right in thinking it's not the best idea to submit identical images to both of these libraries? After all, a buyer could simply go to the Micro Agency to purchase the same image at a fraction of the cost. That doesn't help Alamy and it doesn't really help me either. Is it best to just stick with a single agency? Or do you have separate portfolio
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