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  1. I was very surprised and very delighted to get the email last night.Especially as it comes as I slowly recover from a very bad episode of depression and PTSD. Untill recently I had not submitted any new images for well over a year nor have I worked on any keywording so it was a big surprise for me. The depression told me that I was only in the top 500 and as there were 32000 alamy photographers I was just one out of 64 :-( My therapy methods made me work on the figures and by my maths the top 500 are the top 1.5% So that is pretty good :-) I have recently uploaded 130 new images and had them pass QC, it is a good feeling to slowly be getting back to what I love. Thanks Alamy I am feeling better about myself today
  2. Ok thanks You take a few months off and they change everything
  3. I have a fairly large collection of images on alamy loaded over the last 10 years or so. ​I used to be able to search them unsing my surname "Steley" ( occasionally it is good to have a pretty unique surname ) I am just getting back after an illness and have noticed if I search my images using "steley" or "doug steley" I am getting about 70 images showing up instead of the 10,000+ that should be there. My images must still be there as they are still selling and being searched. Any ideas on how I find them ? cheers doug
  4. I am running a 24 inch imac and a 15 inch ibook love both of them and would never ever ever consider a PC many of my computer literate mates have ragged me over the years for using macs Most of them now use macs
  5. I have found cleaning sensors to be a fairly simple process I use a good quality nylon artist brush and a cut down small spatula The brush I "Charge" by blowing over it with a clean dry compressor, canned air or a blower brush. Then just sweep the sensor to get 90% of problems removed. For more stubborn blobs or smears dip the tip of the brush in pure alcohol let it almost dry and swab the sensor with that If you need to wipe smears off then get some disposable glasses cleaning swabs from your chemist and wrap one round the spatula carefully wipe the sensor with that. Using non photographic items costs a fraction of the photographic stuff and does exactly the same job
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