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  1. I haven't received mine yet, via Paypal also, but last month it took until the 13th . I wonder if it's a Paypal thing, all my payments through Paypal always take a long time
  2. Being new to the Alamy boards I just wanted to add I apologize for the title, I should have been more specific
  3. thank you NMiller, they were in a store window , not really something I would generally shoot, but they're marked as not having a property release so I think its okay. Best wishes
  4. Thanks Marc and Ed, Im used to trying to make everything generic as always thought that would increase sales but now see I have to do the opposite and be more precise. On a side note I don't know why my last post is underlined, new to the forums, Thanks again
  5. Thank you everyone for your advice, especially Doc and David Kilpatrick, and Micro I hope things pick up for you too soon . I have much work to do to try to turn this around , thanks again all!
  6. Hi everyone, I joined in January of this year and have put appr 80 pictures a month on, small port true, but I have not had a single sale here where I have sales at other places, no problem. Is it normal to go 11 months and never have a sale here, I cant imagine it is but wondering how long it took for others to have a sale
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