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  1. they are not really "News" photos but they are something that requires a high ISO and working on the edge of what is capable to show what is happening
  2. I was wondering if I should submit these images for QC, they are high ISO and shot under difficult conditions. Does QC take that into account ? I cannot see any way of replicating the photos so they would neatly fit the QC criteria. ( and I have also not worked out the image upload thing either ) https://www.flickr.com/photos/76729200@N00/14745985740/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/76729200@N00/14909652046/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/76729200@N00/14909652136/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/76729200@N00/14746081667/
  3. You can tune a piano but you can't tuna fish ! I love superwide lenses and probably overuse them Over my years as a photographer I have used fisheye lenses twice for specific shoots One was a portrait shoot of some goths the other was from the cockpit of a P51 Mustang in flight. I do not see them as being a cost effective tool for the average pro photographer, yes I have seen some great shots taken with them but I find that usually they are used for a week and then left in a cupboard for the rest of their life
  4. There are 2 kinds of people Larks and Owls I am an Owl and always have been. I HATE early mornings unless I am working through from a late night I love staying up late with a project when everyone is asleep and everything is dark and quiet I always did my best darkroom work between 10pm and about 3am I love photographing at night especially in deserted cities and towns find the time that suits you, there is no virtue in getting up early, it is a myth spread by the Larks !
  5. Rule one: pick up your cameras and go out and commit photography. Rule 2: There is no rule 2. Walk out your door and start taking photos, no plans, no ideas, nothing other than a camera and an open mind. ​go to somewhere new go somewhere you know well do something different do something you do every day Just carry a camera and take photos It is that simple
  6. I have had fewer and larger sales I was told I was in the top 500 that must have jinxed me as sales were bloody awful after that !!!
  7. I worked in darkrooms for years so my night vision was often better than my day vision The main problem with the center focus is that the subject is not always the center of the shot. ​Many thanks for your advice and information though it is good to have a point of reference to work from. There are so many options and controls on modern cameras they confuse old photographers like me !!
  8. Ok thanks I will try plan B In the old days my eyes were good enough to manually focus
  9. Tamron Sp 24-70 2.8 USD on saturday but I have had the same issues before with other lenses. And Julie you got to photograph TOM BAKER !!! Total Dr Who /Tom Baker nerdgasm !
  10. As much as I despise mobile phones and their intrusion into our lives I do love that they have restarted the tradition of unrestricted candid street photography. It is almost enough to make me wish I had an iphone thing instead of my steam powered flip phone
  11. I was doing a shoot at a local B&S ball ( at night in a paddock with minimal light ) ​Focusing for shots like this that were almost total darkness using the red target illuminator from the SB 800 the focus was still really slow. Does anyone have any suggestions for faster focusing ? for the most I was using S Single servo AF and Auto Area mode I do not have an assistant and a torch or light is not really feasible.
  12. My family used to have Rabbit Stew the week before Easter we were told " Well that was the Easter Bunny, no Easter eggs this year" I have no idea why I grew up with a sick and twisted sense of humor
  13. I hope the Easter bunny finds you safe and happy wherever you are camped or whatever you are photographing ! ​Remember if you buy chocolate for a photo shoot it is tax deductible
  14. https://www.flickr.com/photos/76729200@N00/10049362875/in/photostream/
  15. OK so I can drag and drop from the same page How do I do that from 2 different pages at the same time ? One for flickr and one for alamy ?
  16. this is one of the images I am trying to upload https://www.flickr.com/photos/76729200@N00/10049362765/in/photostream/
  17. As son as I drag and drop it opens a new page and shows the image and URL thingy When I go back to post nothing happens
  18. OK that didn't work :-( Plan B did not work either :-( Any other suggestions ? Please !
  19. I am lost in this new format How do I post photos ? Do they have yo be up on the web or can I load from an Apple desktop ? thanks
  20. I am fairly lucky ( for once in my life ) in having a fairly unique name "Steley" there is only one family in the world who spell their name that way. If I do an advanced search for Steley I get a creative collection at the top of the page then the rest of my stuff.
  21. Sorry I have been out of the system for a while and have probably missed heaps of discussions about this but ...... Looking at my collection I now find I have 20 images listed as being in the Alamy creative collection ( some of them I would not call creative, but they are there ) When creative started I was rejected because they said the majority of my collection was not creative ( fair enough and I would agree with that ) I am wondering how I got a creative collection and if I can add images either new or existing into that collection ? many thanks in advance :-)
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